Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 17 Recap



We’re back to the scene when Yeom’s (Kim Byung Ok) cell phone rings in Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) and Dan Tae (Namgung Min) is around to hear it. Meanwhile, Gong Shim (Minah) is standing innocently beside Joon Soo. Gong Shim notices the staring contest between Dan Tae and Joon Soo but is quickly broken up by the rest of the employees. Gong Shim gets whisked away to a company lunch and Joon Soo and Dan Tae go to talk.

Dan Tae all but accuses him of attempting to kill his father. He asks about the cell phone and Joon Soo admits to not knowing about it. A very mad Dan Tae promises to discover every secret that Joon Soo is hiding before stalking away.

That evening Gong Shim brings Dan Tae chicken and apologises for earlier. He asks about the company  and she tells him all about it and how she really like it there. She mentions howJoon Soo is launching a company with them but, he wasn’t the reason she got hired. Dan Tae is not happy that she’ll be working with Joon Soo, however, he sends her downstairs so she can sleep before work starts the next day.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 08.38.07.png

Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) is working out, but her mind wanders to the conversations that she and Joon Soo had. She’s happy that he’s willing to have her in the company that he’s risking his name on. Joon Soo texts her, thanking her for accepting the offer. She responds on her watch, smiles and goes back to working out.

Gong Shim comes home and her parents bombard her with questions about the new company. She tells that she really likes it there, and everyone is so nice. Gong Mi comes out and is glad her sister like her new job. She turns to her slightly and informs her that she was really surprised that Joon Soo was working with her design company on the new company he was building. It sinks in that Gong Mi will be working with Gong Shim and she isn’t exactly thrilled though their parents are.

Gong Shim’s father (Woo Hyeon) receives a text message and mother believes that he’s acting odd. He tells her she’s crazy and offers to give her a face mask. He proceeds to put the customer face mask on and when she falls asleep he sneaks out.

Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) notices the text on her husband’s (Kim Il Woo) phone, but when she tries to read it she finds the phone locked. He comes in and fains anger at his wife snooping and claims that he’s going for a walk. She briefly wonders why he’s so touchy lately.

Mrs Gong (Oh Hyung Kyung) wakes up to find her husband missing, and Mrs Suk wonders where her husband has gone. They both track them down and meet up outside a club. They have a rather terse back and forth with neither being civil they go in. After searching they find their husbands on stage singing. The two woman drag their husbands out of the bar, however, they run back to each other in the middle of the street and act like a couple who’s being forced apart. Screenshot 2016-07-11 09.06.25.png

Dan Tae calls the arboretum to try and find the contact number for the employee. Though there was not any more information than he already had, he did find out that he shared a place with his father. He tracks him down and asks him questions about Joon Soo. the man is adamant that he quit for health reasons and for no other reason. He leaves to go inside, thought Dan Tae tries to stop him.

Dan Tae accuses Joon Soo of paying the man money to remain hidden. Yeom watches the exchange from the 2nd floor and expects everything is going as planned. (I’m expecting this to blow up in his face soon). Dan Tae notices him watching and becomes suspicious.

Joon Soo brings the phone to data retrieval company. He finds out that the phone has been reset and there is very little chance that there will be any information left on the phone to be recovered but they’ll try.

Joon Soo comes to see Gong Mi at her office to welcome her. He apologises about being distracted lately. She tells him she understands, and he gives her a laundry list of things to do. She notices him carrying a bag but doesn’t say anything as he doesn’t give it to him. Right as he leaves she gets a phone call to bring down some paperwork. She happens upon Joon Soo giving the bag to Gong Shim and watching her leave happily. She suddenly understands where his affections lie.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 09.51.08.png

Dan Tae meets with Grandmother Suk and informs her that there is no progress in both the case and his love life. She tells him to call the girl he likes right away and schedule a meeting with her. Dan Tae doesn’t first agree but they he spins a story about messing up the chairwoman’s schedule and her being really mad. He begs Gong Shim to keep her busy until he gets there. She believes it.

The Chairwoman arrives and Gong Shim comes up to meet her. She tries to make her happy but feels like she failed. She introduces herself and when the Chairwoman asks where Dan Tae is Gong Shim promises that he’ll be in soon. She invites her into Dan Tae’s room. She does everything to make her comfortable. She gets her a drink, makes her a meal and even gives her a massage. They talk about Dan Tae and the more Gong Shim talks about him the more the Chairwoman likes her. While she’s massaging her she falls asleep.

When Dan Tae arrives, Grandmother Suk tells him that she likes the girl. She was so terrified fo him being scolded she didn’t everything to appease her. Grandmother scolds him about eating food off the ground before leaving.

Gong Shim and Gong Mi go out to drink. Gong Mi makes up a rumour about Gong Shim being hired through a favour. Though Gong Shim assures her that that’s not the case, Gong Mi warns her that people don’t think like that. She warns her to not be so close to Joon Soo at work to make sure no one thinks their relationship is odd.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 10.22.18.png

Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae and notices that the Chairwoman had left. He thanks her for making the Chairwoman forgive him. She tells him that if he messes up again to let her know because she earned some points. He asks what she did to make her fall asleep, and Gong Shim admitted that she massaged her. She offers to give him on but finds out that he’s very ticklish. When she tickles him some more they tumble onto of each other causing them to become awkward. She heads downstairs and he does some pushups to try and calm down.

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Joon Soo goes to see Yeom and he asks if he has anything to do with the Arboretum employee’s disappearance. He assures him he’s not, and Joon Soo inadvertently gives his uncle more information about the open case. He leaves and when he pulls out Dan Tae marks down the plate number.

Dan Tae goes to the hospital and gets the time that Joon Soo was parked for and then pulls up that video camera time and gets a picture of Joon Soo that day. (My question… He didn’t notice Yeom?)

Joon Soo calls the unknown number and it happens to be Ji Yeon’s. She starts screaming about him trying to kill her brother-in-law again. Dan Tae takes the phone and calls him by name and asks if he was going to try and kill his father again. Joon Soo hangs up suddenly understanding that this uncle tried to kill Dan Tae’s father.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncles and inquires to why he tries to kill Dan Tae’s father. yeom informs him that the conversation is best suited for an office, and they go to his office. Joon Soo admits that he will never be able to forgive him and tells him that he will admit everything to Dan Tae. Yeom tells him to just listen to something before revealing all their secrets. He calls Mrs Suk and asks her about Dan Tae’s father. She remembers and confirms that he’s taken care of him to make sure he’ll never wake up. The realisation that his mother is in way over her head settles around him. Yeom places all the blame on his mother and that the abduction of Joon Pyo was his mother’s doing. He tells him that if he wants his mother to pay for her sins than to confess everything to Dan Tae.

Screenshot 2016-07-11 11.44.17.png

Dan Tae goes to Joon Soo’s office to find him missing. He tries calling him but it’s redirected straight to voice mail.

Joon Soo is leaving his house and his mother is asking about his destination. He doesn’t say anything, just looks sadly at his mother. She tells him that when business is slow it’s good to take a moment and regroup. He tells her that his phone will be off and she understands. She tells him to take the time he needs and to come back safe before he leaves.

Dan Tae and Gong Shim are walking on the road. He asks if she can stop working for Joon Soo. She asks why and when he doesn’t answer her mind jumps to jealousy. She tells him that he knows that she really likes the work that she’s doing for the company. She tells him that he’s not thinking about her and only his feelings. She walks away from him leaving him to watch her with sad eyes.

They meet back up on the roof later, and Dan Tae comes up behind her. She turns when he calls her name. She asks if he’s dumb. She admits that due she’s dumb she can’t multitask and can not be going out with 2 men at once. She promises that no man will come between them. She promises and Dan Tae pulls her into a hug. After pulling away, he steals a kiss before dragging her into a full blow kiss. They parted both smiling before he steals a quick peck from her again.

The next day Dan Tae meets wth Yeom in the foyer. He stops Dan Tae and asks where he’s going. He admits that he needs to go to the hospital. Yeom mentions that it must be lonely for Dan Tae now that Joon Soo isn’t with the company. Dan Tae tells him that it doesn’t bother him.Yeom mentions that it must be difficult to take care of someone in intensive care, and assures him that if he needs anything to come see him. But Dan Tae didn’t tell him that his father was in intensive care, and he noticed.

He goes back to the hospital and finds him in the footage, suddenly all the data points make sense with Director Yeom being the attempted murderer and meeting with his father at the arboretum.

