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The votes are out that 52% of the votes was opposed to the chairman being dismissed. Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) tells Yoon Sung (Choi Min) that it’s his fault and he made a mistake. He tells her that it was the only way he could stop her. She can’t believe that he wanted to protect the chairman and the 3 cousins so much to go behind his own mother’s back.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) comes and asks Ha Won (Park So Dam) what happened. She admits that she doesn’t know. The chairman (Kim Yong Geon) was wheeled into recovery but Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) wasn’t. The doctor comes out and tells them that thought the chairman’s liver transplant is perfect, Ji Woon fell into shock during the surgery. He had warned Ji Woon but he wanted to have the procedure done anyway. Hyun Min verifies that he’s saying that Ji Woon may not wake up. Ha Won goes into shock and nearly falls but Hyun Min catches her.

The chairman wakes up and the doctor tells him that he’s alive because of Ji Woon and the chairman asks about him. Hyun Min shakes his head and the doctor tells him that he’s recovering and to not worry about him.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) comes to see Ha Won who’s sitting with Ji Woon. He tells her to go home because she stayed all night with him again. She tells him that she’s fine but he doesn’t believe her. She admits that she never thought that Ji Woon would leave her first. She thought it would be enough for her to be away from him but that wasn’t the case. They have so many things that they haven’t done and that she wants to do with him. She tells Seo Woo that she didn’t love Ji Woon enough or even tell him how she felt properly. Seo Woo tells her that Ji Woon probably knows.

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Kang tells Yoon Sung that he will take care of the resignation letter and he must make sure to disown his stocks when he leaves. Kang also tells him to bring the divorce papers to Hwa Ja when he leaves. Yoon Sung admits that Hwa Ja is his mother and is willing to take the blame as he leaves. Kang is surprised but Yoon Sung thanks him for everything that he’s done for him up to then and takes his leave.

Yoon Sung bumps into Hyun Min on his way out. Hyun Min mentions that he told him not to come see his grandfather. Yoon Sung tells him that he was only there to say his final farewell and Hyun Min doesn’t believe that he has the right to. Hyun Min requests to never see each other again and goes in to see his grandfather.

Ha Won is taking care of Ji Woon and she starts telling him why she likes him. She admits that he was a real asshole but he would show up when she was in trouble. Eventually, she would wait for him to show up and before she knew it she had eyes only for him. She tells him that she was happy for all the little things that made him fall in love with her, but right now, even though he’s with her, she misses him like crazy. She starts to cry silently.

Hyun Min brings Kang to see Ji Woon. The doctor’s words play across the chairman’s minds about Ji Woon knowing the risks. Hyun Min arrives and Ha Won steps aside while the chairman comes to see Ji Woon. Hyun Min gives her some silent support. After awhile, they head out and the chairman wants to talk with Ha Won. He’s surprised that she didn’t leave and she tells her about her feeling of guilt. He tells her that she wasn’t the reason he fainted. She tells him that she doesn’t care about money or anything else. She came in with nothing and she wouldn’t be losing anything. Kang asks that if they have no money if she’ll still feel that what and if she can’t say she would she should stop her feelings. She starts to cry. Kang watches Ha Won care for Ji Woon.

Ha Won meets with Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong). She’s told that her father (Seo Hyun Chul) fell asleep at the wheel and got into an accident. Though he’s fine, the driver in the other vehicle is badly injured and they are going to be throwing him in jail if they don’t settle. Ha Won finds out that settlement is 6 million won and they beg her to ask the Hanuel group for some help since they have no money.

Ha Won gets a call that Ji Woon has woken up and runs to the hospital. She sees the chairman and his words play through her head. Everyone gathers around and the CEO apologises to Ji Woon and he tells him it’s fine. Ji Woon asks about Ha Won, and she stands outside the door and thanks him for waking up.

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Ha Won is walking when she gets a call from Ji Woon and she ignores it.

The CEO is getting ready to leave when Hwa Ja comes in. She explains to him what happened and that she got the divorce papers. She admits to feeling apologetic towards him but she doesn’t regret her actions. He tells her that he will never forgive her for what she did and she agrees that he shouldn’t. She tells him though that he should hate only her because Yoon Sung protected him till the end and only attended the meeting to vote against him being dismissed. She leaves and Hyun Min watches after her.

Ha Won is at the police station and she tells her stepmother that she sent the money and Gi Sang should be out any second. When he comes out, she makes sure that he’s ok. He asks how she got the money and she tells him that she worked at the sky house and got it honestly. Gi Sang takes her hand and tells her that it’s time to go home.

Ji Woon arrives home to find Ha Won not in her room. He asks Ms Belgyo about it and she is surprised that she wasn’t at the hospital.

Ha Won gets off the bus with her father and comes face to face with Ji Woon. He father excuses herself and they go to talk. Ji Woon admits that he waited for her to come and missed her like crazy. She tries to play the bad guy but he tells her he doesn’t care for her reason for staying. She tells him that she does and tells him the deal she has with the chairman. She tells him that she doesn’t fit in his world and she finally realised that. He tells her he’ll give up everything and she tells at him. She reminds him that he’s living the live that people can only dream of and he talks so casually of throwing it away. He tells her that if he loses her it’ll be the same as losing everything. She walks away and Ji Woon looks like he’s about to cry.

Ha Won manages to arrive home before breaking down. She thinks of all the good times they had together. Ha Won’s voice-over tells us that she’s sorry for always running away even though he’s the one that always approaches first.

Ji Woon walks aimlessly with tears in his eyes.

Seo Woo is at the record label office and his manager gives him a new schedule. Seo Woo asks if he’s manager if he wants him to continue to since. His manager tells him that he does because he shines when he sings. Seo Joo decides that he want’s to travel by foot with busking and his manager is floored.

Hyun Min meets up with Hye Ji he goes to kiss her through the glass but she’s too shy for that. She asks what he’s up too and he tells her that he wants to kiss her. She mentions that people are watching. He informs her that he’s going to hug her and kiss her when he wants. He’s going to hold her hand and never let go. She assures him that she’s not going anywhere and he kisses her.

Seo Woo goes to talk with Ji Woon and asks if he couldn’t get into contact with Ha Won. Ji Woon tells him that she’s told him that she never wants to see him again. Seo Woo finds it weird that she nursed him so diligently for someone she never wanted to see again Ji Woon takes the blame on making things too difficult for her. He wonders if he should let her go if things are too hard for her. Seo Woo tells him of course, after all, he loves her. He tells Ji Woon that he believes that Ha Won is feeling the same way and he thinks back to the conversation that he had with her while Ji Woon was unconscious. Seo Woo tells him that she acted like she had to leave for his sake. Ha Won loves him like no one else on the planet and he shouldn’t let her go. Ji Woon thanks him and heads off. Once Ji Woon is out of hearing range, Seo Woo tells him that since he stole his first love away from him he should be good to her.

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Ji Woon goes to see the CEO and asks him what he said to Ha Won. He inquires to if he told her that he would be hurt and it was better for him if she wasn’t with him. The CEO backs up with his decision. Ji Woon tells him that he wants her bu his side and he doesn’t care if he has to go through the same thing his parents did because he’ll regret not having her in his life. He asks if his grandfather wants to have the regret of him leaving the same way as his father. Kang refuses and Ji Woon gets to his knees. He begs his grandfather telling him that he can’t breathe without Ha Won by his side.

The chairman sits and thinks about Ha Won. Not only her actions but also what she told him.

Ha Won is out with her family and they get a tofu meal for Gi Sang. He tells them that he wasn’t in the detention very long. Soo Kyung tells him that it was for her and she can’t live without him. There is a spicy tofu dish and Ha Won looks at it. Soo Kyung pushes it towards her and when she tries to push it too Yoo Na she tells her that she’s not having any of that. Ha Won puts a piece on her plate before eating. Ha Won gets a call from the chairman and she answers.

Ha Won tells the chairman that it’s good to see him healthy. He tells her that everyone is worried since she left without saying a word. She apologises and he tells her not to bother since he’s the one who asked her to leave. He inquires about her stay at the Sky House and she tells him it was fine. When he asks, she gives him a run down of how Hyun Min was in the house. It sums up to be thoughtful and innocent in some ways. He always made her laugh when she had some hard decisions to make. She tells him that Hyun Min is also not a playboy. He inquires about Seo Woo and she tells him that he’s nice to others and the closest friend she has among them. He may seem like a good for nothing but he has his own philosophy in life and he knows that life doesn’t come easy. He asks about Ji Woon and she pauses. He tells her that it’s up to them now because he’s giving his blessing. He tells her that Ji Woon misses her a lot. She tells him that He was right though that when she needed money, she couldn’t pick him over money. She admits that she was happy while she was at the Sky House. He tells her that it hasn’t been 3 months yet and that’s what she promised him and she’s free to come back whenever.

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Seo Woo heads out and his manager follows. He asks what’s going on and his manager tells him that even if he wants to go back to busking, his face won’t let him. He’s too well known to go alone. So he’s decided to go with him and gets him a porter. He calls Ja Young over and she’s excited. They all head off together.

Ji Woon gets his father’s wedding ring from his grandfather. He tells him that his parent’s exchanged rings and asks if he’s ever seen his mother’s. He tells him no but then when he sees the ring he remembers seeing it around Ha Won’s neck. He  starts linking everything together.

Hyun Min meets with Ha Won and he sits beside her. He tells her that she didn’t commit any crimes and he mentions that she left her room empty and asked him to bring her things. She teases him about the favour and mentions she’s a has been. Hyun Min asks if she regrets letting a catch like him get away but she tells him that he and Hye Ji suit each other. Hyun Min asks about Ji Woong, because he nursed him so diligently just to disappear when he wakes up. He gives her the shoes that she wore at his grandfather’s wedding. She tells him they aren’t hers. He hands them back and tells her that when she’s ready to love, she should put the shoes on and walk to the man she loves. He tells her that it’s obvious that she’s heartbroken and shouldn’t hide it. He knows she loves Ji Woon and he tells her that she should think of only her feeling for him.

Ji Woon is looking at the ring and then calls to look into the deaths at the apartment his mother died at to find someone what looking for him. He comes face to face with Gi Sang and recognises him. He mentions that Ha Won’s mother died in the same fire as his mother. She was trying to save the woman in 307 when she was given a ring. Gi Sang puts it on the table and Ji Woong notices it as the one that Ha Won wears. He tells him that they thought it was Ha Won’s mother but it turns out to be his. He didn’t know that significant of the ring until Ji Woon tells him. Gi Sang tells him that his relationship with Ha Won is deep because they both lost their mother and use the same funeral home. Ji Woong seemed confused and he asks if he doesn’t remember that they had the wake in the same hospital.

Ji Woon is driving and he thinks back to the every time Ha Won held a bouquet of white flowers. He remembers a little girl crying and him giving her a white rose. He tells her if she makes a box with her fingers she can see her mother. At the end of the wakes, Ji Woon gave Ha Won his armband and she gave him her bobby pin. She makes him promise to give it back to her.

Ha Won is looking at the shoes that Hyun Min gave her and thinks seriously about his words. She gets a phone call and her father tells her that he found the owner of the ring. He asks her to guess who it was and he tells her that it was the boy from the Hanuel group who came to see her. She’s surprised and her father asks her if she likes him.

Ji Woon pulls up and Ha Won steps out. they walk 1/2 up and down the stairs near Ha Won’s house. He father’s voice plays over the scene. He tells her that he doesn’t think that it’s a coincidence that her mother held that ring in her hand and she held on to it for 10 years. The fact that they held the funeral at the same place doesn’t help.  Ji Woon hands her the bobby pin and she gives him his arm band. He apologises for being late and she thanks him for giving it back. He puts the ring on her finger and tells her to think of him when he sees the ring and not her mother. Ha Won puts the ring on his hand and tells him to do the same.

