Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984



There has always been something a little off about Rachel, and she’s known it since she was a little kid. However, with her mother in the psych ward, she thought that she had merely inherited a mental disorder. However, on her 18 birthday, she meets a man that will change her life. She doesn’t realize how deeply her life will be impacted until it’s too late.

This book was not what I expected by reading the synopsis. It sounded like an epic adventure. However, it ended up being more of a coming of age book. There was a little more action in the last 1/4 of the book. Though I say, it’s a coming of age story… but like in a superhero origin store kind of way. This book is a really long build-up to her coming into her destiny.

The character of Rachel has a lot of potential, however, I didn’t really feel connected to the characters. Though she was placed into the situation through birth, she never really paid any attention to it. I find that a little hard to believe. The characters throughout this book were a bit hard to like, and I felt like there needed to be a little more character development for the rest of the characters.

I will say there was one huge pet peeve in this book. The author spells out the phonetics of the Scottish accent. That makes it really hard for the reader to read. I like reading my books quickly understand the dialogue the first time that I read it. This spelling does not lend well to understanding the text quickly.

It is a really slow book, so don’t go in expecting a lot of action.

I received a review copy from Hidden Gem.