Dan Tae returns to the office to find out that Director Yeom was in the same army regiment as his father.

Dan Tae looks up his father’s old army buddy and inquired about Yeom. The old friend confirms that Yeom and his father were really close, almost like brothers. He goes into the back and returns with a picture of 4 men.

While Dan Tae drives back to the office, he thinks over all of the pieces of information that he knows about the case. He storms into Director Yeom’s office and pulls up his sleeve to reveal the butterfly tattoo. We close the episode with Dan Tae accusing Yeom of the culprit.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 15 Recap



We get to watch a very awkward conversation between  Dan Tae (Namgung Min) and Joon Soo (On Joo Wan). Both men secretly accusing the other of something being off. Both claimed to have been out for a reason however Dan Tae feels that something is off. Dan Tae gets off the elevator a few seconds after Joon Soo, and he calls after him simply to find him already on the phone.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother (Jeong Hye Seon) and asks her what she thought if he quit trying to find the kidnappers. She asks if his feelings have changed, but he admits that they have not. She tells him that he can quit whenever he feels like it.

Joon Soo goes to see Director Yeom (Kim Byung Ok) and tells him that he believes Dan Tae to be Joon Pyo. This revelation shocks Yeom, and Joon Soo continues. He admits to ordering a DNA test and tells him that he’s certain what the results will be. He tells him that once it’s revealed the entire family will be cast out of the house empty-handed, and they should beg Joon Pyo for forgiveness. Yeom still tries to fight the possibility that Dan Tae is Joon Pyo and even if it turns out to be true they simply have to prevent Joon Pyo from being near them. Joon Soo gets angry and asks if he doesn’t comprehend the impact of what he did, after all, he killed 1 person and ruin the lives of 3 other. He tells his uncle to keep his mouth shut until they find out the test result, and he adds on that this is the last chance he’s giving him.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 09.26.28.png

Joon Soo goes to see Gong Shim (Minah).They sit down, and when Gong Shim asks why he’s there, he told her that he was waiting for her. He apologises for his action surrounding the art gallery and promises to never do it again. He admits that both Dan Tae and Gong Shim are good friends to him, and he doesn’t want to loose them. He admits to wanting them to be as they were before. Gong Shim echoes his sentiments and they break apart.

Joon Soo returns home and lays in bed. He breaks down crying when he thinks about Dan Tae, and what he’s doing behind his back.

Dan Tae is at home, and he starts piecing the fact about Joon Soo together. He seems to have thought of something.(The music is epic though) and he goes to see his father. He tells his father that he’s so close to finding the culprit, but his cousin is having a hard time because he needs to protect his mother. He has decided to meet with him and tell him that he knows everything. He admits that he doesn’t want their relationship to get any worst.

Dan Tae leaves the hospital and calls Joon Soo. (The music alone is breaking my heart) Joon Soo picks up that phone and Dan Tae asks if he has time the following day. He admits that he doesn’t because he’s on a business trip, and suggests 3 days later when he’s back since he also has something that he would like to talk with him.

Gong Shim waits for Dan Tae and when he arrives she asked where he’s coming from. He admits to meeting with a friend. She asks about going to the amusement park the next day, he informs her of a colleague get together. She simply assumes it’s an excuse and asks about other days. He tells her they’ll go tomorrow, and he calls Attorney Song to cancel and explains it’s due to a blind date. He brushes off the reason as needing a good excuse.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 10.06.02.png

Joon Soo calls that DNA lab to find out how long it would take for the results, and asks if there is any way of speeding them him. He understands it will time and simply asks them to call him as soon as the results are ready.

Gong Shim is prepping Kimbap (Mmmm… Kimbap!) when she feels a pain in her side. Her mother tells her it’s because she keeps eating the kimbap. She denies it since she only ate 3 end pieces. Her mother asks who she’s going out with, and she tells her a friend and won’t say anything more. Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) comes to whisk her mother away so that they can eat. Her father wants to get out of the house, but gets refuses by both his daughters.

We get to watch both Gong Shim and Dan Tae get ready and switch between clothes. However, Gong Shim’s stomach is still acting up.

When they get down, they both end up wearing the same shirt. They both offer to change, but Dan Tae suddenly notices that she doesn’t look well. He offers to postpone but she refuses.

Gong Mi and her mother are shopping and go into a store. Moments laters Mrs Suk and her mother-in-law walk into the same mall. She recognises her right away and finds out that her mother is in the changing room. Mrs Suk is so happy because she wanted to say hello to her. Her mother runs out hiding her face, and Gong Mi apologises and leaves first. Mrs Suk follows and when  her mother is trying to get them to leave before they run into her, Gong Mi sees her. Mrs Suk is disappointed that Gong Shim is Gong Mi’s sister.

They go to talk and Mrs Suk asks her about her knowledge of Joon Soo before starting at the company. Gong Mi tries to explain, but Mrs Suk won’t listen and believes that she toyed with them.

They get home, and her mother apologises for it being her fault that it didn’t work. Gong Mi tells her that it’s not her fault, but Gong Shim’s fault. After all, her mother only got in a fight with Mrs Suk because Gong Shim acted oddly at the company and got fired. Once her mother is out of the room, Gong Mi threw a few tombs and broke down crying.

Gong Shim unpacks all of the food and tells Dan Tae to eat. When she first pulls out the Kimbap with egg in it, he asks if she’s trying to kill him. She smiles and opens that second container with no egg. Dan Tae starts eating with gusto and Gong Shim’s stomach starts to hurt again. He notices but she insists on being fine and he lets it slid.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 10.41.37.png

Throughout the day Gong Shim’s pain gets worst and worst until she finally faints on the rail car. He gets help to put her on his back and he brings her to the hospital. It turns out that her appendix burst and she only needs a surgery. (I’ve had that, it really hurts) Dan Tae promises to stay near. He comes back later with some clothes for her. He asks how long before she can leave, and they tell him it’s until she can pass the gas after the surgery. Dan Tae chastises her for not telling him that she was in pain, and she mentioned that since she endures it she didn’t want to say anything.

While he’s lecturing her, Grandmother calls to ask why she couldn’t reach him all day. He admits that the girl he liked had a surgery, and when she asks if she’s very ill, he informs her it was a simple appendectomy. She tells him to take care of her until she’s better. He agrees meanwhile Gong Shim is worrying about the title of Star Goddess.

When he returns, Gong Shim asks him who the Star Goddess is but he won’t give her a straight answer. She introduces herself as Dan Tae’s girlfriend, and Grandmother smiles, she tells her it’s fine and she’ll call back. When Gong Shim is hung up on she wonders why she has an older voice. Meanwhile, Grandmother is simply laughing.

Dan Tae returns and tries to get Kong Shim to remove her wig. She admits that she doesn’t want to because she hasn’t washed her hair. He tells her that he’ll wash it with a product that doesn’t need water. When he’s finished he notices the bald spot, and she admits to having medication for it. He tells her to give it to him, and though reluctantly she does. He tells her that he hopes it heals soon so she can remove her wig. He spends the night with her and for a little bit, she watches him sleep.

The next morning Dan Tae gets ready for work at the hospital, and when he gets back he notices that his necktie is missing. She offers to put it on for him, and when she’s done he thanks her. He promises for come see her after work and she suddenly realises that if the gas escapes then she will need to leave and wonders what she should do.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 11.13.45.png

Director Yeom bumps into Dan Tae in the washroom and stares at him a little too long. He recalls giving Joon Pyo his military ring, and it would be problematic if he still had it. Since it has all of his details he’ll have to take all the blame if it’s found.

Dan Tae goes to pick up a bag from the janitor. Inside there is a box, containing all of the this that he came to the Ahn family with. He notices the ring inside.

Yeom goes to see his friend and admits that he wasn’t able to meet with him. He obtains his sister-in-laws numbers and calls her when he’s outside of the hospital. He finds out that it’s the same woman that was at Dan Tae’s office. He tells one of his men to follow her and to find out what room she’s going to.

Mrs Suk tells her husband that Gong Mi and Gong Shim are sisters. She finally tells him about the altercation between herself and Mrs Gong. She sees her call again and leaves it ring. Mrs Gong is worried about what she’ll do, and Mr Gong promises to not let anything happen to Gong Mi.

The 2 fathers meet up together and agree to go to court, however, their favourite song comes on and they both sit there listening. They end up bonding over the song and the artist and become fast friends. Both of the men go home and tell tall tales to their wives making them both happy.