Seo Woo seems to be having fun busking with Ja Young beside him.

Hyun Min goes to see Yoon Sung and asks if he’s really not going back. Yoon Sung tells him that he doesn’t have the right to go back. Hyun Min apologises for not trusting him and admits that he wanted to protect him. He tells him that his grandfather is waiting for him.

Hwa Ja is trying to sell life insurance to no avail. Kang comes out of nowhere and gives her flowers. He tells her that he refuses to live with regrets. He made a terrible mistake with his son and nearly did the same with his grandson. Ji Woon asked if he was going to live his laugh with regrets and Ha Won understands too and is even cheering for their love. Hwa Ja is moved to tears. She admits to feeling both apologetic and grateful.

Hyun Min and Hye Ji goes to see Hyun Jung. Hyun Min tells him that he’s only thought of him for 10 years but now he’s going to only think about Hye Ji. He promises to love her a lot in his stead. When they walk back he tells her that he’s been waiting to come with her. They share a loving kiss but the sea.

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Ji Woon is taking pictures when Ha Won comes out. She tells him that she’s going to take on of him. She sends him to stand a little ways away. He notices her lack of a ring and she tells him that took it off while helping Ms Belgyo. He puts it back on and he complains about it. He tells her no touching for a month and she tells him that she feels like she’s dating a child. He hugs her from behind and she tries to shrug him off. He tells her that the ring is the only thing that linked them for so long and he wants her to treat it special. He tells her he loves her and she echos his feelings. They leave holding hands.

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The three cousins and their girls all meet up for a picnic with Yoon Sung. They have a good time and laugh and acts the way a family should. They close the drama with everyone happy and having a good time.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 Recap
Cinderella and Four Knights Table of Content
Cinderella and Four Knights – REVIEW-

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 Recap



Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) introduces Yoon Sung (Choi Min) as the new main chairholder. She tells them that he has the chairman’s confidence and he will do well.

Ji Woon (Jun Il Woo) gets his blood drawn. He tells Ha Won (Park So Dam) that when he came to the sky house, his grandfather told him that he didn’t know his mother. He found out recently that it wasn’t true and that his grandfather actually kicked her out of the house. He planned on never seeing anyone from the house again but she was right. He wants to ask her to stay by his side, but she doesn’t want to and believes that family matters should be resolved amongst family members. She wants to take her leaves but he tells her to hold his jacket and he leaves her. She mutters out loud that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to leave if she doesn’t leave then.

Ji Woon comes out to find Seo Woo (Kee Jung Shin) and Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) waiting for him. He tries to send them home but they refuse to leave until his finished. Ji Woon sits down and the other two men flank him. Hyun Min asks if he came to the hospital because of Ha Won. He tells them no and admits that he has to save grandfather because he’s his only family. Ha Won comes down the stairs and smiles at the 3 cousins.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 15.10.31.png

Ji Woon is told by the doctor that he will be called when they have news. He’s told that the doctor has heard a lot about him from his grandfather and that he really does take after his late father. Ji Woon goes to see his grandfather with the doctor’s words running through his head of how the chairman was always most apologetic towards him. Ji Woon tells this grandfather that he has something to saw to him for the first time and he shouldn’t be lying there. He tells him that he’ll forgive him in his mother’s stead so he better wake up.

Ji Woon comes out and meets up with Hyun Min, Ha Won and Seo Woo. Hyun Min asks if he’s done and he says he is. Hyun Min mentions that it’s out of character for him to wait all day, but Ji Won reminds him that he didn’t ask him to. Seo Woo asks Ha Won if she’s going home and Ji Won tells them that he’s taking her, with that he grabs Ha Won’s wrist and walks away. Hyun Min asks if Seo Woo has a way to go home and Seo Woo mentions that he brought his car. Hyun Min mentions that it’s not like them to take care of each other and after he walks away, Hyun Min turns back and tells Seo Woo to drive safe.

Hyun Min bumps into Hwa Ja and Yoon Sung on his way out. He mentions how busy they’ve been ever since the chairman collapsed. Yoon Sung steps up to say something but Hwa Ja holds him back. She reminds Hyun Min that it’s difficult looking for a donor for the chairman. Hyun Min tells her that Ji Woon was tested and she reminds her that nothing is for sure yet. Hyun Min accuses her of wanting something to go wrong and Yoon Sung tries to end it by ushering her away. Hyun Min tells them to keep up the hard work and walks away. Hwa Ja looks irritated and Yoon Jung looks hurt.

Ji Woon and Ha Won are walking home when she tries to give back his jacket. He tells her that she can give it back at home. She reminds him that he’s not going back and he asks he to tell him that there was a misunderstanding. She tells him that she has nothing else to discuss and walks away. He apologises for letting her go that day and tells her that he doesn’t believe anything she said that day. He tells her that  he doesn’t care what the reason is or what she’s done but he wants her to stay by his side. Ha Won is fighting back tears when he hugs her from behind. A few tears run down her cheek and she nods.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 15.34.42.png

Hhyun Min is in his room and he picks up his phone. He contemplates calling Hye Ji but decides against it.

Seo Woo is at the record company when his manager comes in and tells him that all of his concerts were cancelled. Seo Woo laughs it off but his manager reminds him that it would have been ver kill had there not been so many articles about his grandfather. Seo Woo tells him that Ji Woon came to get tested and he feels like something good will happen.

Ha Won goes back into her room at the sky house and tells herself that she’ll break up with Ji Woon when the time comes but she needs to sort her feelings out.

Ji Woon sits on his bed and looks at his grandfather’s cell. Ha Won’s words run through his head. He pulls out his wallet to look at a picture of his mother. He tells her that he came back and wonders if he did the right thing.

The Doctor tells Ji Woon he ‘s a match, however, he’s allergic to general anaesthetics. They are unsure what his reaction will be if he undergoes the surgery. There is a chance that he’ll go into shock on the table. He’s warned that the worst-case scenario is that he won’t wake up. He must make a choice as to whether he will go through with the surgery or not.

Ha Won meets with Yoon Sung and she asks if he’s alright cause he looks down. He tells her to go in without answering her question. Ji Woon comes out and she asks what the results are and he tells her that they are having the surgery. Ha Won is super happy and Yoon Sung will tell Hwa Ja.

Seo Woo runs out and says that they’re having the surgery. He tells Ms Belgyo and Hyun Min that Jung Woo is a match. Ms Belgyo is happy but she as a lot of things to do and asks the young masters help before dragging them away.

Ha Won goes to see the chairman and tells him that he’s going to be able to have the surgery and he should hurry and wake up because the boys are waiting for him. She pulls out the family portrait and puts it down. Hwa Ja comes in and tells her that she’s just wishing him farewell. Hwa Ja asks when she’s going to leave and Ha Won promises that the day of the surgery, she will just slip away quietly. She leaves and Hwa Ja calls Yon Sung. She tells him that the day of the chairman’s surgery they are going to have a special shareholder meeting, because when the chairman wakes up everything will change.

Ji Woon is getting the warnings from the doctor and when he’s about to tell him about his allergy but Ji Woon stops him because Ha Won came in. The doctor leaves and Ha Won asks what he just hid from her. He tells her it’s nothing just the standard warnings. She threatens to ask the doctor but he assures her that it’s nothing. She admits that she’s worried about him and he tells her that he’ll be fine. He uses her worry to get her to go and get him some food.

Hye Ji is going through Henry’s Instagram when she notices a picture of him and Hyun Min together. She calls and asks for a meeting. When they sit down, Henry imagines she’s agreeing but she asks if he knows Hyun Min. He tells her that he did look at her work for Hyun Min but it’s not the reason he gave her the offer. She refuses and Henry tells her that he wouldn’t put his name on the line for anyone, even Hyun Min, and he made the decision about her skill on his own. Hye Ji starts to protest but Henry tells her that it’s only natural that a man wants to cheer on the woman he loves. He reminds himself of his conversation with Hyun Min about his feelings for Hye Ji and it spiked his interest. He tells her that it’s fine if she refuses now but his offer still stands because he refuses to let a talent like her’s get away.

Ha Won returns to find Hyun Min, Seo Woo and Ms Belgyo there. She yells at them and they line up. They try to persuade her to let Ji Woon play. Ha Won tells them that Ji Woon needs to be completely calm for his surgery and asks if they are going to take responsibility if he gets worked up and damages his health. She ushers them out while Ji Woon smiles to himself. The trio leaves complaining about Ha Won when Hyun Min notices the lawyer. He tells Seo Woo and Ms Belgyo to go ahead and he’ll be following soon.

Hwa Ja asks the lawyer to throw and emergency shareholder meeting to removes the chairman from his position and she assures him that Yoon Sung is already working on it. Hyun Min overhears the conversation. Before leaving the hospital, Hyun Min calls someone and is informed that he was right and Hwa Ja’s stocks were transferred to Yoon Sung.

Hyun Min goes and confronts Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung asks him to leave and Hyun Min tells him that he knows everything. He asks if he’s aware that Hwa Ja is trying to remove his grandfather from his position. He accuses Yoon Sung of loving money that much. Yoon Sung snaps at him and asks him if he thought that the position would protect himself, because there are a lot of people who want the position of CEO of the company and if he continues to act the way he is he won’t be an heir any longer. Hyun Min tells him that he’s going to have to wait and see how well he protects things that are his.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 16.27.21.png

Ha Won wakes Ji Woon up to go for a wake but he wants to sleep. She tells him that she can’t have him gain any weight before surgery. He goes to blow his nose and the tissues appear to be coming out of woman’s behind. Ha Won takes the box and tells him she’ll bring something else for him to use. He can’t believe it. There is a little struggle for the box and Ha Won falls on him. He teases her that it’s because she wanted a kiss and she denies it. She tells him to watch TV and the announcement of the shareholder meeting comes on. The announcer mentions that they are unsure as to who is going to get the position. It’s between the newly appointed third largest shareholder or the Kang Cousins.

Yoon Sung gets a call from Hwa Ja reminding him what he has to do.

Seo Woo comes into Hyun Min’s room and asks if he’s seen the text message. He can’t believe that’s happening. Hyun Min tells him that they are essentially telling them that they will drag their grandfather down no matter what. Seo Woo doesn’t believe that this will happen. Hyun Min warns him that the other side is already starting to get people on their side to vote him out. Seo Woo asks who and Hyun Min warns him the Yoon Sung is the one orchestrating everything from behind the scenes. They split up who they have to meet with and Hyun Min tells him that they need to just stay afloat until their grandfather wakes up.

Hyun Min meets together with the shareholders that are essentially the founding father’ of the company. He tells them that he knows that they will have some doubts with him being so new, however, he wants to protect the company that his grandfather and they built. He tells them he is not dumb to think that it will be easy but he wants to protect it.

Hye Ji is at work and thinks over Henry’s words and when the news starts talking about the Hanuel group Hye Ji asks to step out due to an emergency.

Hyun Min goes to the hospital and tells his grandfather that he’s worked really hard and he should praise him when he wakes up. He goes to sit with Ji Woon who mentions that Seo Woo told him what’s happening. Hyun Min asks if he calls him to annoy him. Ji Woon hands him his power of attorney. He tells him that he’ll be in surgery the following day and he’s still a shareholder. Hyun Min mentions that it’s amazing that he’d step up to help him, and Ji Woon reminds him that he’s helping their grandfather survive by giving him a chunk of his liver, so Hyun Min better protect him too.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 16.52.15.png

Hyun Min pulls up, across the street from Hye Ji’s store and wonders why he came. He drives off.

Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) brings Seo Woo to a pizza joint. He tells her that he doesn’t feel like eating and she drags him in anyways because he’s lost weight. When seated she asks why he’s not eating and he tells her that he can’t eat when everyone else is suffering. He tells her everything that’s going on and he can’t help with anything. Ja Young tells him to sing and cheer them up because that’s what he does best. He wonders why he thought of her at a time like this and Ja Young jokes about them being fated to be together. Seo Woo tells her to eat and goes back to drinking is soda.

