The Second Grave to the Left (Charley Davidson #2)



Cookie brings Charley what looks to be a standard missing person case, but it gets turned on its head. The only clue that was left was a woman’s name, that links to another missing person’s case. On top of helping her best friend, Charley also starts looking for Reyes’ corporal body which he’s hidden. In an attempt to keep her safe from the demons, Reyes is planning on letting his body die. Given that Charley is a portal to heaven, the demons can’t touch her. Can she balance her plate as well convince Reyes that he should really tell him where his body is?

This book is fantastic. They expanded on Charley as well as Reyes. Though Reyes does step in every once and a while to help Charley, she grows and starts to understand her powers. She discovers that she isn’t as helpless as she thought she was. The chemistry between the 2 characters is still fantastic. Jones has a fantastically simple writing style and I love it. I so happy there are more books to come in this series.

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