When Dan Tae arrives, Gong Shim gets up and the gas comes out. The both try and pretend that nothing happened when the nurse arrives. She asks if Gong Shim has passed the gas yet, and when she says she hasn’t she admits it’s odd. They go out to walk since the air stink in the room.

While they’re walking Dan Tae tells Gong Shim that he enjoyed spending time with her at night. He admits that he did her a lot of wrongs and tells her that had he made her comfortable she wouldn’t have pushed herself so hard. She tries to take his side but he tells her not to. He admits that he did hear the noise in the room. He asks her what she wants to eat and she tells him a sandwich.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 11.45.17.png

He tells her to slow down her pace. Since it’s so late they won’t release her till morning. She admits that the sandwich was really good. He pulls out a photo of them from the amusement park and showed her the pictures of them. She finds it fun because it looks like he was going to die of worry.

The next day they get ready to leave and he admits that he’s a little sad that the gas passed because they could have stayed longer if it hadn’t.

Joon Soo arrives back in town to find that the results are ready. He calls together the entire family and calls Dan Tae as well. He arranges a meeting in a quiet location later that evening at 6pm.

Joon Soo arrives at home and gets the delivery with the test results confirming Dan Tae is Joon Pyo.

Dan Tae promises himself that he will tell Joon Soo everything and that the culprit is his mother, though he doesn’t know it’s actually his uncle.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 12 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she becomes infatuated with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believing that his father murdered Joon Pyo. However it turned out that Dan Tae has been living a lie his entire life and when his father tries to tell him what happened he’s attacked. Now Dan Tae must find out the truth and all the only clue he has is the Star Group executive badge. Dan Tae is getting close to finding who attacked his father. However on Gong Shim’s front her affections have turned toward Dan Tae, and at the end  of last episode she confesses her feeling for him. On with today’s episode.

We have to rewatch Gong Shim’s very touching confession to Dan Tae, and her heart being broken all over again. Sadly we also have to watch Dan Tae’s heart break while rejecting her. Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae on the roof while he’s still trying to regroup from rejecting her. Dan Tae apologises to Joon Soo ad asks to meet another day, because he suddenly feels under the weather. Joon Soo agrees and leaves looking sad and confused.

Both Gong Shim and Dan Tae look horrible the next day, having not really slept. Gong Shim goes shopping at the market and even the shop keepers can tell that something is up. When she’s walking back she bumps into Dan Tae, he tries to help her with the bags, but she walks past him. (It’s almost painful watching these two) She gets home and sits in a chair at the convenience store.

Joon Soo thinks about Dan Tae words when he rejected Gong Shim. He seems sad not only because Gong Shim confesses to Dan Tae, but also because he broke her heart. Dan Tae tries to call Gong Shim to no avail. He starts talking with the cleaning crew and puts on his happy demeanour for them, though he rejects their offer to go out that night. Sadly for him Joon Soo sees him right then and thinks that he’s just fine after rejecting Gong Shim.

Joon Soo comes up to him and tells him that it’s surprising. When he asks what, Joon Soo mentions how close he is to the cleaning crew. (But we know what it’s really about) Joon Soo leaves and Dan Tae asks him about his bag. He blows up at Dan Tae (as much as Joon Soo does) when he asks if he’s really inquiring the badge or the bag, Dan Tae admits it’s the badge that he’s interested in. Joon Soo pushes him to find out why and agrees that it must be because of something that he can’t talk about, before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.48.17.png

Gong Shim vents all of her frustration into cooking. He mother tells her that she’s made to many side dishes, and she tells her not to worry because she’ll eat it. She continues to ignore Dan Tae’s calls. Shes starts moving out some of Gong Mi’s clothes and starts to make her room fit for someone to live in. When her father asks about  how much she’s moving she tells him that she’s expecting a bed to come the following day, and asks him to put it together for her, like he did for Gong Mi. She works hard to empty out her room that day. She gets notifications reminding her that there is a reunion that evening. While she’s looking at her phone Joon Soo calls her. They agree to meet up the following evening for supper.

Gong Shim goes to her reunion, and all her classmates wonder why she came since she’s never come in the past. She gets really drunk and interrupts her classmate’s proposal. Dan Tae is walking home when he sees a little boy looking for something. The kid tells him that he’s looking for an older sister who’s wearing a wig, and Dan Tae recognises it as Gong Shim. He hands the kid a lollipop and tells him to go home because it’s late, and he’ll find Gong Shim. He finds her almost right away, and she asks how he found her.

They sit down on on a bench, and he tries to get her to go home. She tells him that she thought of all of his flaws the day before because she was mad. She starts listing them, but when she gets to the 4th one she stops and puts her list away. He tries to get her to go home. She stops him and asks why he doesn’t like her. She lists a bunch of reasons, and he tells her that that’s not why. She keeps giving him really good reasons as to why he shouldn’t like her, and starts apologizing for everything. She asks him for his reason for rejecting her and when he goes to tell her she kisses him and requests that he never tells her the reason. She runs away while Dan Tae is still in shock over the kiss. She runs away without looking back and Dan Tae watches her.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 12.13.39.png

The following day, Dan Tae meets with Gong Mi in front of the elevator, and she silently tells him not to say anything. The elevator opens and they find Joon Soo inside. He tells them to get in and make the introductions since they don’t know each other. Dan Tae gets off first and Joon Soo moves Gong Mi out of the way of the trolley. He thanks her for helping out hismotherr with the con-artist, and she admits she likes spending time with them. Joon Soo tells her to come over when ever she’d like  and she agrees.

President Suk, as well as everyone else on the commit, got a spam message about a video. they all believe it to be a spam mail, and when Director Yeom receives it he gets nervous. Joon Soo notices that something is off with him. They are all silenced when the chairwoman comes in.

Dan Tae is making some tea when he gets a call confirming that the spam text was sent to everyone like he asked. Dan Tae opens the text and has planned to meet with the person who wants to stop the video from going live. Ji Yeon gives Dan Tae his father’s clothes. She asks what’s going on and is worried that it might be dangerous. He tells her that he’ll be ok, and it’s nothing dangerous. He gets Ho Joong to help him make the fake video that they sent in the text.

Director Yeom opens the video and freaks thinking someone took a video of the day. He shows the video to his sister. She asks if he’s going to pay the dee, and he tells her he has too because if the video is given to the police then they’ll need to investigate his relationship. Mrs Suk wonders if it’s Dan Tae’s doing, and Director Yeom tells her that Soo Hyun didn’t tell his son. Mrs Suk tells him that she’ll prepare the cash.

Dan Tae meets up with Joon Soo in front of the elevators.Dan Tae asks if they can talk. He mentions that something has changed between them, and Joon Soo confirms that something must have if he’s feeling it too. Joon Soo suggests that had they been honest there would have had a misunderstanding or suspicions. Dan Tae offers to each ask 1 question and the other person can answer truthfully. He starts off by asking Joon Soo about the seminar and him loosing his bag, though the confirms he lied about the seminar he didn’t lie about the bag. Joon Soo asks about his reason for looking into the badge. He admits that the person who kidnapped Joon Pyo is there person who lost the pin, as is insinuated in the letter that was left with the pin. Joon Soo reveals he’s been looking at starting his own business and Gong Shim knows. They both tell each other about their feelings for Gong Shim, and only time will tell if they’ve become more comfortable with each other.

Gong Shim and Joon Soo go out for dinner at the place that she won the contest at. Joon Soo reveals that he can’t handle spicy food. She say that when people are irritated or stressed the eat spicy food, and when she tells him that he probably doesn’t that feel that way he admits that he has been feeling like that lately. Before they can continue the conversation the owner comes over because a customer asked for her number to do a character for him. When Joon Soo asks about it, the owner tells him she won his contest. He’s supper happy about it for her, and asks for a fresh paper to keep.When he gets the place mate he gets Gong Shim to sign it for him. He promises to keep it safe. They part ways reluctantly because Gong Shim’s bed is being delivered.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 13.59.13.png

Gong Shim plates the octopus for her family and they find it’s too much. Gong Shim’s father goes to get Dan Tae to help them eat. Though he keeps refusing, her father drags him in. Gong Shim comes out of her room to find him sitting there apologetically. She tries to run away but her mother tells her to sit at the table with them. Dan Tae tries to leave quickly seeing that Gong Shim is uncomfortable, and they asks if he can assemble a bed. He agree but it ends up leaving them alone in her room. She tells him that the kiss the night before was an accident. He agrees and tells her that since no one was hurt they’ll just say both parties are at fault. He tells her that if she continues looking at him the way she is another accident will happen. She tells him that no matter what, she’s not going to care about how he feels about her and she’ll just do things that she wants to do. She then chastises him about how he’s assembling the bed.