Hyun Min arrives home and finds  Hye Ji there. She tells him that she needs to speak to him and he asks her to leave because he’s tired. She tells him that he can stop feeling sorry towards herself and her brother. She tells him that it’s not his fault. He tells her that he’s going to go in first. Hye Ji sits down and starts to cry and Hyun Min looks like he really wants to say something. He looks out the window and sees her, so he steps back outside again. He tells her that it’s been really hard protecting his grandfather and company. He’s never once had to protect anything of his. He always felt so bad that he couldn’t protect what she cherished more than anything else and he always felt like he was hurting her. That’s why he’s closed his heart to her and pushed her away. He tells her that he won’t do that anymore. He goes over and kisses her and she clings on to him.

Screenshot 2016-09-30 17.06.19.png

Ji Woon is in the hospital thinking of the doctor’s warnings. Ha Won comes in and he smiles at her. He gets into bed and asks her what if something goes wrong during the surgery. She smacks him and tells him to not think negatively. He teases her about being scared and mentions that he’s going to be ok with her by his side. He tells her that it’s the last night and she looks sad but gets into bed with him. He tells her that there are so many things that he wanted to do with her that he wouldn’t get the chance to do. He lists them off and then mentions that she’s never granted the wish from when he found her necklace. He asks her to grant it and she asks what he wants. He wants to go on a date right then.

Ha Won distracts the nurses and Ji Woon crawls away. When they get off the elevator he’s fully dressed and bumps into a bunch of Doctors. They run through and go on a very cute date together consisting of a walk in the park, taking selfies, watching a movie and going to the aquarium. Finally, when they stop to eat something Ji Woon complains that he can’t eat anything. They go to cross the street and Ha Won realises she’s forgotten her phone. While waiting for him. Ha Won tells him no to be surprised if she’s not there when he wakes up and that she’s sorry. She screams to him that she loves him and when the light turns green he runs over and hugs her. She asks if he heard her and he kisses her.

Ji Woon tells Ha Won not to worry because he will return to her side. He strokes her hair and watches her sleep before returning to his own bed.

Hyun Min is getting ready when he gets a text from Hye Ji cheering him on.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) are walking and Yoo Na is complaining that they had to go so far. Soo Kyung tells her that they’re cheaper and they are getting some exercise. Soo Kyung mentions that Yoo Na has no job and she can’t even keep  a part-time one. Just then, Soo Kyung gets a call on her cell and is surprised by it.

Ji Woon is being prepped for surgery and when the nurse leaves Ha Won takes his hand. She smiles down at him and he smiles up at her.

The shareholder meeting commenced with Hyun Min sitting opposite Yoon Sung and Hwa Ja. The voting process is shown and they are about to reveal the results.

Ji Woon and the chairman are wheeled into surgery and prepped. Someone starts to haemorrhage and more doctors are pulled in to help. Ha Won is sitting there looking at her phone when this happens.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap
Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 16 Recap -FINALE-
Cinderella and Four Knights Table of Content

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is packing when she comes across the little box that Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) gave her. She thinks back on the times she had with Ji Woon and cries. She manages to stop crying long enough to answer the phone.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is signing his CDs when he thinks of Ha Won and the meal they shared as well as the advice he gave her. He goes back to signing when he cant’s a phone call.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) is standing alone in the park thinking about his proposal from 10 years ago. He pulls out a box with the exact same ring. He leaves it on the see-saw before walking away. He gets a phone call to which he is shocked.

Ji Woon gets a call from Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and he tells him he needs to speak with the CEO and asks if he’s at the company. Yoon Sung tells him that he’s not and that he passed out.

Ha Won is the first to arrive and she meets with Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri). Ha Won assumes responsibility for making CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) so mad that he passed out. Hwa Ja takes it as fact when it was actually her fault. She asks what happened and Ha Won tells her. When Hwa Ja inquires about what Kang had told her, she admits that she was given the option to choose between payment or Ji Woon. Hwa Ja sends her off before everyone else arrives under the threat of telling everyone about her fault in the matter.

Ji Woon arrives and goes to talk with Yoon Sung. He’s told about his grandfather collapsing and inquiries about what’s going on. He’s told of the liver cancer and that the other two will be arriving and he can wait outside. Ji Woon asks about Ha Won and Yoon Sung admits that she said that she’d come.

Hwa Ja follows Ji Woon out and tells him that Ha Won can’t answer the phone. She tells him that his grandfather knew of his relationship with Ha Won. She talks badly about her, but Ji Woon is quick to defend Ha Won. Hwa Ja tells him that his grandfather forced Ha Won to pick between love and money. Hwa Ja admits that Ha Won is being wise because his grandfather would never let him date someone like her. She surmises that he must have been harsh to her if she left so late at night. Ji Woon excuses himself and leaves.

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Seo Woo and Hyun Min arrives and are brought up to date. Hyun Min takes it personally that their grandfather never told him about his liver cancer. Seo Woo mentions that they are his own blood relatives, which Yoon Sung explains is that reason that they are having difficulty finding a match. Hyun Min leaves to see the doctor with Seo Woo on his heels. Yoon Sung tries to call Ji Woon with no success.

Hye Ji goes to see her friend who admits that she was so worried about her. She offers her the storage room since there is no room at home. Hye Ji thanks her and apologises for the inconvenience.

Hyun Min and Seo Woo talk with the doctor about the transplant and are warned of the difficulty. Seo Woo acknowledges it and Hyun Min asks for him to run the tests as quickly as possible. Once outside, Hyun Min admits that he left his car somewhere and took a cab all the way there because his hands were shaking so bad. Seo Woo was surprised that he lost his cool. Hyun Min admits that since his father’s death at 10 years old, the chairman is all he had.

Ha Won leaves her room and comes face-to-face with Ji Woon. He asks where she’s going and she tells him that she doesn’t belong there. She puts the blame on her misunderstanding him and believing she could be like Cinderella but she’s only a part-time worker. She asks him sadly to let her go and starts to walk off. Ji Woon warns her that if she leaves he’ll never see her again. It takes all the will she as to leave him.

She’s walking aimlessly while crying. She thinks back to all the good times that she had with Ji Woon which just makes her cry harder. She looks back once before continuing to walk.

Ji Woon goes to storage and thinks back to the conversation that he just had with Ha Won.

Ms Belgyo is carrying Hye Ji’s things unsure what to do with them. Hyun Min asks what’s going on and Ms Belgyo admits that Hye Ji left her things there and she didn’t want to throw them out because it would be a waste. Hyun Min takes the items to his room and while going through them he reminisces of the time spent with Hye Ji. He tells himself that he’s an asshole.

Hye Ji is sitting in the storage room looking at the picture of herself, her brother and Hyun Min from 10 years prior. She remembers his confessions and thinks back to all the times she confronted him about his feelings for her.

Hwa Ja asks Yoon Sung s anyone knows that they were there when the CEO passed out. He asks if that is really something they should be worrying about. She admits that she spoke with the doctor and they don’t know when the CEO will wake up so they’ll need a leader and she will make the judgment call if needed.

Ha Won goes to see her mother and tells her that CEO Kang is in a hard spot because of her and because of that everyone is having a hard time. She tells her that everyone is so important to her and asks what to do while crying.

Yoon Sung gets given the news that neither Seo Woo or Hyun Min are matches to the CEO. The doctor asks if there are any other relatives.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) go to try and pawn off their old bags but the sales rep tells them that she doesn’t believe them to be authentic and tells them why. Needless to say, they are not happy.

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Ji Woon goes to a little café that he saw in a picture taken by his father. When he goes in he finds a little rustique feel with posts on the walls. An older gentleman welcomes him and leaves him to look around.

Hye Ji helps her friend out around the store and goes to put an outfit on display after seeing her friend out. Hyun Min pulls up across the street and watches her. He makes a phone call and arranges to meet with someone.

Ji Woon gets his coffee and the owner asks him if he’s recently broken up with someone. He tells him that it’s not the case but the owner can tell. Ji Woon tells him that he’s not there for himself and the owner notices the picture. He asks who’s in the picture and he tells him that it’s his mother. He takes a look and the date and asks him to wait for a second. He comes back with the notes for 1995. after finding a few notes he asks for the other boxes. He finds out what happened to his mother through the notes. He finds out how much she loves his father and why she hid him away. She wanted to make it so that Ji Won could love the woman he wanted to without ever having to worry about social status. By the end, Ji Won is crying and can’t believe his grandfather did that to his mother.

Seo Woo sits with grandfather all day. Later in the evening Hyun Min comes in and tell Seo Woo that he can’t sleep. He tells his grandfather that he’s been disobedient so he can’t ask him to wake up but he should. Once he sits back down Seo Woo shakes his head and Hyun Min sags.

Yoon Sung is at the company and he strokes the Chairman’s name plaque. He thinks back to how abusive his father was to his mother and him. We then see how hard he worked with his fighting so he could protect his mother.

Hyun Min meets with a fashion designer buddy and apologises for not making his show. He tells him it doesn’t matter so long as he wears his clothes happily and Hyun Min promises to do so. Hyun Min asks his friend a favour and he places his hand on Hye Ji’s drawing pads.

Ji Woon is driving with tears in his eyes when he gets a call. He looks at the caller display and chucks his phone out the window.

Hyun Min gets called into sees the doctor who tells him that he can’t contact Eun Ha Won. He’s informed that she came in to be a donor if she can but she’s not a match. Hyun Min is sitting with his grandfather when the nurse comes in to do some tests. Before leaving, she tells him that they received a call from a restaurant who has some of the CEO’s things.

Hyun Min finds out that the chairman’s cell was dropped but when the manager went to look for the secretary he was gone. Hyun Min finds out that Yoon Sung was with Hwa JA at the restaurant before the chairman came in and fainted. Hyun Min goes to the office to find out that Yoon Sung didn’t come to work and said he was going to the hospital. Hyun Min calls Yoon Sung and asks where he is. Yoon Sung claims he’s at the company and asked if it was anything important. Hyun Min tells him to not worry about it as he just wanted to inquire as t when he’d be at the hospital.

Yoon Sung hangs up with Hyun Min and Hwa Ja hands him an envelope containing a transfer of stock document. She tells him that if he signs it all of her stocks will become his. He asks if she really means to go through with her plan. She reminds him of the first time they met again and she told him that she wanted him to play dumb so she could live the life of a lady. She admits that it wasn’t the case but rather she wanted to live the life o a mother and take care of him if only once. She asks if he’ll let her but she’ll leave the decision up to him. Once alone the orphanage’s headmistress’s words played through his head.

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Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) is looking at her phone and asks Ha Won if she knew about Seo Woo’s grandfather. She tells her that she did and when Ja Young asks why she didn’t tell her, Ha won reminds her that she’ll just worry. Ja Young is convinced that Ha Won is not ok even though she’s smiling but Ha Won tries to assure her to the contrary. Ha Won turns around and sees her father.

He inquires to why she’s there and she tells him that she’s working 2 jobs. He worried of her living at the sky house and tells her that’s the reason that people like Young Jin came after her. She tells him she’s ok and not to worry. Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) asks if she still has her mother’s ring. He tells her that the ring was actually the neighbours who wanted her son to have it. He admits that his misunderstanding with her mother was because of the ring. He wanted to return it to the rightful owner and she agrees.

Hyun Min’s friend called Hye Ji to meet. He tells her that he’s seen her designs and wants to be her mentor. He admits that he suggests 1 student every year for a full scholarship for a fashion school in Paris. He tells her that he wants to recommend her. She asks how he saw her designs and he tells her that he’s always on the look out for the up and coming designers. He admits that her work got quite a bit of attention while in school.

