Hardcore Twenty-Four (Stephanie Plum #24)



After Simon Diggery, Trenton’s grave robber, claims to have dug up a zombie portal, he asks Stephanie to take care of Ethal. However, when headless bodies start to show up around Trenton, Zombies seem like a plausible¬†explanation. With Diesel back in town, and Morelli pulling the case, Stephanie finds herself stuck in the middle of the entire mystery.

I was so happy when I saw that this book was ready for me to listen to list on Audible. Lorelei King did an excellent job like always.

Seeing Diesel in a non-in-between the numbers book. It was really fun to see him again. Ranger was a little more relaxed in this book which I enjoyed, I mean he actually laughs multiple times in this book. Morelli was pretty much the same as he always is, however, I felt like he was a little more relaxed in this book.

Since Diesel was in it this book, we all know that there was some type of supernatural-esque occurrences throughout the book. We get to have zombies in this book, well not real zombies, but that was a very interesting storyline. Of course, one of Steph’s skips decides to become part of the whole thing.

Morelli and Ranger seem to be able to work together in this book, along with Diesel. Stephanie is a careless as always which leaves the men in her life to clean up after her.

I really really enjoyed this book like I always so. I enjoyed the chemistry between Ranger and Stephanie like always. Also Lorelei King was perfect like always.


Plum Spooky (Stephanie Plum #14.5)



Yes, another between the numbers¬†book and as you can tell¬†they are not in order. This is the first time we meet Wulf and I absolutely love Diesel’s¬†creepy cousin.

Diesel’s back and hot on the trail of his cousin Wulf.¬†He’s rolling with on of Stephanie’s FTAs. In order to get Munch back, Stephanie must pair up with Diesel and step back int the¬†cooky¬†side of Jersey¬†though on can argue that she never left. Between Lula’s engagement to Tank and sightings of the¬†Jersey devil. With Ranger at her back, nothing could possibly go wrong right? Yeah right, this is Stephanie we’re talking about.

As always I love Lorelei King’s reading of the book. This book is hilarious and we get to see Tank as a cat lady and he talks more in this book than any other. I love the chemistry between Diesel and Stephanie. There is no sexual tension between them, but every time that Diesel is in town, Stephanie gets closer with Ranger who is totally my OTP. This book we get introduced to even more unmentionables¬†which expands Diesel’s world even more.¬†The unmentionables in Jersey are all a little whacky but in a lovable way. It makes me really want more between the number books, but Diesel has his hands full in his spin-off series. Also, I love Carl the monkey who plays a huge role in this book.

Plum Lovin’ (Stephanie Plum #12.5)

Plum Lovin’ (Stephanie Plum #12.5)



I was feeling lazy and wanted to re-listen to Plum Lovin’ again. So I did and I enjoyed Lorelei King’s performance like always. The between the number book come sequentially in the series and if you fall in love with Diesel, as I have, Evanovich has a spin-off series starring out favourite unmentionable. You don’t really need to read the¬†between the numbers in order, however, it would help and if you are reading the¬†Plum series. I would suggest reading the between the numbers because it makes everything make more sense because they do refer back to them.

Stephnie is just going¬†about her day when Diesel pops in. He’s hidden her only FTA because she’s being pursued by another unmentionable. The only way that Diesel got her to stay put is if he took over her caseload. the thing is¬†Annie Hart is a relationship expert, who’s wanted for armed robbery. Stephanie agrees to take over Annie’s case load but with 3 men in her life, she might not be the best candidate.

This is a super hilarious book. I love when Diesel and Stephanie get together because you can just feel Evanovich gets to flex her creativity and funny options in the between the number books. Some of the situations that Stephanie gets into in this book, or any other book with Diesel. How all the relationships ended up in the end, was fantastic and hilarious. All in all, this is a fantastic book, and I have nothing bad to say. All I can say is that I find if very curious that Ranger and Morelli were both out of town. This is totally worth a read if you like the Plum series.

Turbo Twenty Three (Stephanie Plum Series #23)


Ok… So I know that I have reviewed the first book of the series and now the 23rd. I have been reading this series since I was 15, so there¬†are a lot of them to cover. If you want me to review the rest of the series let me know in a comment and I’ll try to add a second day of reviewing books for you. Be warned, it will take nearly 6 months of weekly posts to catch up with the series.


So Turbo 23 is the latest audio book to come out in this series. I have fallen in love with the narrator, Lorelei King many years ago when my father would listen to audio books.

We follow out favourite bounty hunter, Stephani Plum, through her ordeal.¬†While out¬†capturing a felon, Stephanie and her partner Lula, stumble onto a murder. A man was killed, frozen, dressed up as a bogart bar and put in the back of a stolen bogart truck. Ranger had been brought in by the owner of Bogart Icecream as their¬†new security specialists. Ranger brings Stephanie in as a consultant between her bond cases. With the murders piling up, ¬†they have to find out who’s behind it.

This is an excellent book. They keep getting better and better. I’m still a fan of the Ranger and Stephanie pairing and we get that quite a bit in this¬†book. Though after 23 books it is every formulaic, Evanovich keeps finding interesting ways of killing people and odd crimes that are being committed. Ranger is more vocal in this books, a bit more that I recall from that last on, but then again after seeing him kill a man nothing else can surprise Stephanie about him. Morelli¬†is turned into a secondary character in this book and that saddens me, and there doesn’t seem to be much hatred left between then after Ranger saved Stephanie’s life last book. I still really liked this book and the series is still one of my favourites.

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series Book #1)


I’ll be honest, due to the final stretch of My Amazing Boyfriend I didn’t have time to finish a book. So I went onto my extensive read book list and pulled off, One for the money.


One for the Money

Quick Summary:

This wacky comedy book follows Stephanie Plum, who is down on her luck having just lost her job, and is in need of some cash. She black mails her sleazy cousin Vinnie into giving her a job. So this lingerie buyer turn bounty hunter is in way over her head when she tries to go after her cop ex-classmate. Thankfully, due to Connie using one of her favors, she’s got the best bounty hunter in the city, and arguably the state as her teacher. I only have one hints for you. Imagine Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson when reading about Ranger, and you’re welcome.


This book is an oldy but a goody. Originally published in 1994, this is the first book in a series featuring Stephanie Plum. If you start with this book and work your way through, you get to see that characters flesh out and Janet Evanovich finding her stride with his series. Now I have both read and listened to these books.¬†Lorelei King has been narrating the books since the first one, and she really has the character’s voices down. It’s a really fun listen to, but be warned you might start laughing out loud at the recording.

All of the Stephanie Plum novels are funny but they do tend to follow a formula, so if you’re not into formulaic novels move on. I enjoy them for their light antics. There is a love triangle later in the series but at the beginning it’s really just about ¬†a plain Jane who¬†isn’t exactly good at her new job. Thankfully Ranger is there to try and teach her. Try be the operative word.

This book also introduces us to most of the major characters of the series and gives us the basis for all of them to expand on as the series moves along.

This series is a hit or a miss with people. Don’t walk into it thinking it’s going to be a cerebral experience, or a serious mystery. This is a silly light hearted story about Stephanie Plum, who is a really ¬†bad bounty hunter, who is surrounded by a group of misfits and get’s into a lot of hyjinx due to her ineptitude. I enjoy it, but tread with caution.

Movie review:

I really have only one contraction for it¬†: Don’t

I didn’t like the casting or how they portrayed Stephanie Plum or her rag tag friend groups. Mind you they got Lula and Vinnie down, but no one else. It’s a bad movie and I would suggest you just read the book.