The next day Joon Soo and his mother agree to go out for dinner and a movie together. When he’s at the office, his father calls him due to no being able to find the document he gave him the day before. He goes all the way up to be told her found it. When he returns to his car he remembers the Director Yeom asked him about his car the day he lost his bag. He links it his uncle to what Dan Tae told him. He meets up with Dan Tae in the elevator, and he asks if Joon Soo remembers anything from the day his bag was stolen. He lies and tells him he didn’t. He going through his grandmother desk to find the note, links everything together. He starts to have a large suspicion about his uncle.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncle to find him leaving. and though he puts on his happy face when talking with him. Claiming he came up for coffee. Joon Soo, Dan Tae and Director Yeom all leave the company to head to the arboretum. Dan the needs to pull off for gas so he;s delayed a little, so Joon Soo arrives before him to see his mother waiting for Dan Tae. He walks away, and steps on a branch and Dan Tae sees him.

I’m sorry guys for the lack of photos, I just couldn’t find many. If you have any suggestion leave a comment and I’ll try to find them.

Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 11 Recap
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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 11 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him, she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believe that his father murdered Joon Pyo. However, it turned out that Dan Tae has been living a lie his entire life and when his father tries to tell him what happened he’s attacked. Now Dan Tae must find out the truth and all the only clue he has is the Star Group executive badge. On with today’s episode.

Gong Shim is at home preparing breakfast for Dan Tae. She brings it up to him and he’s surprised, but they sit down and he eats it and thanks her for the good food. She tells him that if he thinks that it’s a luxury she hopes he can eat it for the next 100 years. He’s a little shocked but tries to tease her by taking off her wig. When they do Dan Tae tells her that his bald spot is gone, and they dance around. In the excitement, she professes her love to him. Dan Tae leans into her to kiss her, but just then she wakes up from her nap. She really brings up the food to his apartment to find him gone to work.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 15.05.39.png

Dan Tae is sitting on a bench looking at the star group pin that he found in his father’s hand. He meets up with one of the men he helped out for a favour. He asks him to drop off a package for him at the star group information desk for him. The man assures him that he will not tell anyone it’s from him and he agrees.

Dan Tae is in the lobby cleaning the floors while Grandmother Suk, Mr Suk and Director Yeom watch. The President gets the package and pulls out the pin. The note it’s pinned to says that it was found at the arboretum and it hopes they can find it’s owner. Director Yeom notices only now that his pin is missing. The chairwoman is mad that the person has lost their badge, and she chastises both the men for not wearing them. They go back to the chairwoman’s office and Dan Tae gets called in to find out who lost their badge. When Dan Tae suggests it might be a retired employee, the president tells him that they changed the company logo a year prior. Dan Tae is tasked with finding out who lost their badge.

He checks everyone and when he gets to the president he doesn’t have his badge but he swears that he had it earlier that day. Dan Tae tells him to contact him as soon as he finds it. President Suk retraces his steps and finally find it with his dog. Dan Tae goes through everyone before ending with Director Yeom who borrowed his badge from a chairman who left on a business trip. Dan Tae asks him if everything is alright because he doesn’t look ok. Director Yeom snaps at him before he takes his leave.

Gong Shim is walking and notices a drawing contest. Gong Shim gets home, and her parents leave for a funeral and her sister is away on a business trip, so she has the house to herself. Gong Shim’s father tries to scare her with ghost stories, but her mother stops him. Gong Shim is drawing when the power cuts and she freak out. Dan Tae is coming home when he hears her screaming and starts to worry. They meet outside and she tells him that the electricity suddenly went out and Dan Tae was shocked by how minor that is. She asks if Dan Tae knows how to fix the electricity and he admits that he doesn’t but he uses his education as a reason, little does he know Gong shim’s father studied the same thing. She goes to look it up on the internet but the when she does the light makes her look like a ghost. He screams she screams (They all scream for ice cream. I’m sorry but that needed to happen.) and she drops her phone. they both go to pick it up but Gong Shim nearly topples over, but that’s ok because Dan Tae catches her and hold her close until they hear her parents arrive and the scramble to make sure he’s hidden.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 15.32.24.png

Her parents come in to find the lights off and they ask her why the lights were off. She tells them that they only just went off. She excuses herself to her room and asks Dan Tae to wait until her parents go to bed before leaving. However, her parents decide to have pork belly and soju. When she asks if her parents will take a while they say that they’ll take their time eating. Gong Shim brings back one, he asks for more and she does it for him. He parents follow her back to her bedroom after the second round. He mother tells her that her sister will be made if her clothes smell like pork, but Gong Shim and Dan Tae squish themselves behind the door.

He father comes to say that the family member really did just pass away. Gong Shim tells him that she’s going to get caught, so he needs to be patient. Once Dan Tae is left alone he starts looking through Gong Shim’s drawing pad. He stumbles across her confession in the pad. He puts it away right before she catches him, and he leaves for the evening. Dan Tae goes to the roof and looks at the sunflower, thinks of when he sent her off to Jeju island. Meanwhile Gong Shim is thinking about how cozy they got while the lights were off.

The next morning Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae to leave for work. Dan Tae is on the roof looking down at her waiting. He finally heads down, and she runs over to him. She proceeds to do everything that he did to her in the first few episodes. She sends him off like he uses to.

Dan Tae gets to the office and reports that he hasn’t checked 2 members of the board yet and they have both been out of the office. The chairwoman tells him to hurry but and double check who is missing it.

Joon Soo is in his office when his mother arrives for a meal. He apologises and tells her that he’s too busy to go. Gong Mi comes to the office and the plan was to all go out to eat, but Joon Soo apologises to Gong Mi. Joon Soo is about to leave went her gets a call from his uncle about a document, and he promises to get it before he leaves. This leaves his badge unprotected in his car. However, it turns out that his uncle found the document, and steals Joon Soo’s badge.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 16.07.37.png

When Dan Tae talks with Director Kwak Seung Jin to find out the Director Yeom borrowed his badge. Yeom hands him the badge over in front of Dan Tae while wearing Joon Soo’s stolen badge. Director Yeom took out the entire bag from Joon Soo’s back seat. When Joon Soo comes back from getting coffee he notices that his bag is missing and he assumes that it’s because he left his window open.

Gong Shim is working on the octopus design for the contest. She remembers Dan Tae’s encouraging words while she works. Gong Shim gets a call from Joon Soo about his missing bag and asks if she could come out to help him. She promises to be there soon and runs out.

Gong Shim meets with Joon Soo at the coffee shop, and when she asks why he didn’t call one of his employees, he tells her that he was actually setting up his own business in secret and he can’t call anyone from star group, but he thought of her.  They work together to get the presentation ready in time for his meeting. Joon Soo promises to call her later and thanks her for her hard work.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 16.26.17.png

Gong Shim runs to gets her application into the contest in. She finds out that 100 people applied and she realises that it isn’t so easy to make it as an artist.

Gong Mi and Mrs Suk finish eating and Mrs Suk tells her that it’s fun eating and shopping with her. Gong Mi compliments her and they leave. On the way, a scam artist gets ‘hit’ but Mrs Suk car, and tries to get her to give him some money. Gong Mi stops her and explains to him how he’s a scammer and offers him her card to show she’s a lawyer. She starts going on about the law and he ends up running away. Mrs Suk brings Gong Mi to the Suk home. The two women both believe Gong Mi should date Joon Soo, but Gong Mi tells them it’s not a decision she should make alone.

Joon Soo calls Gong Shim to share the good news that the investors loved his idea and agreed to invest. Joon Soo tells her that it’s because of her that it was a success, and thanks her. Joon Soo pardons himself if it sounds rude but he asks if she found employments, and he tells her she still has her part time job. Thought Joon Soo offers to introduce her to a job, she wants to find out herself.