Hyun Min is staring at the chairman’s phone when Seo Woo comes out. Hyun Min tells him that it’s their grandfather’s phone and inquires to who passed by the hospital and Seo Woo told him no one. Hyun Min tries to open his phone but can’t. Seo Woo tries and it’s the same pass that he uses.

Ja Young goes to see Seo Woo and gives him  a meal. She tells him that you can to take care of the people in the hospital as well as the people around them. She goes on about how her father was in the hospital for cancer as well but he’s fine now. He listens to her talk and takes a mouth full. Seo Woo gets up to get water and she checks her compatibility with Seo Woo. When he returns she lies about his phone having a smudge and he asks if she knows where Ha Won is.

Seo Woo goes to see Ha Won at work and tells her he’ll wait. He can’t believe that she stopped after the phone after getting tested. She asks about the results and finds out that she isn’t a match either. He tells her that there is only Ji Woon to be tested but he’s vanished. He hands her the chairman’s cell phone and tells her that there is something that she needs to show Ji Woon. He admits that she’s the only one who can bring Ji Woon back. She’s shocked that he thinks so. He admits to knowing about their relationship and tells her that it’s the reason he’s there to ask for this favour. It hurts him that even though he’s been living with Ji Woon for a year he knows nothing about him.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon at the shop he used to work at. He comes out and tells her to leave after drinking. She shows him the chairman’s phone and tells him that there is something that he needs to see on it. He tells her that he doesn’t want to but finally caves when she tells him that it’s related to his father. She tells him to go inside and read the texts. She tells him that the CEO has been sending a text to his father every day since he’s found him. She tells him about everyone waiting for him. He tries to deny it but he informs her that he’s the CEO’s only chance. He doesn’t want to hear about it but she tells him that no matter how hard he hates him he shouldn’t run away. She asks if he can’t hear what the CEO wants to tell him with the texts. She tells him to go save his grandfather and then yell at him, get angry and face the problems they have head on.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 20.44.06.png

Ji Woon thinks long and hard while Ha Won waits outside.

Hwa Ja introduces Yoon Sung as the new majority shareholder of the company.

The doctor comes and tells Hyun Min that the Chairman’s liver has failed completely and they need to do a transplant soon. Ji Woon comes in with Ha Won on his heels.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap



We get to re-watch the kiss between Ji Won (Jung Il Woo) and Ha Won (Park So Dam). On the way back, Ha Won and happily holding hands until Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) calls and asks her how she could be dating Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) behinds her back. They pull of to the side or the road to check out the articles.

Back home, Ji Woon gets out of the car and Ha Won is soon to follow. She re-enforces that it’s not true but tells him that he can’t tell anyone that they are dating. He reminds him that the dating scandal isn’t between him and her, she and Seo Woo look really close and she’s not explaining it to him. She tells him that there is nothing to explain and asks him to keep it a secret.

They arrive home to find. Seo Woo, Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and chairman Kang (Kim Yong Geon) waiting for them. Kang automatically is assuming that she’s actually dating Seo Woo, to which Seo Woo denies. They are both deny the accusation and Ji Woon doesn’t tells him that nothing is going on. Yoon Sung confirms that nothing has happened on the premises and Kang finds that good. He tells Seo Woo to think carefully because what he says might make it the last time they see Ha Won. He starts to deny again and then asks what he means. The chairman tells them that the agreement he has with Ha Won is that she can live there so long as she doesn’t date anyone. If she does, she’ll have to leave the house and never speak to anyone at the Sky House again. Ji Woon and Seo Woo are shocked.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) finally arrive home. She tells him that he’s acted the way he wanted to but he shouldn’t do that again. She walks away.

Ji Woon and Seo Woo are shown the contract he has with Ha Won. Seo Woo finds it unfair that she’s off limit to date. The chairman reminds him that she is not there to be dated and to not forget that just because she lives with them doesn’t make her of their level. Seo Woo tells him he’s being rude but Ji Woon stands up and tells Seo Woo that the chairman is acting as he normally would. He tacts on that he sees family and business tools and it would be inappropriate if they dated someone he didn’t see fit.

Ja young goes to see Seo Woo and tells him about how people might oppose him dating someone but she doesn’t. She tells him about Ha Won and who she can be. He asks if she accepted the article as truth and she nodded. He tells her nothing is going on between Ha Won and he and an article refuting the claim should be out soon. He tells Ja Young that he’ll be going and she’s happy that it was a mistake.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon in the shop. She asks if he’s mad and he can’t believe she signed a contract like that. She told him that she didn’t know that things were going to end up like that. He asks if she’s confident that she could go with not seeing him ever again and tells her to get the contract annulled.  She reminds him that Hyun Min and he both drove her crazy and she couldn’t have predicted that she could end up dating him. He asks if that’s why she was leaning on Seo Woo. She confirms that Seo Woo was the only one who treated her like a human being. He asks if it’s his fault and she brings up how much time he’s been spending with Hye Ji and if he ever thought about how she felt. He asks if she’s picking a fight, but she only replied with asking if he thinks she can’t. Ha Won leaves an irritated Ji Woon who ends up smiling to himself.

Yoon Sung is still following Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) around. She stops at a children’s clothing store first and buys a ton of clothes that she brings to an orphanage. Yoon Sung goes into the orphanage and talks about how to sponsor. He finds out about Hwa Ja coming often. The story is that she lost her son at a young age and wants to give the children the love she could never give him. He gets told that she finds herself a terrible mother who could never provide for her son and the headmistress tells him that she’s certain that hearing all those children call her mother isn’t the same as if she heard it once from her own son.

Hyun Min notices Hye Ji walking and he follows behind her with a smile. When he sees her go to Ji Woon’s workspace his smile falters.

Ha Won is pacing her room thinking about her fight with Ji Woon. She wonders if she was too mean and why she brought up Hye Ji. She tells herself that it’s his fault for starting it and complains that she can’t stop thinking about it.

Ji Woon goes to his workspace and finds Hye Ji there. She tells him she’s packing and he tells her that she can keep it there is she’d like because it’s not like there is any other place for it. She tells him that she should stop getting help from him. She asks if he managed to meet with Ha Won and he tells her he did and their a couple. He informs her that no one else knows but he felt the need to tell her. He tells her that Hyun Min is actually the person who got her things back for her, but he gave him the key and told him to take her there. He admits that Hyun Min worries about her a lot.

Ha Won is walking when she notices Ji Woon and Hye Ji. She complains about him being so nice to Hye Ji and wonders if they aren’t compatible. She tries an app to see how compatible they are and it comes out at 90%. While she’s smiling at her phone, Ji Woon comes up and asks what she’s smiling about. She tells him that it’s none of his business. He admits that there is some thing he forgot to say about him being mean to her when she moved in. He apologises and tells her that his relationship with Hye Ji is nothing like his relationship with her. She starts to tell him about her relationship with Seo Woo but he tells her to forget about it since he over reacted. He takes her hand and she smiles. Ha Won’s stomach growls and he tells her to come with him.

Ji Woon brings her to the kitchen and starts to cook. Ha Na asks if he likes to cooking to which he replies that he’s going to try and like cooking because his girlfriend likes to eat. She tells him that it’s not the only thing that she likes to do and gets him to step aside. They end up cooking together and he makes a chicken for them. As they sit at the table, Ha Won compliments his cooing. She notices Seo Woo coming out and tells him to hide. He’s under the table when Seo Woo tucks in to eat with her.

Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) gets a call from the informant and asks when he’s going to pay him. He explains what happened with Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) and Gi Sang takes down the information again. He goes to talk with Young Jin and is told what happened. Young Jin admits to being followed by debt collectors and he sold the dojo. That is the reason why his wife was there, to confront him. He tells him that He had been running home to hide from the debt collectors but the house was already on fire. His wife was inside trying to saving one of his  neighbours, she just didn’t get out in time. She was asked to give the neighbours son the ring that she was clutching when she died. Gi Sang takes this very hard and can’t believe that he hated Ha Won for no reason.

Ha Won sees Ji Woon and clears her throat to get his attention. Mrs Belgyo asks if she has a sore throat but she assures him she doesn’t. Ha Won texts Ji Woon and tells him to meet her in the storage unit.

Ji Woon arrives and she asks what took him so long and why  he didn’t get the cue. He mentions that the sound she made isn’t an actual noise but she tells him it means see me right now. He can’t believe that  they have to sneak around because of his grandfather. She asks why he doesn’t like his grandfather and he admits that he only came there to get answers about his mother. Since she never talked about his father he can only assume the parted on bad terms. She tells him to just ask his grandfather. He mentions that the only glimpse of his father that he has is the old camera he found. Ha Won insists on taking a picture with him. Right after that, she receives a phone call from her father.

Ha Won goes to meet with Gi Sang. He admits that everything was a huge misunderstanding on his part and she tells him not to worry about it. She tells that she trusted her mother. He tells her that she’s a better person than him and admits that he feels sorry for her and her mother. Ha Won tells him not to worry and that they should go home. He admits that he didn’t know about Soo Kyung and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) harassment. He admits that it would be difficult if she is to come back now. He asks that she give him some time to make sure their family is a proper family. She tells him that she still has some work to do and can wait.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 23.15.02.png

Gi Sang goes home and asks Soo Kyung about her visit with Young Jin. He tells her that Ha Won is his daughter not Young Jin. He also inquires as to how they’ve treat Ha Won and they both apologise. They get kicked out to the porch where Ha Won would sleep. Yoo Na wonders how she managed to sleep and Soo Kyung chalked it up to her having more fat than them.

Hye Ji is sitting in Ha Won’s bedroom looking at her brother’s birthday. Meanwhile Hyun Min is in his bed room looking at the same day but marked as Hye Ji’s birthday. He thinks back to when he found out that she was his friends fraternal twin and he promises to give her a present every year without fail. He can’t believe it’s already the following day.

The next day he is outside waiting when Hye Ji comes out. Hyun Min asks where she’s going, but she simply tells him that she has a lot of plan.

Yoon Sung picks up Hwa Ja and she asks the the chairman asked him to keep an eye on him. She wonders what she did wrong to have him doubt her. Yoon Sung admits that he doesn’t know nor is at the liberty of guessing. When they arrive he asks her to get out and she asks if they can have a meal together. He apologises and she understands. She pushes a box to him and asks for him to accept it as she had always wanted to buy him a tie when he got his first job and this is long overdue.

Hye Ji goes looking for a rooms at a dealer and after looking at one she gets a call from Hyun Min. He asks her what she’s going because it’s her birthday. She tells him that she’s meeting with friends and hangs up the phone. We pull out and we see Hyun Min sitting across the street in is car.

Chairman is coming back from somewhere and notices a couple on the side of the road. He smiles thinking what a good ge they are. When The man crosses he sees Ha Won, he turns to look at the man to find out that it’s Ji Woon. Chairman Kang is obviously pissed.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 23.47.39.png

Ji Woon and Ha Won return home and he sends her in first. She starts to walk ahead and sends him a little heart. He laughs and she shushes him. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that it feel nice and she readily agrees. Seo Woo is walking and notices them and also notices Yoon Sung. He hides them from sight complaining about a stiff after he bugs him for a message to which Yoon Sung agrees.

Seo Woo is trying to write but he can’t seem to gt it flowing so he goes to make himself a cup of coffee. Ha Won comes in and mentions that it smells good, so he offers to make her one. She agrees and asks him about a present for a boyfriend of her friend’s friend. He tells her that men don’t need gifts and all she needs to do is to be with them and smile like she is. After leaving Seo woo, Ha Won gets a call from the chairman to meet with her.

Hyun Min goes to check in Ha Won’s room to find a note from Hye Ji. He figures out that she left and goes searching for her.

