One Sunny Day


source: Dramafever

One Sunny Day is a short romantic comedy. There are only 10 episodes and each run about 12 minutes, making the entire series only 120 mins long. This little show follows Kim Ji Ho (So Ji Sub) and a Girl (also Kim Ji Ho) (Kim Ji Won) through their unlikely meeting and the beginning of their relationship.

Throughout the episode, they keep being in the same location but never talking. However, once they meet up they seem to be drawn to each other. Not only do both of them get robbed by the same person, but Ji Ho (man) gets his wallet stolen while Ji Ho (female) gets her phone stolen. Since she is waiting for an important phone call and he needs access to money so an unlikely pairing occurs. Ji Ho (female) helps Ji Ho (male) get through his heart break, and feelings after his last break up.

Though it plays like a B-movie, it is quirky and kind of adorable. The setting is absolutely breath taking and the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won is fantastic. Over all I think it’s a lovely chick flick drama that is easy to get through in one sitting. So if you enjoy short and cute drama’s this will be the drama for you.


Oh My Venus!


If any of Y’all watch asian dramas and want me to watch something, just comment it down below and I’ll try to find it.


source: Dramafever

Oh My Venus!

I was originally drawn to this tv show solely because of So Ji Sub and all of his eyecandiness, however I fell in love with the story. The series consists of 16 episodes each running about 1 hours long.

This follows many story lines, the primary one however is about Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min A) a 33 year old lawyer who is dumped by her long time boyfriend, Im Woo Shik (Jung Gyu Wook) , and Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) the personal trainer for Hollywood stars. They have an unlikely meeting on an airplane, and then owards they are constantly bumping into each other. Due to a series of unfortunate events, well for Young Ho at least, Joo Eun finds out that Young Ho is the legendary John Kim that every one was hearing so much about. She her knowledge to her advantage to have him train her. Through their workouts, as well as her moving in with him after a stalker incident, they slowly fall in love with each other. Part way through the series Joo Eun finds out that Young Ho is infact a son of a chaebol, and it reinstates how out of her league he is from her.

Also living with the couple is Kim Ji Woong (Henry Lau)he a nice guy and the ice breaker of the group, he also works as Jang Joon Sung’s (Sung Hoon) manager. Jang Joon Sung is a professional boxer with the stage name Korean snake. He’s an orphan who tries his best to look after his birth mother after finding her and her refusing to meet with him.

The chemistry between Ji Sub and Min A is perfect with in this drama. The story line is quirky, entertaining, and contains a few small tropes. We have ourself an orphan who finds his mother, an overweight person who turns into an absolute beauty when they shed the pounds, and the ever popular 1 person of the pair leaving for an extended period of time.

This is a really good drama to watch. I enjoyed it throughout the entire season, and managed to power watch it fairly quickly. This is a funny anime that I would suggest anyone to pick up and watch, though if you’re interested in really fit men and watching them work out Ji Sub and his co-star, Sung Hoon, will quench that thirst.