Ji Yeon and Dan Tae are watching his father. She tries to get him to go home, but he says he’s fine. Dan Tae wonders if his father will ever wake up. He gets home to find that the convenience store had sold his empire meal. When he gets upstairs he finds Gong Shim waiting for him with it on the table. They settle into their food and Gong Shim starts firing questions at him. Dan Tae gets sadder the more she talks the more he wants to run away. Finally, he excuses himself to go in. He thinks about her drawing, and then just how messed up his life actually is.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 16.52.07.png

Dan Tae mentions that he’s confirmed the location of all of the badges except for Joon Soo because he was out the day before. Joon Soo comes to meet with them. Joon Soo apologises because his bag and jacket with the pin on it was stolen from his car the day before. Dan Tae contacts the hotel to find that there is no record of Joon Soo or star group having a seminar the day before.

Gong Shim takes a look at the winner of the contest, and she’s won.

Dan Tae comes to see Joon Soo who hides his paperwork. Dan Tae talks with him briefly about the seminar and they agree to meet for some beers later. When Dan Tae leaves he wonders why Joon Soo is lying, and he wonders if he’s also lying about losing his badge. He gets a call from Gong Shim who wants to share the news about winning the contest, but he doesn’t have time to talk.

Gong Shim wonders why Dan Tae seems so down, and she wonders why. She hears Dan Tae coming home, so she runs upstairs to see him. She brings the winner poster to go upstairs and shows him the poster. He gets happy for her and she tells him about the contest next door. He asks when she submitted the drawing without telling him. She tells him that she wanted to tell him but she decided to only tell him if she won. She tells him that she’s happy that she finally was able to win something using her own two hands. Gong Shim starts crying, and Dan Tae tells her not to cry.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 17.35.06.pngGong Shim thanks him because he’s always the one who gives her strength. Joon Soo shows up just in time to hear Gong Shim’s confession to Dan Tae because he was always with her. Dan Tae tells her that just because she’s grateful doesn’t mean she needs to confess. Dan Tae rejects her feelings and asks her to put her feeling away. He admits that their situation was changed since he’s told him about his feelings. Gong Shim leaves crying, and Joon Soo is at ground level after hearing Gong Shim’s confession.

Gong Shim goes to her room and cries while trying to accept her rejection. Joon Soo goes up to see Dan Tae, and they stand to look  at each other.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 9 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him, she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believe that his father murdered Joon Pyo. On with today’s episode.

We re-watch the scene of Gong Shim checking her sunflower plant and Dan Tae watching his father dig at the bottom of the tree. Gong Shim is thinking about Dan Tae and their conversation of her not leaving while she waits for him. Gong Shim gives up waiting and returns home to her parents making supper. She reminds her parents that her flight is at 3 pm the following day before going to her room. She checks the time and starts to worry about Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is standing by the river thinking about his father and wondering if he killed Joon Pyo.

The next day Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae, to find him looking out over the city. She notices something is off, but she asks him about the day before. He remains silent for a while before telling her to go to Jeju because he’s been thinking too much of himself. She asks why he’s so wishy washy and asks if she’s that easy that he can do what he wishes with her. She asks one more time if she should go or not, and Dan Tae tells her to go. She gets mad at him and shoves him before walking off.

We cut to the airport to Gong Shim leaving, where she meets with Joon Soo, He tells her that he’s there to say goodbye. He apologises for not understanding her feeling earlier but confirms that he will cheer her on until she’s confident. He tells her that with her first pay they’ll go out to eat, and with that, he sends her off to Jeju.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 08.47.57.png

Gong Shim arrives at the greenhouses and is greeted by the manager. They give her a quick rundown of what she will be doing, but overall they seem like nice people.

Grandmother Suk is in her off when her assistant brings in a letter from Dan Tae. He has written a short letter about not continuing the case and apologises for multiple times about not being able to find Joon Pyo. She wonders why he apologised so many times in such a small letter.

Dan Tae is packing up the Joon Pyo missing child case when Ji Yeon comes in. He asks if she’s heard from his father because he hasn’t contacted him since leaving to the Philippines. She simply tells him that his father is like that. Dan Tae meets with a friend, who tells him that there is no record of his father leaving the country.

Director Yeom calls around trying to track down Soo Young. Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) is in the office asking if it’s Soo Young who’s trying to find Joon Pyo. Mrs Suk is worried that if something goes wrong they could both lose their lives, and Director Yeom tells her not to worry.

Grandmother Suk shows up at Dan Tae’s office. She inquires if something bad happened because he looks so haggard. She mentions that she didn’t think that they could find Joon Pyo either, so he doesn’t have to worry so much. She tells him that her door is always open to him even though he’s not looking for her grandson anymore.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.03.01.png

President Suk hallucinates about seeing Gong Shim and then asks Secretary Yoon to make him a hangover tea.

Gong Shim is working in the greenhouses when she finds out that they’re having spicy noodles for lunch and that reminds her of Dan Tae. Suddenly in Kdrama fashion the song andante starts to play everywhere. Then she starts hearing his name everywhere. When she gets home she pulls the sunflower to her that she brought from Seoul, and starts to talk to it.

Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae’s apartment find it covered in fast food flyers, and that the mail is piling up. When he sees that Dan Tae isn’t there he calls Gong Shim. (Like she knows what’s going on in Seoul) He tells her that he went to see Dan Tae because he wasn’t able to get in contact with him for a week, but it doesn’t look like he was there. Given the confusion in Gong Shim’s voice he assumes that he didn’t call her. When she confirms that she knows nothing about what’s going on, she suggests that he goes to the office, but he mentions that he also tries that. When they hang up, Gong Shim starts to worry. She remembers all of the time she spent with Dan Tae while caring for the sunflower. As soon as the sunflower blooms she takes a picture and sends it to Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is in a seaside village when he has the same dream again about Joon Pyo. For the first time when he puts his hand on Joon Pyo’s head, it makes contact and Joon Pyo turns towards him. He looks around the scene in his dream and finally gets to see the full picture. Dan Tae finally realises that the Boy in his dream is Joon Pyo.

Gong Shim finds out that the president of the company ran off with all the companies money, and now the works, who haven’t been paid in 2 months, won’t get paid. Joon Soo arrives just in time to see the havoc. They talk and Joon Soo tells her that she should really think about what makes her happy, and do that in her life. He asks what she’s doing the following day, and she tells him that she’s going back to Seoul for her father’s birthday. Joon Soo wonders aloud what Dan Tae is doing. They are both worried because it was a month since Dan Tae disappeared.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.33.16.png

Dan Tae is looking around Bukseong for clues about Joon Pyo. He asks a shop owner about the photo studio to find out that it’s still there. The man gives him the address of the studio and realises that it’s the same address as his family home back then. He meets with the owner of the studio and asks to talk with his father, who was the owner 26 years prior. While waiting he finds out that they rent out the set of rooms next door, so Dan Tae believes that this is where he grew up. Dan Tae asks the owner about the boy, which he confirms that he doesn’t know the boy. When he tells him his name, he finds out the Dan Tae died in an accident when she was 5 years old, so he can’t be Dan Tae.

Dan Tae stumbles out of the shop and starts to wonder who he is. He starts piecing everything together. And when he figures out he’s Joon Pyo he passes out in the middle of the road.

Gong Shim gets home and finds out that Gong Mi works at star group, and though her mother isn’t happy about it, Gong Mi said she wanted to work there. Her parents ask her about Dan Tae because they haven’t heard from him in a month. When Gong Shim goes upstairs she wonders, aloud, what happened to him. Gong Shim is celebrating her father’s birthday when she gets a call from Dan Tae’s phone and she finds out that he’s in the hospital after fainting. She rushes to see him, but they have to run some tests. The doctor comes in to tell her that he fainted from shock, but he should be fine after some rest.

Dan Tae wakes up while Gong Shim is out of the room filling out some paperwork. Dan Tae realises that his father isn’t a murder after all. After finally looking around he spots Gong Shim’s purse, right as she comes in. He tells her that the doctors told him he will be fine and then asks why she’s there since she’s supposed to be in Jeju. She stresses that the important thing is that he was found unconscious after being MIA for a month. He tells her that something happened to his father but everything is found now. After he asks about Jeju, she starts telling him everything.

When Gong Shim brings him his food, he tells her that he won’t be eating the food she brings it back even after he tells her to eat it. She comes back with a rice grain on her cheek which he teases her for.