The Chairman tells Ha Won that he’s disappointed in her and tells her that he’ll give her the options. Leave the skyhouse and he’ll support her like promised or see Ji Woon and have a romance that is uncertain.She doesn’t say anything but leaves. He thinks back to when he kicked Ji Woon’s mother out of the house and we see the ring that Ha Won keeps on his mother’s fingers. Ji Woon’s father is appalled that he kicked Ji Woon’s mother’s family out. He tells the chairman he looks Jung Soo and the chairman tells him that he obviously doesn’t agree. We see his son’s wedding ring. Kang pulls out the ring from his desk.

Hyun Min finds Hye Ji in the park. He tells her to go back to the sky house and she tells him that she’s going to live with her uncle. He admits to knowing that she was looking at student housing. She tells him how she felt every time he pushed her away. He admits to her his feeling for her and how he’s treasured her and lovers her so much. He also tells her what happened 10 years prior. He admits to have been with her brother the day he died. He was so scared and didn’t know what to do that he ran away. He tells her that he;s such a coward that they can’t be together. She tells him that she never wants to be in the same place as him and walks away crying.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 00.21.26.png

Ji Woon is freaking out because Ha Won isn’t answering her phone. He drops his phone and notices that it fell behind the padlocked gate.

Yoon Sung comes back and reports that there is nothing interesting and when the chair man turns around he sees the tie. He is suddenly suspicious of Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung asks if he should escort him home but the chairman says he’ll call driver Park.

Yoon Sung goes to meet with Hwa Ja.

Ji Woong gets into the other side of the storage and finds a photo album. He finds pictures of his mother and finds out that she lives at the sky house.

Hwa Ja thanks Yoon Sung for coming. She smiles sweetly at him and he smiles back. CEO Kang sees them and suddenly faints from shock. (It’s not what you think!)

Hye Ji is walking away sadly while Hyun Min is standing still in shock.

Ji Woong suddenly understands what happened to his mother.

Ha Won is packing.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12 Recap
Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 RecapCinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap
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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is standing in front of her mother’s urn and thinks of what Young Jin said as well as her adoptive father (Seo Hyun Chul) told her. She asks her mother to tell her that it’s not true. She begins to cry and squats to the floor.

Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) pulls up to the memorial hall. He runs in to find Ha Won crying by herself. He admits that he was worried that she’d be crying by herself or in pain. She asks if it’s because she called earlier and tried to brush it off but he pulls her into a hug. He tells her that she doesn’t have to say anything and can cry if she has too. She breaks down and starts crying as he holds her.

Ms Belgyo tells Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) and Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) what happened. She tells them that she only let Young Jin in because he claimed to be her father but she called him mister through the entire meeting. Ms Belgyo admits that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ha Won tells Ji Woon that she suddenly has two fathers and finds it funny. He opens up about his past and admits that the year prior when Yoon Sung (Choi Min) found him and told him that he was Chairman Kang’s (Kim Young Geon) grandson. He admits that his mother never spoke of his father and he’s never seen his father. He likens his reaction at that time to her current emotional distress. He admits he might not understand everything but he has an understanding. She asks if he came to terms with it and he admits he never did. He’s lived his entire life as Han Ji Woon so he was sceptical. Ha Won agrees that it’s only natural and admits she was curious after Gi Sang told her that she wasn’t his real daughter. She admits that though she hoped her father said it out of anger she wondered if she did have a different biological father. She goes down the path of accepting the truth but Ji Woon tells her that she’s not ready to accept the truth yet and should wait until she’s mentally prepared. She thanks him and admits that she was scared to be by herself and had wished someone to be there with her and he appeared. He asks if she was happy to see him but she simply tells him that she thought that he had his uses.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is walking and thinks back to Ji Woon’s apology in the car.

Ha Won and Ji Woon come home and when Ji Woon walks right past his door, Ha Won is confused. He opens her door and she smiles at him. He tells her to sleep well and she thanks him. They part ways, both very happy.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) tells Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) that she’s giving up on Hyun Min because she doesn’t need a man who has bad taste in women. Soo Kyung applauds her choice. Since she’s the one refusing Hyun Min, So Kyung asks for her to give up on the Hanuel group. She tells her that she’s just going to switch over to Seo Woo. She’s determined to win him over no matter what.

Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) goes to see the chairman and asks why he left without telling her.  He tells her that he had a meeting over breakfast and she chastises him for not telling her sooner as she made breakfast. He apologises and when she asks about his health because he’s been quite he admits that he lied and he had gone to the bathhouse. When he mentions that he knows that she doesn’t like going, she tells him that it’s only because he goes so often and once a week is fine. He tells her that he’s been honest with her not it’s her time. He asks if there is anything that she wants to be honest about and admits that he will not get mad if she tells him now. She tells him that she has nothing to hide from him.

Screenshot 2016-09-17 14.56.34.png

Ha Won gets a phone call telling her that there have been 2 monthly payments for her mother’s spot that month. Ha Won is confused and asks him to check who paid the other payment. He tells her that it’s someone by the name of Kang Young Jin. She doesn’t understand what’s going on. Just then, Seo Woo pokes his head in and tells her to come out.

Seo Woo makes her garlic spaghetti and tells her to eat since she didn’t have breakfast. She finds it tasty but when she looks over at Seo Woo she finds him watching over her. She chastises him for looking at her with so much concern. He admits that she’s always trying to fix their families problems but they haven’t done anything for her. She tells him that she’s fine since Ji Woon was with her. Seo Woo is surprised and she tells him that even though Ji Woon keeps telling her to go away he’s a nice person deep down. She mentions that she even got top star Seo Woo to cook her breakfast so there are some perks to working there.

Hyun Min is standing next to her door muttering she scares him and asks what he’s doing. He admits that he’s just standing there and makes sure that she’s eaten. She assures him that she has and when he mentions that he told Ji Woon that she was mentally strong she agrees. She walks into her room and he peeks in. His eyes fall on her tracksuit and his encounter with Hye Ji flutters through his mind. She asks if he’s not leaving and he tells her never to wear her sweats again.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking about his talk with Hye Ji in the car. He goes to the courtyard and finds Hye Ji working. He tells her that he’s sorry he just left her, but she tells him not to worry. She heard that something happened to Ha Won and it’s in his nature to make people feel better. He tells her that that wasn’t the reason he went to see Ha Won. He admits that he has special feelings for Ha Won and she flips out. She asks why he came to her if he had special  feelings for Ha Won. She asks why he didn’t just let her deal with everything on her own and not make her feel more pitiful. He tells her that she was the first person to open up to him when he arrived and he wanted to be nice to her and he apologised if that hurt her. She tells him that she really wanted to rely on him this time. He asks if she did or if she just became used to him being there instead of Hyun Min. He asks her to think if he would have been able to fill the hole that Hyun Min left in her heart.

Hyun Min watches the scene from his room and thinks back to when he first came back. Hye Ji hugged him and told him how much she missed him. He tells her that he didn’t miss her and tries to push her away. This led to Ji Woon and Hye Ji starting their relationship. Hyun Min seems conflicted on what to do next.

Young Jin looks at his bank book and the payment he made to the crematorium . He’s sure that Ha Won must feel confused but she should have called him about the payment he made. Ji Woon comes out and comes face to face with Young Jin.He asks if he’s Ha Won’s father, and he confirms he is.

Ji Woon takes him to a café to talk. He finally introduces himself and Young Jin lays on the praise thick. Ji Woon assures him that he’s not so great to be called young master. Ji Woon assures him that he is Ha Won’s friend and see her as part of the family. Young Jin pulls the pity card and thanks him for taking care of Ha Won when he couldn’t. Ji Woon admits that he knows everything  because Ha Won told him. Young Jin admits that he was debt-ridden was planning on coming back when he had the money to take care of Ha Won. He admits that his financial situation never got better so he never came. Ji Woon hands him a wad of 50,000 won bills (He easily gave him over 1 milling won) and tells him to take it and meet with Ha Won and get to know her. Young Jin refuses half-heartedly and then takes the money. Ji Won gives him his phone number and tells him to contact him if he needs anything.

Yoon Sung followed Hwa Ja to a meeting with the lawyer who is drafting the chairman’s will. Yoon Sung calls the lawyer but he doesn’t answer. The lawyer tells Hwa Ja that he got a call from Yoon Sung and if the chairman hears about him giving her this information there will be trouble. She tells him not to worry and gets handed a copy of the chairman’s will.

Yoon Sung makes a b-line for Hwa Ja and asks who she was meeting. She doesn’t tell her but he shows his hand. He takes the envelope and asks what she’s planning on doing with the will. She tells him that he just has to keep his mouth shut and when he asks for how long, she tells him until she has what she wants in her hand. He accuses her of throwing him away for money and she tells him that she’s doing it for him so he can have a future. (Um… Dude Yoon Sung is probably rich enough.) Yoon Sung tells Hwa Ji that if she planned on throwing him away she shouldn’t have come back. He also mentions that if she planned to come back she shouldn’t have come back looking so pathetic. Yoon Sung walks away and Hwa Ja makes a phone call asks the caller to set up a meeting with the board.

Ha Won is outside enjoying the fresh air when Young Jin texts her and asks if she got home safe. She thinks about the time that her friend was harassed and Young Jin stepped in as her father to chase the boy away. She decides to call him. He’s at the casino gambling Ji Woon’s money away. Ha Won asks if he’s eaten and offers to meet with him to have supper.

They meet up and he asks what she’s not meeting. She asks him about why he didn’t come to see her and he admits that he’s had financial troubles. He takes his hand and reminisces about their fun at the park and playing with her. She examines his jacket and tells him she’ll be back, she just needs to pick something up from a friend.

She goes to buy him some clothes and when she comes back she finds him going through her purse. She suddenly understands what’s happening. She comes back and puts her bag down. She asks if he’s still struggling financially. She only brings it up because that’s what he said earlier. He admits that he is and doesn’t have a house they can live together in. He asks if she could lend her money but she tells him she doesn’t have the kind of money. He wonders if she can ask Ji Woon and she immediately goes on the offensive. He tells her that he’s met with him at the house. He tells him that he’s so generous and gave him money to treat her to something special. She asks how much money he accepted and then tells him that she’ll ask him herself. Ha Won excuses herself.

Hye Ji is at a bar thinking about Ji Woon’s words and letting them sink in. Joon Soo comes over and can’t believe that she’s drinking alone. She invites him to drink with her. One of Hyun Min’s friends calls Hyun Min and tells him what’s happening. He asks if he’s really ok with that and Hyun Min hangs up but gets ready to head out.

Ji Woon is in his room looking at the little present when he picks up the phone to text Ha Won. After multiple attempts at sending a text, he puts down his phone and decided it’s bad timing to give her the present. He gets a call from Young Jin.

As soon as Ji Woon step outside Hyun Min is there. He asks where he’s going and if he’s going to get Hye Ji. Ji Woon asks where she is and Hyun Min tells him never mind. Ji Woon tells him that they should stop these games. He pitches Hyun Min the locker key and tells him that if he wants to take care of Hye Ji to just do.

Ha Won comes back and Ji Woon goes to see her. She tells him that she knows he gave her father money. She tells him that she wasn’t as lucky as Ji Woon to have been born into a rich family. Her first worry was how she was going to live if Young Jin was her father. She tells him that by giving him money it’s put her in an even more pathetic situation and tells him to never try and but into her business again. She walks away and he thinks back to the phone conversation. Ji Woon gets a call from Young Jin telling him that he really wants to live with Ha Won and wants to get a fully leased apartment in Seoul. The warning bells start going off in Ji Woon’s mind. He asks if Ha Won knows that he’s asking and Young Jin assures him she does. He agrees to meet him the following day but heads out right away.  (Ha Won would never approve.)

Ha Won is in her room, looking at her necklace and asks her mother if she really loved a man like that.

Ji Woon goes to the work site the following day and spies on Young Jin. When he throws out his paper cup, Ji Woon picks it up to do a DNA test.

Ha Won goes to the bank and looks at her bank book that has the note about paying for college. She thinks back to her conversation with Young Jin about living together.

