Savory Spring Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #11)



Spring is in the air and a garden party is the best start of the season. Sonja and Alison were hired to make some foods. However, when someone is looking for the host, Sonja finds her convulsing on the ground. After calling the ambulance and Frank. Sonja starts to worry that the poisoning wasn’t accidental. While looking for who could have done this, Sonja finds out a lot about Bertha that she didn’t know before her passing.

The character development in this book was interesting. We got to see a little more about Alison’s and Sonja’s relationship. Alison gets a little annoyed that everytime that they are supposed to go out together, something happens. I feel like Alison is a little childish and she’s the one that has been busy the most for the last little while. I really hope that Alison grows up soon in the book series. We did get to find out a lot about Bertha at the beginning of the book, and that was nice and interesting.

I found that this mystery was very easy to figure out, and I found it really odd that no one figure it out sooner. The clues were kinda obvious really early on. I know that this might just come from me reading far too many mystery books, which I admit is true. However, I still thought that their line of investigation was a little lacking.

This was an Ok, book but not my favourite from the series.


The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas



I reached for this story that has been sitting in my Kobo since forever, or at least it feels like it, because of the recent BTS Spring Day music video. It seems weird that a Korean boy band would cause me to read this short written in 1973 but if you watched the music video the hotel that they are stay at is call Omelas.


The story is about the town of Omelas, the entire’s town’s happiness rests on the misery of a small child who lives under the city. The truth of the boy is explained to all of the occupants of the city. However, sometimes the truth is not something that people would readily accept and they leave the town forever.

This story has been discussed and nit picked so much that there are essays longer than the actual story (13 pgs). Each reader has a different view on what happens with to the people, or the meaning that is hidden behind the story.

The idea of other’s happiness being hinged on a scapegoat is not a new concept or even revolutionary. The way that this short story demonstrates the entire city turning a blind eye to the boy simply for their own comfort is very sad. It almost reminds me of how people turn a blind eye to bullies so they don’t turn their attention to anyone else. This story sent chills down my spin and I absolutely love it. This is a story with a strong impact even though it’s short. It’s totally worth a read.

Spring Day – BTS


I love BTS and their news M/V didn’t disappoint me. Given their photo shoot, the mv has a lot of bright colours throughout the video even with its sad content. I watched the video first without subtitles to get the feeling of the M/V. Even without knowing what the boys are singing about you can tell it’s going to be a sad song. With Kookie staring out of the window and V leaning onto train tracks, the slow melody invokes sadness.

After listening to the music video again with the subtitles I realised that they were talking about the sadness of missing one’s friends when you’ve grown apart. As Suga’s lyric stats, sometimes you can tell who’s changed that makes the relationship drift apart. However, the song makes a promise that they will get back together no matter how long they are apart.

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Now change friends, which the imagery suggests, and introduce the idea of a girl. The lyrics work just as well if not better. The lyrics about hold each other’s hands and wanting to be together works perfectly for a difficult relationship. If you take out the word friend that Rapmon says than this could be a love song.

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It always amazes me how much BTS grow in such a short period of time. I am so happy that there are these 7 hard working individuals in my generation. I can’t see how they continue to grow in the future.

Also, my little secret is I would love to sit down with Rapmon and talk about books. He seems like a really chill book lover. Only in my dreams sadly.

Edit: I just watched the video again for the 3rd time and who else feels like the visuals of the lean heavily towards suicide. We see a group of close-knit friends suddenly pulled apart with only their memories tieing together. We have V on the active train tracks at the beginning of the video with the sound of a train. We have Jin with a pair of shoes by the ocean like someone would do then they committed suicide. We have those same shoes with laces tied together hung over a tree branch at the end of the line of the train. In some places, this signals the death of someone and is normally the shoes of someone who’s passed. This can either represent Jin or V. If you link it to Blood Sweat and Tears, Jin met with a fallen angel and his perception of the world began to crack. But, then again, V is a fallen angel and his sin could have been committing suicide. I know I’m thinking about this far too much. But this is my life.

The Lost Village



I’ll start off by saying that this anime had a great concept that took a left turn somewhere and ended poorly. There is only 12 episode of this anime.

The base story is that there is a group of people who take a tour to get away from society and so they go to the lost village of Nanakimura. While there, however, they each start witnessing a horrible monster that appears different for each person. They must decide to try and leave the village to get to safety or to stay where they are.

I loved the concept of the anime but the ending had much to be desired. It was handled very poorly in the end. It’s not an anime that I will be able to recommend in the end which saddens me.


Flying Witch



This anime is bassed off of a manga of the same name. There is currently only one season of 12 episodes while there are 4 mangas and there looks to be more to come.

This is a really cute slice-of-life anime that follows a witch coming of age. We follow Makoto Kowata, a witch, and her familiar Chito, a black cat, she moves to Aomori to live with her second  cousin. The story is really just about her life and how she grows into her life as a witch and the adventures she drags her family into.

I really love Makoto’s relationship with Kei through the anime, it’s almost a shame that they are cousins.


Wagamama High Spec



This anime is a slice of life Highschool anime. The episodes are short with them only being 3.5 minutes long. So the entire season can be watched in about 45 minutes. This is a stand alone anime and I couldn’t find any sources. I read the description on animenewnetwork after watching the anime and I don’t know where they get it.

It’s essential an anime surrounding the student council. Due to the need to have a male on the council they sign up Kouki who never shows up. The group of girls get into some hijinx and they never do any work. Each of the girls have something they’re into except for Ashe, I couldn’t figure out why she was there other to be the odd sidekick.

Overall I likes the little show, it is a cute show.

Super Lovers



Ok… I’ll be honest, I loved this anime but I’m torn between being grossed out by the age difference and the younger partner being in the first year of high school and finding it very cute. This is a +13 anime just because of some of the insinuations going on. It has the open dialogue in school about a homosexual relationship, and it squarely in the shonen-ai bordering on yaoi genre. For those who do like this anime, there is a manga that it was adapted from by the same name with 9 volumes to go along with the 10 anime episodes.

Haru gets called to Canada to visit with his mother. Once there he meets the  younger brother whom his parents have adopted. After spending a wonderful summer with him, he returns home to have his parents taken from him in a car accident, along with his memories. 5 years later Ren comes to live with Haru in Japan, however, Haru has no memory of the boy.

I would not suggest watching this anime if you are against homosexuality, large age gaps and worried about the age of consent. From my calculations Ren is 13, Haru is 22-23 and the twins are 18 – 19. So if we want to dissect this anime about the age difference and whether a 13-year-old can consent, we’ll have to do it another day. Until the last 2 episodes, it was sweet, but the last 2 episodes went the direction of Papa to Kiss in the Dark. Not something for everyone. Excuse me while I take a shower. It’s not as bad as Boku no Pico though. For those who love this anime, good news

For those who love this anime, good news there will be a second season out in January 2017

Disclaimer: The last 2 animes named are erotic animes and shouldn’t be watched by anyone under the age of 18.