Joon Soo finishes up with a business meeting and his assistant is worried that he drank too much. He tells his assistant to go home, and he gets in the car to leave

Gong Shim falls asleep in the chair next to Dan Tae’s bed and it wakes (was he even asleep?) Dan Tae. He gets up to cover Gong Shim but she wakes up. Dan Tae tries to get Gong Shim to go home because it’s late, but she refuses. Joon Soo arrives at the hospital and asks Dan Tae what happened. He tells him that he was at a meeting so he couldn’t come quickly. Gong Shim tells Joon Soo to sit down, as he is very drunk. While Gong Shim is getting something for him to drink, Joon Soo suddenly tells Dan Tae that he hates him because he made him so worried. After his mild outburst, Gong Shim lays him down in a spare bed, and just as she turns Joon Soo tells her how much he hates her even more. Though she keeps refusing Dan Tae finally gets Gong Shim to leave, and he promises to call if anything happens.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.25.49.png

The next morning Joon Soo rolls out of bed and it takes a minute to remember where he was. He asks Dan Tae if everything was fine over the night and if the bed wasn’t too hard. Dan Tae retorts that he should be asking that because of the spare bed he slept on. Joon Soo tells him that he was really drunk, but when Dan Tae tells him that he didn’t do anything  that needs to be excused he’s relieved. He asks him to forget about what he said the night before and then hurries off to work. He meets Gong Shim outside, who also jokes about the night before. He asks if she knows any details about what Dan Tae’s been up to, she tells him that all she knows is that there was so trouble at home and everything is ok now. She sees him off to work.

Gong Shim tidies up the room before leaving and Dan Tae thanks her for being there, and he promises to pay her back. They part ways when dan Tae tells her that he needs to stop by the office. She tells him to come home early because he’s not fully recovered and they part ways.

He goes to see his aunt who freaks after he comes back telling him how worried she was. He tells her that he’s not Dan Tae, and she is shocked. He explains that he went to  Bukseong, where his family used to live. He tells her everything that he knows about the indecent 26 years prior. He asks if his father kidnapped him and she tells him that it wasn’t the case.

She tells him how after witnessing her son drowned, her sister lost her mind. In 3 days his mother tried to kill herself twice. When his father brought home the little boy she responded and called him Dan Tae. She tells him that he mother started to care for him, which turned from a day to years.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.41.00.png

Dan Tae asks about the kidnapping and Ji Yeon tells him that someone asked his father to take care of him for a day. When his father overheard the man’s conversation about either killing him or throwing him away, they ran. When Dan Tae asks who gave him to his father, Ji Yeon confirms that she doesn’t know. She admits to stopping his father from confessing recently. Dan Tae tells her that she will always be his aunt and thanked her for raising him well.

Gong Shim receives her packages from Jeju and unpacks her sunflower. She realises that Dan Tae still isn’t home, and she chastises him for no listening. She goes home and cooks a meal for him.

Dan Tae is wandering the streets until he gets home to find Gong Shim’s meal on the table. She also leaves him a note containing 3 drawings. He starts crying in front of the food.

So it’s only too Dan Tae 10 episodes to figure out what we viewers knew after the first meal he had with Joon Soo. Well, one step is complete, no to track down who kidnapped him.

Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 8 Recap
Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 10 Recap
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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 8 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon). Grandmother Suk asks Dan Tae to look into Joon Pyo’s disappearance, which he agrees to. While he’s looking into the past, Joon Soo and Gong Shim keep getting closer.

Re-watches the scene on the roof, and or heart breaks for Gong Shim all over again. Joon Soo arrives to see the touching scene and leaves before either of them notice him.

The next day Dan Tae transplants the sunflower seeds into a bigger pot for Gong Shim. When he hears the door open he runs down thinking it’s Gong Shim. He meets with her father to discover she went to work. He wonders where she went, however when he calls her he finds out that her phone is off. Gong Shim went hiking but Dan Tae is still worried about her and tries to call again. When he finds her phone still turned off he sends her a funny picture to cheer her up. She sees the photo and laughs to herself.

Dan Tae is looking for Gong Shim, however, because she’s wearing a long wig he doesn’t recognise her right away. She comes back and teases him for not recognising her. He admits that he was looking for a girl with short hair. She tells him that she switched wigs at the sub way. She tells him to wait while she goes back to her normal wig.

They sit to have a drink, and she asks if he’s going to ask about last night. He admits that he assumed that she wasn’t crying because she was happy, and he won’t ask about misfortune. She teases him for sounding like an adult though he looks like a thoughtless child. She knows that he already knows that she quit her job but she won’t tell him her reason. He tells her that that they should go home, and she tells him that she didn’t reply to his text because it wasn’t funny. Dan Tae knowns other wise but he pesters her so she’ll admit it.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 15.17.42.png

Gong Shim finally tells her parents that she quit, and Gong Mi is happy about it. When Gong Mi asks why she quit, she tells her that it’s because she didn’t think it was a good match. Gong Mi offers to help her find a job, and Gong Shim tells her that she should also go and get a job at a law firm to stop their parents from worrying. When Gong Mi leaves, Gong Shim wonders why she’s so worried about her. Joon Soo text Gong Shim to come meet him outside her house, and though she is uncertain she goes to see him.

Joon Soo apologises for his mother. Gong Shim tells him that it’s ok, and he retorts that his mother shouldn’t have made her resign just because they were close. Gong Shim admits she never thought that she deserved that job, but she’ll find a job better suited for her. He admits that it’ll be hard to forget, but she tells him to not worry about her. She tells him that he needs to smile more because it’ll worry her if he doesn’t. She promises that with her first paycheck she’ll take him out to eat, and she tells her he’ll hold her to it. She excuses herself because she was in the middle of something, and he tells her that she can go. Dan Tae overhears the entire conversation from the stairwell.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 15.28.55.png

When Gong Shim gets upstairs she gets a message from Jin Soo, a highschool classmate. He was wondering if she had a job because he knows of a good job opening and asks her to call him. Dan Tae bumps into her when she’s heading to the interview, she tells him that she’s in the rush and leaves.

Dan Tae is worried that Gong Shim might be caught up in a pyramid scheme, and of course, the ‘interview’ is in fact just that. Dan Tae goes to check up on Gong Shim, and when he calls her phone is off. Dan Tae meets up with someone running away, and Dan Tae helps him hide from an organiser. He confirms Dan Tae suspicions about the scheme and tells him that it’s a complete fraud. Dan Tae comes in claiming that come one reported a pyramid scheme and tells everyone in attendance that if they were scammed into coming they can leave. When the owners tried to stop them Dan Tae beats them up and takes Gong Sim out of the meeting.

Dan Tae walks Gong Shim home and when they get there Dan Tae asks her how she could have just gone. She admits to being ashamed of herself, and he tries to cheer her up telling her that he was once tricked into one himself.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother Suk and he goes over the phone call with her. She’s certain that the phone calls were by the same man even though one was from the Philippines and one was from Korea. (come on Dan Tae can we make this any clearer for you.) He decided that it must have been someone who travelled from the Philippines to Korea between April 18 and April 26. Grandmother Suk tells him that she is more interested in finding Joon Pyo than the man who called her.

As Dan Tae is leaving he meets up with Director Yeom and Mrs Suk. They have a brief conversation, and she asks Yeom if he’s the one looking into Joon Pyo. They return to his office and listen to the recording that he took from the other meeting. Mrs Suk is worried about the possibility of Dan Tae actually finding Joon Pyo, and Yeom tells her that he won’t be able to find the boy they abandoned 26 years earlier. He mentions that since he witnessed his mother be killed right in front of him he lost his memories. Since he hasn’t returned that can assume that he is either dead or still has regained his memories.

Director Yeom goes to see Dan Tae’s office to find out that he’s out. He tells Ji Yeon about wanting to asks some questions about real estate fraud. She asks him to fill out a form but he starts to wander the office after she takes a call. He notices a picture of Ahn Joong Seo, Dan Tae’s father.

Yeom remembers the day 26 years prior when he dropped off Joon Pyo with Joong Seo, claiming it was only for a day. The next day, Joong Seo overhears Yeom’s conversation about getting rid of the boy and comes up with the excuse of losing him. It clicks that Dan Tae is Joong Seo’s son and it shocks him. Once Ji Yeon is off of the phone she asks if he’s ok, and he promises to come back.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 16.03.40.png

Gong Shim’s mother goes to see Mrs Suk and she tells her she didn’t know that she sold the makeup sets. Gong Shim asked if her husband would be joining, but she tells her that since they had to retire the secretary he can’t. When Mrs Suk reveals that she fired the secretary, Gong Shim’s mother asks why, and she tells her how she had tried to seduce her son. Mrs Suk orders 50 units of the makeup kit for the bazaar before Gong Shim’s mother takes her leave.