Seo Woo does a radio interview and is asked about his song confession and about his first love. He admits that his first love is passing by him right now. When the hostess asks about the type of woman his first love is, he describes a headstrong tomboy who only wears skirts once in awhile. He adds on that even when a person like him confesses she goes straight to the person she loves.  The announcer admits that even though she doesn’t know who that woman is she’s jealous.

Yoo Na is preparing to meet with Seo Woo when she gets pushed away by some fans. Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) happens to be part of the crowd. Yoo Na inquires to why she’s there and tells her that she’s a Seo Woo fan. Yoo Na complains about bad taste and Ja Young takes offence. Ja Young turns to Seo Woo and calls him Oppa and tells him that Yoo Na is Ha Won’s sister with the bad attitude. He takes her book and writes something before handing it back with a smile and tapping Ja Young on the shoulder. Ja Young is a little irate but starts laughing when the note reads to be nice to Ha Won. She tells Yoo Na that she’s on his hit list and should have been nicer to Ha Won sooner.

Hyun Min looks at the key and Ji Woon’s words pass through his mind. He thinks back to him and Hye Ji’s older brother playing. That was when he was hit by the car and killed. Hyun Min feels as if he’s guilty of killing Hye Ji’s brother which is why he can’t be with her. (Could we all see this coming?) He gets up and goes somewhere.

Ha Won hands Young Ji the money for her mother crematorium fee. She tells him that she has no reason to accept money from him. She tells him that she can’t accept him as her father and when he tells her that it doesn’t matter if she can accept him or not they are related. Ji Woon puts down and envelope between them and tells him that the results are in. They can check to see if he is really her father. Young Jin pushes it aside and asks if Ha Won trust him. Ji Woon asks if he wants to open it or if he should. Ha Won took the envelope and tore it. She looks at Ji Woon and tells him that she trusts her mother and she wouldn’t have loved a man like him. She tells Young Jin that she has no money so he’s come to the wrong person. She goes to leave and Young Jin tells them that he had no choice and had it not been for the fire his life wouldn’t have been ruined. Ha Won turns back around and fists her jacket it and says incredulously that his life was ruined. She tells him that he should think of the people who lost her life and people like her who were left behind. No matter what happened that day she never thought her life as ruined. The only person who ruined his life was him. She walks away and Ji Woon follows with a smile. He catches up before grabbing her hand tells her that they are reading for their drive.

Hyun Min comes out of his room and comes face to face with Hye Ji. She gets a phone call from Joon Soo agreeing to meet at the café nearby. She shows up and Joon Soo can’t believe she came. He asks if things are really over between her and  Hyun Min. She tells him that they were just friends. Hyun Min asks if that’s true and tells her to come with him. Joon Soo tries to stop him but Hyun Min mentions that he really should leave before the girl from the previous day calls. Joon Soo leaves and Hyun Min takes Hye Ji to his car. She tells him to either treat her like a human being or to leave her be. He admits he should if she would stop dating sketchy people after Ji Woon dumped her. She tells him to let her out and when does pull over he gets a beer and chugs it. He tells her that he can’t drive and gets in the passenger seat.

Screenshot 2016-09-17 17.23.24.png

Seo Woo’s manager gets a call from a reporter asking about Seo Woo’s relationship status. He assures him that he’s not dating anyone and promises to come see him. Seo Woo asks who he’s supposed to be dating this time and is just grilled again about his relationship status. He assures him that he’s not in a relationship and he doesn’t have a first love. He mentions that he has no time to date.

Hye Ji turns out to be a horrible driver and is always asking Hyun Min for advice. She mentions that it’s her first time driving since getting her license.

Ji Woon is driving and asks Ha Won if she’s still mad. She apologises for how harsh she was. She admits that she was conflicted and took it out on him. She admits that she had thought about whether or not to believe Young Jin but when he put down the envelope she knew. She tells him that she believes in her mother and she would never love a man like him. He smiles and ruffles her hair a little. Ha Won mentions that it’s a little boring doing the same drive and Ji Woon takes it as a challenge.

Ji Woon takes Ha Won to a place to enjoy the ride through some rolling hills. Ji Woon asks if she still bored and she admits she’s not. She tells him that it’s the first time that anyone has taken her to a place like this.

While walking Ji Woon confesses that it’s the first time that he’s found someone that he found to be similar to him. Ha Won admits that she finds that they are very similar, however, he has a very particular personality and when someone gets close he tells them to go away. He asks if that’s true and she tells him it is. He hands her an empty box and she asks what it was. He tells her his feeling for her and she starts to walk away. He explains that it was supposed to be chocolates but they melted. So instead he tells her that it’s her and not Hye Ji that his heart belongs to. He thanks her for getting close and tells her to stay where she is because he will be the one to get closer to her from now on. He walks to her and kisses her. It takes a second before she kisses back.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 7 Recap



We re-watch Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) tell Ha Won (Park So Dam) that they should stop  their fake relationship and start a real one. Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) overhears the conversation and drops the flowers she brought Ha Won on the ground. Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) notices her and follows her when she leaves. They both leave before hearing Ha Won’s answer to Hyun Min’s suggestion.

Ha Won asks him if he likes her. He doesn’t answer and she tells him to take a good hard look at how he feels about family and women. She walks out of the room, looking back only briefly before walking down the hall.

Ji Woon catches up with Hye Ji and tells her that nothing is going on between Hyun Min and Ha Won. She tells him that she already knows that. He suddenly asks why she’s there and she admits that she doesn’t know because she can’t be friends with a person like Ha Won. She tells him that she just wants to be alone.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) tries to leave but gets surrounded by girls. He fakes a stomach ache and points at a fictional CN Blue before running. He is barely outrunning the girls when Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) pulls him into a room. She wonders what they’re going to do with the girls out there. She comes up with an idea. Seo Woo proceeds to run back to his car with Ja Young’s uniform on. His Manager won’t lets him in so he runs to the front of the van and, finally, gets in. He tells his driver to head off.

Mrs Belgyo is worried and wonders where Ha Won went. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) confirms that she found it that morning. Yoon Sung decides to go looking for her and gets up right as Ji Woon arrives. Seo Wo asks him if he’s seen Ha Won and he tells him that he hasn’t Seo Woo inquiries about his concern for her well-being and Ji Woon claims to not care. (Lies!)Seo Woo calls him a piece of work and Ji Won is glad he’s noticed. Seo Woo decides to go with Yoon Sung to look for her and then wonders where Hyun Min is.

Hyun Min is walking down the street and notices people are looking at him oddly. He wonders what’s going on. Ji Woon texts him with a link to the video. He starts watching it and hides his face before scurrying off.

Yoon Soon goes in search of Ha Won at Soo Kyung’s (Choi Eun Kyeong) house. She asks if Ha Won really left the house. He tells her no, she starts rattling off about them kicking her out as he leaves. She tells herself that it serves Ha Won right after acting high and mighty.

Seo Woo heads to the café where Ja Young works. He looks at the paper and smiles about Ha Won having at least one friend. He goes to the counter and asks for Ja Young. She admits that it’s her and when he looks up he sees Ja Young and notices that she’s the girl who lent him her uniform. He goes to leave and she comes around. She introduces herself and calls him oppa.

They sit in a secluded corner. He starts to ask about the situation at school, but she assures him that she won’t tell a soul. He’s happy about that but she asks him why he’s there. He asks if Ha Won had come by because she’s left home and they can’t find her. It suddenly clicks as to why she has been looking for a place to stay. She mentions that she doesn’t have a place to go and no money.

Mrs Belgyo is putting the flowers in a vase while talking to herself. She wonders why she can’t have a peaceful day around that house. Things were starting to get lively but she’s certain Ha Won left because the boys were causing too many issues. She notices Ji Woon who had stopped to look at the flowers. He asks if Ha Won was the one to buy the flowers. Belgyo confirms his suspicions, she tells him that Ha Won suggested a white arrangement since the young masters would he tired from the death anniversary. She starts going on about how worried she is and starts to fidget with the roses. When she turns back around to face him he’s gone.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 16.19.20.png

Ji Woon goes into his room and stands by the window looking at Ha Won’s empty room. He remembers asking her what right she had to live at the house.

We switch to Seo Woo, who’s playing the piano before stopping to answer the phone. He tells Yoon Sung that Ha Won didn’t go to the café and asks how his search went. They hang up and Seo Woo wonders where Ha Won went. He looks over at his notepad and we see a new song starting to form.

Ji Woon pulls up in front of the convenience store and notices Ha Won. He smiles to himself. We pan inside and Ha Won uncovers 3 instant ramens. She pretends that she’s with her mother and father. She starts to cry as she tells her mother she can’t go to college. Ji Woon stands behind her and waits for a second until she calms a bit. He calls to her and then asks what type of girl can finish off 3 instant noodles by herself. He sits across from her and tells her to stop starving herself and to come home. He has to clarify that he means the sky house. She tells him that she can’t go back and he tells her that he went to see his father so she didn’t fail her mission. He asks if she the flower in front of his mother’s urn. She mentions that it was only right since they’re cousins. He tells her that he gave that rose to his father. She congratulates him. She asks if they’re going home together , he doesn’t answer only gets up and tells her to come outside quickly.

Seo Woo is calling Ha Won’s phone but it goes straight to voice mail. He wonders where she could be when she calls from the entrance. Everyone hurries over and greets her. She asks if they were waiting and Seo Woo tells her of course. Mrs Belgyo asks if she’s eaten, and though she says she has, Mrs Belgyo insists on making her more food. Ha Won looks back at Ji Woon who walks forward slowly. Seo Woo scoffs and says that earlier he said he didn’t care. Ji Woon simply walks away without saying a word.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 17.05.31.png

Seo Woo is playing his guitar when Ha Won walks in. He starts singing about how it’s god that she’s back. She tells him that she’s touched since she has 49 missed calls from him. He apologises to her on behalf of the 3 screwballs who life in the house.  He feels like they’ve put her through a lot because of their issues. She tells him not to apologises after all she made Mr celebrity call her 49 times. She threatens to put it online and he tells her that she’s can’t She tells him that she will and he starts to chase her to get her to delete the call history

A little later they walk out and he calls her impressive because she rejected Hyun Min so completely. She asks how she knows about that. He shows her the video and she’s shocked. He tells her that he’s never been rejected before and now there is a viral video of him getting rejected. She looks to his room worried and Seo Wo tells her not to worry because he’s probably out seducing someone.

Ha Won checks on Hyun Min’s room later that evening and is worried that she was too hard on him.

Hyun Min watches the video at an internet café and reads the comments. he gets frustrated and stands, suddenly everyone is looking at him and he curls into himself. He leaves the café and finds himself in a park alone. He replays Ha Won’s words in his head and wonders about his feeling. it suddenly starts to rain and he curses it.

He comes back home soaked and walks straight to his room. Ha Won comes out and see him, but when she tries to talk with him he walks right by. She wonders if he’s that shocked.

The next morning Ha Won wakes up and sees Ji Woon working on something. She smiles and him and he smiles back. She asks if he’s slept when and then if he’s eaten. He tells her to not act like they’re close. He goes to asks about her pretending about being Hyun Min’s fiancée but decided again it. She texts him again but it takes a little arm waving to get him to read it. She tells him thank you and then after they share a smile she goes back inside.

Seo Woo walks out and his manager tells him to stop. He’s glad that he wasn’t wearing the uniform. He asks when he wasn’t normal and his manager admits that he was worried that he started having a school uniform fetish. Seo Woo tells him to stop spouting nonsense and ruining his good mod. His manager asked if he was having good progress with his some. He tells him it was something better but doesn’t elaborate.

Hyun Min is by the stream acting lethargic when Yoon Sung passes. He glances at him a second before continuing on.

