Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10)



Briggs is back and I was waiting for this book with baited breath since I finished the last book of her series. I listened to this as an audio book because I love Lorelei King as you all know. As the book is written in both Mercy’s and Adam’s voice, Lorelei King is joined by George Newbern. He does an excellent job mimicking the voices that Lorelei has already given to the characters. However, it is slightly different so the first chapter listening to Newbern is a little odd but once you’re used to it you’re good.

After being attacked and abducted, not a few miles away from her home. Mercy finds herself in the presence of the most powerful vampire master in the world and Marsilia’s ex-lover. Since he doesn’t know her secret, Mercy manages to escape in her coyote form only to find herself in the heart of Europe.  Her ability to think on her feet keeps her alive long enough to come in contact with the an ancient spirit of the Jewish quarter of Prague. Things are only going to get harder for our little coyote.

This series keeps getting better and better. My biggest fear in any series is when the main character gets married to their love interest. This series took that milestone and continued in stride. This book proves that even supernatural beings’past come back to haunt them. This book is an amalgam of Marsilia’s past, as well as Coyote’s. It also stems from the declaration of the safe zone of the tri-cities. I loved this book and the continuous world building that is going on.