She goes back home and tells Gong Shim’s father what happened. She admits that Gong Shim must have been hurt for being fired unfairly. Both of her parents are hurt because of Mrs Suk’s words and her mother dislikes that she couldn’t talk back to her. When she goes to the get-together, she put on her normal clothes and throws Mrs Suk to the ground. She tells her that she’s Gong Shim’s mother, and she appalled at how she fired Gong Shim. She warns her to return the makeup because she refuses to sell to her.

Gong Mi goes to see Mr and Mrs Suk at the company and gets offered a job in their law department. She accepts the offer.

Gong Shim is working at a restaurant when Joon Soo comes to see her. She starts to ask him how he knew and he admits Dan Tae told him. She gets pulled away though while they were talking. He admits that he’s taking his food to go and she directs him to the counter. Joon Soo watches her sadly.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 16.53.31.png

Joon Soo comes home and gives the meat to the maid. His mother informs him that Gong Mi will be joining their legal team, and he should call her to invite her to the restaurant opening. He calls her and asks her to come, and she’s super happy about being invited. When she’s about to leave Dan Tae bumps into her and stains her top. Though Dan Tae is calm about the entire incident Gong Mi yells at him.

The entire family is at the grand opening and talking about how great Joon Soo’s restaurant is. Grandmother Suk, however, looks really bored. Mrs Suk asks Joon Soo if Gong Mi is coming and he tells her that she promised to come. Gong Mi arrives to see Dan Tae talking with Joon Soo, and runs out before she can be seen. She wonders how come they have such a close relationship.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother Suk and Mrs Suk watches them intently. Mrs Suk asks Joon Soo if he invited Dan Tae which he confirms that he did. She asks if he invited Gong Mi and against he confirms. She finds it odd that she didn’t come.

Dan Tae and Ji Yeon go to their favourite restaurant, and the server gives Dan Tae an envelope that Joong Seo forgot their last time. When Dan Tae opens it, he finds his father’s passport. Dan Tea starts wondering about his father, but he locks his passport in his drawer.

Gong Shim sits down to have a meal with Joon Soo after her shift. Though Joon Soo tries to tell her that he’ll pay, she insists on it being her treat. They start talking about part-time jobs, and he tells her that he had one while he worked abroad. When she asks what it was he fell silent. She does to eat another wrap and he tells her that he likes her and asks if that’s ok.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 17.14.33.png

We then cut to her on the roof looking at the chair that he fixed for her. She’s lost in thought when Dan Tae comes home. He was going to scare her but instead asks if something happened. Gong Shim doesn’t want to tell him what happened so he tells her that he’s going to go inside. That’s when he notices that his pipe burst again.

Dan Tae is brought to Gong Shim’s house for the night and is to sleep in the living room. He thanks them for the hospitality, but he doesn’t mind staying. Her mother tells her to call a professional, and she says that she will. Gong Shim can’t sleep so she goes to get a glass of water when she notices Dan Tae isn’t fully covered. She goes to tuck him in when he scares her. She tells him that he’s weird for pretending to be asleep, she thought that he had kicked off the blankets. He pushes them off and asks her to tuck him in so she pucks up the blanket and throws it at him.

The next morning Gong Mi came out and asks if Dan Tae left already. Her father admits that since his washing machine is broken he offered him theirs. Gong Mi puts his clothes in and apologises for the day before. He tells her that he should have paid attention. Gong Shim comes out to eat to find Dan Tae deboning the fish by hand. She sits down to eat.

Dan Tae notices that the sunflower sprouted and when Gong Shim comes outside he tells her. She doesn’t look happy, and she tells him that she got a job so she’s going to be moving to Jeju Island for the next 2 years for her new horticulture job. Dan Tae can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Joon Soo thinks about the conversation that he had with Gong Shim the day before where he told her he liked her. She tells him that she needs some time to work on herself because even when someone likes her she believes it’s out of pity. She asked him to support her as he is until she’s ready to be liked by someone. Joon Soo is torn by this conversation.

Dan Tae tells her that it’s best to pick jobs close to home and Jeju is too far. She tells him that she’s leaving in 3 days, she already has her plane ticket and is already assigned a dorm. She tells him that she’s ashamed of herself, she wants to work on herself so she’s going to Jeju. Dan Tae tries to talk her out of it, but it’s useless. She tells him that she’s going to tell her family that she’s leaving.

Dan Tae tries to figure out what to do next. That evening he couldn’t sleep while thinking about everything that has happened between him and Gong Shim. That evening Gong Shim comes up the stair and asks why he called him out so late since they could talk in the morning. He tells her that he understands why she wants to go to Jeju but he wants to be jealous and asks her to stay. He tells her that when she’s there he can see her, but if she goes to Jeju he doesn’t think that he’ll be ok. He tells her not to think about it too much and she can tell him the next day.

Dan Tae is at the office when he gets the CCTV video of the day Grandmother Suk got the call. He notices his father. He starts piecing together his father with the crime from 26 years prior. Ji Yeon texts Joong Seo before getting back into the office, telling him to take care of the issue before the tree was pulled. Ji Yeon asks if anything is the matter, and Dan Tae advises her that there isn’t. He connects Joon Pyo’s connection to his father, but he wonders where Joon Pyo is now, and wonders why his father is afraid of the tree being dug up.

The nest day Dan Tae watches his father dig something up at the foot of the tree, and it assumes it’s Joon Pyo’s body. When Joong Seo looks up Dan Tae is already gone. Gong Shim is up on the roof looking for Dan Tae and the episode ends with ominous music.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 7 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon). Grandmother Suk asks Dan Tae to look into Joon Pyo’s disappearance, which he agrees to. While he’s looking into the past, Joon Soo and Gong Shim keep getting closer.

The scene where Dan Tae drags Gong Shim into the stairwell replays. Dan Tae finally gets to apologises to Gong Shim about the day before. Gong Shim tells him that even if she was lying, it’s not something to get mad about. He tells her that it annoys him to be lied to. During their conversation the other 2 secretaries who were bullying her come into the stairwell. Dan Tae pushes Gong Shim out of the stairwell just as they hear about how she got in through connections with Director Yeom. Dan Tae goes down the stairs through them and asks f they have fun bad mouthing people. When they ask who he is, he introduces himself as Grandmother Suk’s attorney. He warns them that they could get sued for the conversation that they were having, though the apologise Dan Tae tells them to apologise to Gong Shim and not him. He warns them that he will be following up with Gong Shim to make sure they did it. Gong Shim overhears the tail end of the conversation and smiles to herself.

Gong Mi is still having coffee with Joon Soo when Mrs Suk comes in. Joon Soo introduces her as the woman who saved his life. Mrs Suk thanks her, and when Gong Mi tells her it was nothing, she praises her on her manners. Joon Soo brings another chair to the table. Once Joon Soo is seated, Mrs Suk tells him that his father would like to meet her at the company. Gong Mi plays dumb asking what company, and feigns shock when Mrs Suk tells her they own Star Group. Gong Mi admits that she thought that he ran a restaurant business.

As Gong Mi is leaving Joon Soo comes running. He hands her a small parcel containing, disinfectant, bandages and scar ointment. His way of saying thank you.

Dan Tae is waiting for Gong Shim at the end of her shift. As soon as she spots him she freezes and he runs over. He tells her to guess what it is but she doesn’t. After he pushes her a little she finally asks what they are, and he simply says something really really nice. They get back to his room and he shows her that there are a bunch of wigs. They go through them, trying them all on, and though he tells her that she can keep all of them she tells him that she doesn’t think that she can. After they get into a mini-fight about which wig to wear to work, Gong Shim goes to leave with the bag. Right before she does, she turns back around and tells him that the 2 secretaries did comes to apologises, and she thanks him before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 20.17.50.png

Dan Tae is sitting outside the convenience store when Goo Nam comes out and asks him if he’s playing match, which he denies. (OMG match, that brings back so many memories) Dan Tae tells him that match is solely a game, and Goo Nam tells him that it’s surprisingly accurate. After he dismisses Goo Nam, Gong Shim comes out to go to work wearing the wig that he had chosen. She asks if she looks ok to which Dan Tae replies that she looks pretty before sending her off.

Mrs Suk tells Joon Soo how much she doesn’t like Gong Shim for trying to seduce him. He tells her that nothing happened, and Mrs Suk produces candied pictures of Joon Soo and Gong Shim together. Mrs Suk tells Joon Soo that she’s going to fire Gong Shim and he tells her not to because she did nothing wrong. He tells her once more telling her he made himself clear and then leaves.