Ha Won is in the kitchen complimenting Mrs Belgyo’s cooking. She tells her the real feast is in the dining room but she admits that she prefers it there. Yoon Sung comes in and she invites him to eat. She says what he normally says which makes him chuckle. She tells him to say ah and right before he does so she shoves a pickle in his mouth. This makes him laugh and Mrs Belgyo smile. Ha Won asks if Soon Yung seems off to him. He admits that he did seem off. She wonders if he’s ok and Mrs Belgyo tells them Hyun Min’s new nickname. Suddenly, Ha Won is worried.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) is scrolling through her feed while her mother paints her nails. She sees the article of everyone admitting jealousy about Hyun Min’s confession. Yoo Na gets mad and Soo Kyung mentions that she dug her own grave with school. She asks what should she do next. Soo Kyung notices that Yoo Na nail polish on her face and starts to yell at her before Yoo Na storms off. Soo Kyung tells her that it’s unlucky to not match her toenails and Yoo Na opens the door to stick her foot out to let her mother finish.

Ha Won meets with CEO Kang (Kim Yong Geon) and he shows her the pressed flower made from the rose Ji Woon left for his father. He asks if she knows what it means in the language f flowers. She tells him respect. Kang is happy his grandson is changing. Yoon Sung brings over a plate containing trip tickets allowing her to bring anyone. HE tells her that he looks forward to seeing her luck this time.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 17.52.04.png

Ji Woon keeps calling Hye Ji but there is no response. He stands outside debating whether he should go in.

Soo Kyung is messaging Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) hen a call comes in. She offers to hold the phone to her ear. She finds out that hse’s arranging a marriage meeting for her grandsons. She calls Yoo Na and tells her. She took the number of the person arranging it and will swap her in on the day of the marriage meeting. She tells her to take care of her skin.

Ha Won wonders if the boys will come with her. Yoon Sung tells her that they probably will with her asking. She tells him that he’s the best, but he gets a phone call. His mood drops a bit and he tells the call no.

Ha Won goes to see Hyun Mini in his room to find him sleeping. She goes to find Ji Woon but he’s not in his room. She calls him and when he picks up he asks why she’s calling when they live in the same house. She is about to ask why he’s late but turns around. she asks for him to go on the trip wth her and everyone but he hands up the call and tells her the call is over. just then she gets a call from Ja Young.

She meets with Ja Young at the café and Ja Young asks what happened since Seo YWoo went to find her. Ha Won admits that was a misunderstanding. Ha Won pulls out her diploma and loks so happy. Ja Young tells her to stop smiling so she can stay mad at her. Ha Won thanks her but Ja Young shows her the picture fof Seo Woo getting into her uniform. Ha Won gets an idea and asks for her to sent the pictures to her. When Ja Young refuses Ha Won tlls her she can come too.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 18.22.43.png

Seo Woo’s manager walks through a construction zone and meets with Ha Won. He wonders if Seo Woo’s nudes were leaked. She shows him the pictures of Seo Woo in the uniform and he almost wished it was nudes. He asks what she wants for it and she says not much. He assumes money but she tells him to clear Seo Woo’s schedule for the next 3 days. She goes down the stairs happy that 1 boy is complete.

Hyun Min goes to see a plastic surgeon to get his face redone. He tells him that he hates his face and gets made whenever he sees it. The doctor mentions that it sounds like he lost his first love. He laughs at the idea and when wistfully says that someone else is his first love.

Hye Ji is at home and she sits on her bed. She turns on her phone and sees Ji Woon’s messages. She also gets a message from Ha Won wanting to thank her or her hospitality. She is about to delete it when she responds that she’ll meet her at her studio.

Ha Won walks out of her room to find Hyun Min plays the I love her Love her not game. He doesn’t react to her. She asks if he wants to go on a trip, but he doesn’t respond. She wonders if she should shock him. She takes his leaf but he walks away. She can’t figure out what to do.

Ji Woon calls Hye Ji one more time and texts her that he’s going to her studio since she’s not picking up.

Ha Won tells Hye Ji that she’s gone back to living at the sky house. She admits that she felt like she should tell her. She assures her that nothing is going on. Hye Ji tells her that it’s a good thing that Hyun Min finally knows what it’s like to be rejected by a girl. Ha Won tells her that she didn’t really reject her but everyone is talking about how cool she is. Ha Won asks her to come to the vacation house with her and the boys. She can’t get them to go on her own and Hye Ji agrees. Ji Woon arrives and asks if she has to g that far. Hye Ji agrees to go and Ji Woon says that he’s not going. Ha Won excuses herself. Hye ji tells him that she wants to go to the vacation house one more time. She tells him about her past and explains why she wants to go.

So Kyung is on the phone with the agency but she can’t sell Yo Na because she doesn’t have a job. She chastises her and tells her that she could have at least gotten into college.  Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) arrives home and he tells her that his construction job went under. He looks around for Ha Won and is told she hasn’t come back. Gi Sang heads to his room but hands his keeps off to Soo Kyung to get his bag.

While in the truck she hears his phone ring and there is a text about finding Kang Young Ji. She wonders who the person is and then finds the flyer. She brings a flyer in and gets Yoo Na off the couch and drags her to her room. Yo Na wonders who the flyer is for and why the apartment name sounds familiar. Soo Kyung reminds Yoo Na that Ha Won’s mother dies in that fire and a lot of people were wondering why she was there. The wonder how much money Gi Sang spent on the search. Soo Kyung thinks that it’s actually a good thing because the risk might get Ha Won out of the Sky House and Yoo Na in.

Ha Won goes to see Hyun Min to find him sleeping. She finds Yoon Sung and asks why he’s doing that. Yoon Sung mentions that Hyun Min is a very heavy sleeper and he wouldn’t notice if someone was to carry him around. She asks if that’s the truth and gets an idea.

Ji Won is looking out his window while thinking about Ha Won. She comes out and he hides. He watches as she goes over to Hyun Jin’s room and pound on the door. He asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that she’s trying to get Hyun Min to come to the trip. Kidnap him? Ji Woon asks if she’ll fulfil her mission. She tells him that the only person not going is him. He tells her that if she gets Hyun Min to go he’ll go to. She makes him pinky swear.

Ha Won goes into the room and starts begging Hyun Min to come. No matter what she says he doesn’t respond. She pokes his cheek and he turns away. When she shakes him he rolls over. She wonders how he could be in such a deep sleep and remembers that Yoon Sung warned her about his sleep. She replays Ji Woon’s suggestion to kidnap him and an idea begins to forms in her mind.

Hye Ji texts Ji Woon to see if he’s coming and he hesitates when sending the text message. Seo Woo gets a message telling him to enjoy Thailand. Ha Won comes back into the room with an evil smile on her face.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Table of Content

Cinderella and four Knights Episode 4 Recap



We rewatch the scene where Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) has his mild altercation with Ha Won (Park So Dam) and he leans in to kiss her. It turns out to be a dream but be he wakes up he sees her. He asks if she wanted to see him so early in the breakfast and she tells him to come to breakfast.  He tells her that he doesn’t eat at home. She tells him that he better start because he needs food to start the day. He tells her that he likes her playing housewife. He tells her to lay down and she tells him no and to come to the dining room. Once she leaves he thinks back to the actual ending to the evening with Ha Won kneeing him before the kiss. He says to no one in particular that Ha Won sparks his competitive side.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is sitting in her studio and thinks back to the night before. Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) suddenly steps in front of her and asks if she really wanted to see Hyun Min because she’s not in the best condition. She asks him if he’ll answer her question and he promises to do so later but insists they leave.

Ji Woon is running on the treadmill when he thinks about the night before. He gets off and takes off his shirt.

Screenshot 2016-08-20 14.32.36.png

Ha Won looks into Ji Woon’s room and notices that he’s not there. She complains that it’s harder to track them down than eat with them. She remembers the call briefly and then is determined to get them all together. Though thinking about food is making her hungry.

Ha Won stumbles on the pool and finds Ji Woon swimming. He asks her what she’s looking at. She asks him to come eat, when he tells her to get lost she tells him that she’ll wait until he’s out. He tells her that he’s not wearing a swimsuit since he swims alone. He tells her that he’s coming out and she runs out of the room screaming. She comes back in with a board covering her face and his cell phone he threatens him that he has to come eat if he wants it back. He tries to get it back at the pool but she warns him that if he tries t come closer she’ll drop it. She tells him once more to come to the dining room and runs away. We pan out and see him in his swimsuit.

Ha Won finds Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) in the recording studio. She calls to him but he can’t hear her. When he looks over at his sheet music he looks over and sees her. She tells him to come out. She asks him if he woke up early. He tells her that he didn’t go to bed. She is surprised and he writes it off as being an artist. She tells him that he should come eat and he agrees readily.

Ha Won comes and bugs Mrs Belgyo to let her help her and she’s given the job of preparing the eggs.

Hyun Min comes into the dining room right after Ha Won finishes plating the food. He asks to go on a date with her after eating. She tells him that she has to do the dishes. When he asks what she would do that she mentions that she clean up after herself. Seo Woo comes in and asks what’s going on and Hyun Min tells him that she’s relaying his love through touch and asks why he’s there. Ha Won says that it would be nice to have a family meal. Ji Woon tells her that no one in that house is family to him and the only thing they share is the address. She asks if it’s that hard to sit down to have a meal. Hyun Min tells her that he would do anything for her but he draws the line at the meal and leaves. Seo Woo tells her that she shouldn’t try so hard because they don’t get along. He asks her to no longer bother him in the morning since he gets most of his inspiration at that time and leaves. Ji Won comes over and asks for his phone. She tells him that he would choose his phone over his family. He tells her to stop talking like she knows them and he pulls her close to him. He tells her to stop fooling around and takes his phone before leaving.

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The chairman (Kim Yong Geon) is arriving back and laughs at the current events in the Sky house. Yoon Sung (Choi Min) tells him that they are encountering much more resistance than expected. He feels like 1 weeks isn’t long enough and Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) agrees and asks if he’s not being too harsh. He tells him that he’s not and that it’s only natural that family eats together. The chairman is curious  to see how Ha Won succeeds.

Ha Won brings back her cup to Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung). Ja Young reminds her that she said that she wouldn’t mooch off of someone else life. She tells her that she’s there to work and not for fun. Ja Young tells her that she’s lucky that she gets to see the Kang cousins faces every day. Ha Won tells her that it’s not fun and then asks her how she wouls get Seo Woo to eat. Ja Young is jealous that she gets to eat with them but she tells her that it’s an impossible mission to have them all eat together because their relationship is so bad. She tells her that only with her sheer will power will she succeed because she has a stronger will than anyone she knows.

Ha Won tries to have them eat together by catching them off guard. She plays games against Seo Woo and Hyun Min  and wins but Ji Woon tells her to get lost. That evening she’s standing with Yoon Sung and he remarks that that plan failed. She tells him that it’s ok, they’ll just have to move on to plan B.

Ha Won sets out the boy’s favourite foods and Yoon Sung asks how she found out. She tells him that she did some research and asked the sat. The 3 men are in their respective rooms when they become hungry and notice the delicious smell. When they come out they find Ha Won and Yoon Sung eating. She asks them if they want to eat. Seo Woo is the first to turn away and tells him that he has a shoot the next day and that they are monsters. He retreats back into his room. Hyun Min asks why she’s obsessed with them eating together and she tells him that it’s her mission. He warns her that nothing will work and then goes back into his room. Ji Woon asks is it’s good and Ha Won confirms it. She preps a wrap and offers it to him. He tells her to get lost and goes back to his room. Yoon Sung tells her that mission was impossible from the start because the idea of family is a sore spot for the 3 men. He tells her that what normal people find easy is hard for them.

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Ha Won is doing the dishes when Mrs Belgyo comes in and chastises her for working. She tells her that she should call her Ha Won. Mr Bulgyo tells her that she can’t since she’s a guest at the Sky House and she is an employee. Ha Won tells her that it’s the people that make the home not the house. Finally, Mrs Bulgyo agrees and they finish up the dishes together.

