A Werewolf Boy



If you recognise the male actor in this poster… well that’s not surprise, as this is one of Song Joong Ki’s order works. This came out in 2012, well before the Descendants of the Sun aired.

We follow Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) and her family move to the country as Soon Yi has problems with her lungs. They find a strange boy (Song Joon Ki) living in the barn on the property. At first, they believe that he’s just another lost boy. Since he was so much older, no orphanage would take him in. Soon Yi’s mother decides to house them until they can find another option. As times goes on, the two teens start finding them more and more attracted to each other.

Don’t go into this movie wanting a heart warming story. It’s a tragic love story that is interesting to watch. I will say though if you want to know the calibre an actor is, cast them in a movie where they don’t say anything. Song Joong Ki’s first lines were about 10 minutes to the end of the movie. The scenes were shot beautifully and the scenery is amazing. It is worth a watch, but the ending might hurt a little.