Joon Soo meets Gong Shim on the roof and tells her that he didn’t call her for any particular reason. Gong Shim tells him that since the president isn’t in it’s fine, and then asks if something bad happened. He tells her that he was yelled at by his mother and she laughs a little, having thought something really bad happened. She tells him that she’s an expert at getting scolded and when he gets scolded he should rebel a little. She tells him that he shouldn’t let being yelled at bother him because she’ll calm down so there is no point in getting mad. When his mother calls she tells him to ignore it because she’ll probably just yell again. Joon Soo asks her to teach him how to rebel and she tells him that it’s easy, even if people don’t realise it.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 20.37.59.png

Gong Shim takes him out and they rent period clothes. Joon Soo is super shy and tells her that he shouldn’t have agreed. He begs for it to be quick and she agrees. Right after taking a picture with some foreigners Joon Soo realises that he’s missing his phone when Gong Shim calls it they find out he left it in the cab. They don’t have time so they go get it in the period clothes. They get there and the taxi driver barely recognises them, when they get the phone Joon Soo thanks her. He gets the phone call that he was waiting for and needed to e-sign the document. Gong Shim tells him that she knows a place, so off they go running again.

They settle at the cafe and Joon Soo gets everything done for work. Gong Shim tells him that they can leave if he’s uncomfortable. He admits that he never allows people to laugh so heartedly unlike her who has a talent for it. They get ready to leave Joon Soo finally gets into the groove of things. As they leave a bunch of people take their photo.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 20.51.02.png

Dan Tae is at the office and answers the phone, to a man looking for his father. When Ji Yeon comes back she asks who it was and Dan Tae tells her that the caller was looking for her. He tells her that he is one of his father’s friends and the big tree in Yangpyeong is being pulled, but he doesn’t know the significance of the message.

Dan Tae goes to see the tree in question, and his father’s friend tells him how his father bought the tree 26ish years earlier and had always taken very good care of it. His friend sold the land and the new owners want the tree gone, so he asks Dan Tae to find out if his father wants to keep the tree and just move it, or to let it go. His father sees him at the tree and runs away. Dan Tae notices and runs after him, but he’s already left in a taxi. Dan Tae tells himself that his father is in the Philippines and couldn’t be the person he says.

Joon Soo and Gong Shim are playing a crane game, and Joon Soo keeps failing. Gong Shim tells him that he should just buy a machine at this rate, and he admits he wants to get her a cute plushie. She tells him that she’ll get it herself, and gets a dog plush in one shot. He asks how she did it, and she tells him that she worked in an arcade while studying for her college entrance exam, and promises to teach him. On their way to get something to eat, Gong Shim gets a call from Dan Tae to report the leak. She tells him to call an expert, and she’ll drop by in the morning. Joon Soo asks if she doesn’t have to go, and she tells him that he’ll need to call an expert anyways. When they get in the car, Gong Shim regrets the decision and tells Joon Soo that she should go and help Dan Tae as a landlord. This saddens him, and she apologises. The taxi pulls over and she gets out, however before leaving she wishes him good luck with his rebelling.

Gong Mi is getting ready to go somewhere when she notices Joon Soo’s package on the desk. Gong Mi is at the Suk house, and Mrs Suk apologises for not being able to get through to Joon Soo. Gong Mi tells her not to worry, and they settle in for dinner. When they part ways Gong Mi hands Mrs Suk a package that she says it’s a scarf. Inside she rights a note that she was surprised that it makeup bag contained money and since she can’t give her back the money she’s giving her that.

Gong Shim arrives at the house and asks why he hasn’t called anybody yet. He shows her where the pipe burst and she fix it. When he asks where she learnt that, she claims a part time job. (What job has this girl not had). When she goes to pick up a box she notices the band-aid. When he tries to sidestep her question as to why it’s there he tells her to help him clean. She finds his math game, and he steals it from her. She accuses him of cursing her, but he tells her he didn’t. when she doesn’t believe him, he proceeds to eat the paper. She can’t believe him and storms out to room

Screenshot 2016-06-11 21.22.33.png.


Dan Tae is stomping on clothes when he calls Gong Shim to comes and help him. He tells her that it’s nice and cold so it’ll help her cool down. She doesn’t believe him at first and then when she gets in she realises how cold the water is. She starts stepping on the blanket but early topples. Dan Tae catches her and pulls her into a hug which they awkwardly break apart from. Dan Tae light-heartedly splashes Gong Shim and an all out water fight happens. They are still laughing when Joon Soo arrives. Joon Soo tells them that he thought that it had flooded but they’re doing laundry. Joon Soo tells him that Gong Shim had told him about it, and Gong Shim confirms that they were together that afternoon. Gong Shim tells him about Joon Soo never rebelling and he tells them, that the best way to rebel is to stay out all night. He suggests they go camping.

They set up at a campground, and Dan Tae tries to feed Gong Shim a wrap, which Joon Soo isn’t too happy about. Gong Shim burns her mouth on Dan Tae’s wrap, so Joon Soo makes sure that he cools down the meat before giving it to her. They start comparing their time with Gong Shim that day as if it were a contest. Gong Shim pulls out her earphones and indicates that she didn’t hear anything about what they were talking about. This actually turns out for the best, and they cheer.

Later that evening Dan Tae and Joon Soo watch Gong Shim play with a dog. Joon Soo tells him about always wanting a dog but never asked since his mother dislikes them. Dan Tae tells him that being nice despite being for a rich family is his charm. He admits that he will start doing what he wants despite his mother’s will. He tells Dan Tae that he’s changed a lot of thanks to him, and Dan Tae admits to suddenly feeling the guilt of ruining a perfect child.

Joon Soo and Dan Tae go to drop off what they rented and they get Gong Shim’s id. Joon Soo notices that the following day is her birthday and wonders why she didn’t tell them. Joon Soo tells Dan Tae to go ahead and he’s going to swing by the car. He presents Gong Shim the bunny that he was trying to win as a present, which touches her. Dan Tae comes back and gives her a cup full of dirt. He tells her that there are seeds in it, but won’t tell her which ones, and tells her that if she wants to know she’ll have to grow them.

Grandmother Suk is finishing a meeting with director Yeom and President Suk when she’s advised that Dan Tae has come. Director Yeom, the kidnapper, places his phone on to record and leaves it in the office. Dan Tae shows her the approximate image of Joon Pyo after 26 years, and it looks oddly like Dan Tae. (I wonder why) He tells her that he’s already registered it with all of the police stations, and warns her to make sure to relax as to not burn herself out. When he asks about the butterfly she admits she can’t think of anything. As soon as Dan Tae leaves, Director Yeom is there to pick up his cellphone he so conveniently forgot.

Gong Shim brings Mrs Suk Joon Soo’s invoice for the day before. She is appalled to see what he did the day before. She asks Gong Shim if she was with him and she confirmed that she was. Mrs Suk fires her and tells her that she can’t believe that she spent the night with Joon Soo. Gong Shim tells her that she will leave, however, she warns her that she shouldn’t be going around like she’s all that because they are both humans. After Gong Shim leaves, Mrs Suk calls her a rude girl.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 22.04.55.png


Gong Shim goes to pack up and fights back her tears. When she looks down at her id tag she tries to centre herself before putting it down on her desk and leaving. Her parents call her and promise to have dinner ready for her when she gets home from work for her birthday. She hangs up and turns off her phone before leaving.

Mrs Suk is still seething when Joon Soo walks in the room asking her if she met with Gong Shim. Though his mother denies it he knows that she fired her. When he sees Gong Shim’s badge on her desk he tries to call her but her phone is off. When his assistant comes to remind him that he has a presentation in 5 minutes he calls Dan Tae. He tells him what happened and since he can’t go looking for her, Dan Tae agrees to do it for him.

While Dan Tae is running around, Gong Shim is eating ice cream on an overpass watching the cars go by, and Joon Soo is totally not paying attention to the presentation. Dan Tae continues to wait for the busses with Gong Shim is at the exercise park. She finally makes her way home and is on the roof when Dan Tae returns.

He calls to her, and she asks why he’s so happy to see her. He tells her it’s nothing. Their conversation goes to the plant he gave her, and she tells him that it’s not sprouting. She wonders if there isn’t something wrong with the seed, and no matter how hard she tries it won’t grow. She likens the non-sprouting flower to herself because she sees herself as useless. Gong Shim starts to cry and Dan Tae pulls her into a hug while keeping his own tears in.

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