Mrs Belgyo couldn’t believe that none of them ate and Ha Won admits she’s out of ideas. Mrs Belgyo tells her that Ha Won has always eaten alone so he finds it awkward to eat in front of others. She asks why and he tells her that his father died when he was young and his mother was always out. The Chairman sent him to boarding school to study and she’s certain that he ate there alone too. She asks about the others . Mrs Belgyo tells her that Seo Woo makes a living selling his looks and he doesn’t eat much because he has to maintain his image, even though he should be eating more to stay strong enough to sing. She finally asks about Ji Woon but Mrs Belgyo tells her that it hasn’t been a year since he found out he’s related to CEO Kang and it’s not an idea that is easy to accustom yourself with. The conversation leaves Ha Won a lot to think over and she gets an idea.

Seo Woo is heading out to his shoot and Ha Won lefts a little package in his van. Her note tells him  to make sure that he eats and wishes him good luck. He smiles but wonders if she thinks he’s a child. His manager mentions he normally doesn’t drink milk the days of his shoot but he admits he’s been craving it and starts to drink.

Ha Won goes in search of Ji Woon in his workshop. but he’s not there she bumps into something and notices the picture. He arrives and asks what she’s doing, but he doesn’t wait to listen to her telling his the pictures fell. He tells her to get lost, and she asks why he always says that to her. He tells her that it’s not his fault that she came not expecting what life really was there and he tells him to leave her alone. She tells him that threats won’t work on her and she can’t promise to leave him alone because she works hard on what’s she’s been given. She asks if he ever considered the Sky House his home or even thought about accepting the other men as his family. He’s so wrapped up in his own emotions that he doesn’t care who he hurts. She tells him that he can’t find a family if he stays locked up in his dark place. She starts to walk away and then turns to thank him for finding her bouquet before actually leaving.

Ha Won comes to find Hyun Min and he’s playing a puzzle game. She’s surprised that he likes them. He asks if she only thought he was into women and she admits she did. She picks up and Rubik’s cube and mentions that she loved playing with those as a child. She teases and says that if she finishes it if he’ll grant her a wish. He tells her that he was 2 minutes and she fails. She complains that it’s not enough time. He hands her his phone and tells her to start the timer. He solves the cube in a little over 8 seconds and she’s surprised. He apologises for not being able to grant her wish and takes back his phone. He agrees to meet with the caller before leaving. Of course, he hands back the cube to Ha Won.

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Ji Woon is thinking about Ha Won’s words and everything horrible he said to her. He weighs her words about family before getting a phone call. He answers and tells Hye Ji that he’ll be right over.

Hyun Min is out ‘eating’ with a girl and texts Ha Won wondering if she’s still playing with the Rubik’s cube. The woman he’s with takes his phone and asks if he’s texting another girl. He reminds her that he always has girls around him. The woman across from his picks at her food and he tells her to eat with gusto. She mentions that he doesn’t like girls who eat a lot and she’s the type of person to gain weight by drinking water. He asks her if she can throw a punch and she tells him that she can. He asks if she can really hurt someone and tells her to hit him. She tells him that she can’t and he finds her boring. He suggests the breakup and leaves.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) are at home sulking when Yoo Na exclaims that she doesn’t get it. So Kyung asks if she confirmed it with Ha Won’s friend and Yoo Na tells her that she saw the pictures herself. Soo Kyung says that she must be a dishwasher or something. Yoo Na screams at her mother and asks he if she thinks that Yoon Sung would have come to get her things if she was a measly dishwasher. She admits that she has a point. Yoo Na is determined to witness it with her own 2 eyes.

Hyun Min calls her and asks what she’s doing because he wants to play. She tells him that she’s busy. He asks if it’s because of his grandfather’s mission and she says it is/ She tells him that if he’s not going to help her then he should leave her alone. He tells her that he’ll help because he knows the other 2 men better than her. She asks if he has a plan and he confirms it.

Yoo Na arrives at the Sky House and is in awe of the grandeur of the place. She sees Ha Won come out and get into Hyun Min’s car. She can’t believe that not only does Ha Won like there but he also sticks to Hyun Min like glue.

Ha Won and Hyun Min arrive at a store and she asks her why they’re there. He tells her that they are going to do things his way and to follow him without saying a word. Yoo Na arrives moments after them. (This chick was on foot so this makes no sense, so we’re going to call K drama logic here.) Ha Won is ushered to a room and she asks if all risch guys like playing pretty women. He tells her to just follow his lead. He hands her a pair of shoes and she tells him that she’s going. When he leans forward she glares at him, but he assures her that he’s simply closing the door. We see that the next plan is to make their hearts race. She starts coming out with different outfits to show Hyun Min and he keeps asking for the next. Once she’s done he points out 3 items and tells the staff he wants everything minus those 3. Ha Won tells him that he’s playing the rich boy again and she doesn’t need them. He tells her that they are gifts and to listen to him. Her stomach growls and he can expect her to be hungry. She tells him that she has no time to eat idly and he tells her he’ll explain how to win them over.

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once they’re gone Yoo Na goes and asks to see why Ha Won was buying and the clerk just stares at her. The clerk hands her the same dress to find it’s 5 million won. She pretends to get a phone call and hands the dress back and walk away.

Ji Woon arrives at Hye Ji’s studio to find her sleeping. He smiles and places his jacket over her shoulders. When she wakes up she apologises and he tells her it’s ok. She mentions that she thought that he would give her an answer in Hyun Min’s stead. He tells her that they should eat first. She asks why and he tells her he’s hungry.

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They go to a restaurant and she asks if he planned this. He jokes and says that he thought she was paying. She mentions getting the cheapest item, and he tells her not to worry and he’ll pick up the bill. She asks if she could buy something expensive and he tells her she can. He teases her by telling her to grow tall by eating and she asks why he always acts like her older brother. She’s happy he’s not though because that way she can treat him as an equal.

Hyun Min and Ha Won arrive at the same restaurant and he wants to leave. She tells him that they can just eat together. She asks Hye Ji if that’s ok and she agrees. The two couples sit facing each other and Hye Ji starts asking Ha Won questions but Hyun Min won’t let her get a word in edgewise. When they get the claim Hye Ji wants to ask for them to be cooked more because Hyun Min won’t eat them.  he tells her not to worry as he’ll simply not eat them. Ha Won reaches over the hot plate to get something a burns herself and drops her drink on her. She is worried because it was expensive and he tells her not to worry because he’ll buy her more. She tells him he won’t because she’ll just return them. Ha Won excuses herself to the bathroom.

She tries to get the stain out when she notices Ji Woon. He asks her if she’s happy that Hyun Min bought her those clothes and took her out to eat. She asks him why he’s starting with her again. He mentions that if that was the reason she came to the Sky House it was pitiful. She tells him that she has less shallow goals while working for his grandfather. She promises that though they have never shared a meal she will make them a family. He tells her that if she says the word family one more time he’ll make her pay. She starts to say something about how no matter how much hates it cousins and family –  and then he pins her to the wall. (How is she to regret that?) He warns her that there is only so much trifling he can stand.

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He walks away and in the hall he remembers what CEO Kang told him to do. He warns him to cut ties with everyone he was associated with as Han Ji Woon because they will just start to mooch off of him. They are different now. He tells him that he can’t cut ties with his family. He overhears Hyun Min’s conversation with his mother and he tells her that he has no family and he’s sure that Ji Woon won’t last a day.

Hye Ji and Hyun Min are left alone at the table. She tells him that she’ll ask him anyways and asks if he’s the one who brought Ha Woon into the house. He tells her of course and asks who else would have. She mentions that she must be different from the other girls. He asks if she can’t tell that she’s totally different. Hye Ji apologises for getting in the way of his date and leave.  He looks after her sadly.

Ji Woon comes back and asks Hyun Min what he said to Hye Ji. He tells him that he didn’t say anything. Ji Woon accuses him of being the expert of hurting Hye Ji and Hyun Min tells him that he’s the expert at healing it, since he’s been doing it since he came to the Sky House. Ji Woon mentions that he acts like he doesn’t like that. Hyun Min asks why he would care and Ji Woon reveals that he still thinks of her has his woman. He tells him that he never has and when Ji Woon questions him about his sincerity Hyun Min tells him that to have sincerity would take out the fun of life. He walks away before Ha Won returns to the table.

Ji Woon goes in search for Hye Ji to find her crossing the street. A truck is heading her way and is honking but she’s oblivious. to it. Ji Woon goes and gets her out of the way and tells her to come to her senses. She asks what she’s supposed to do and he warns her that he’s saying this as a friend but it’ll hurt her. He asks why she’s acting out that way she is when she can’t say anything to his face. She tells him that she doesn’t want much but she wants Ha Won to no be at his side.

Ha Won is staring at Hyun Min and he tells her to take a good look because his beauty won’t fade. She asks why Hye Ji left, she can expect it from Ji Woon but it’s odd for Hye Ji. She then asks why he’s so mean to her and figures that he likes her. He refuses and she asks why he’s going about it as like a child with a crush. He asks if she’s jealous and of course she isn’t. ( She has 3 other guys to choose from if you’re knocked out.)

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She asks where they are and he tells her her house. He mentions that she’s bound t get kicked out. She takes offence to him deciding her future. Normally he grants the girls a wish after they break up but he’ll grant it right away because he’s determined to date her. He drapes his arm across her shoulder and starts saying house great he is.  She grabs his arms and pulls it behind him and pins him to the car. She warns him that she has no intentions of dating him and if he tries anything else she’ll make him crawl home. She lets him up and gets in the car.

She is at home and the bath is made but she’s scrubbing her clothes and complaining about the men. She wonders why none of them thinks before they act. She is determined t battle them head on.

She’s in the kitchen setting up and sends a group chat to the men. She tells them that they should eat together and it’s the last time she’ll ask. They all leave the chat room and she’s mad. Mrs Belgyo comes in and says that she wanted to do it herself. She said she did but wonders if she could get a basic idea of how. Of course, she agrees.

Seo Woo is tired so he steps out into the courtyard and stretches. The wind blows something over to his door. He picks it up and is surprised that she didn’t throw out anything. He notices her planner with the day marked as her birthday. He gets an idea.

He goes inside and Yoon Sung comes and sees him, He asks what he’s looking for and Seo Woo mentions that he wants to throw Ha Won a party since it’s her birthday. Yoon Sung didn’t know as well. Seo Woo mentions that since she was kicked out of her house she has no one to celebrate with and he doesn’t think that she heard from her family either. He finds that supplies and tells Yoon Sung that they need to hurry because they only have an hour. They pass Hyun Min who I can only assume overheard the conversation.

Ji Woon is in his workshop thinking of everything that has happened and it falls on how much he hates Hyun Min. He stands and leaves. Hyun Min comes out of his room after Ha Won scurries by and Ji Woon watches him.

Hyun Min goes to the fridge and grabs a juice that Ji Woon then grabs, he takes the next drink too. Finally, when Hyun Min asks him what’s he’s going he tells him that if he’s sure that he doesn’t know anything about sincerity that to come to the courtyard and he’ll show him something amusing. Hyun Min recalls the conversation that Seo Woo was having with Yoon Sung.

Seo Woo and Yoon Sung finishes setting up when they party. Yoon Sung asks if he’s told the other boy and he’s forgotten. They quickly cover it when Seo Woo notices her coming.

Ha Won comes out with a plate and starts to wonder what’s under the sheet when someone hugs her from behind. She assumes it’s Hyun Min but is surprised to find Ji Woon. He holds fast when she tries to move away. He turns them to face Hyun Min and he asks her why he belongs to him. Hyun Min asks what he’s going and Ji Woon admits that he’s going to try and steal Ha Won. Hyun Min grabs Ji Woon’s collar and Ha Won pushes them apart. The fireworks start and though the 2 men don’t notice she does.

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