Taboo Tatoo



I’ll be honest, I left this till the end because it confused the hell out of me. I would love to say that I followed this perfectly but that would be a lie. I watched it all the way through and still had questions and felt like I missed something. This is based on a manga by the same name so maybe it makes more sense when reading that.

The concept is simple and interesting. We follow Seigi Akatsuka, a young martial artist. One day he saves an old man on the street from some thugs and is given a gift. This first is a tattoo that is imprinted on his palm. This tattoo, however, is a weapon that has gives Seigi a set of supernatural powers. This drags Seigi into a cross-national conspiracy and he must decide who he’s going to side with.

It starts off pretty interesting. Had they stuck with the 1st plot line I would have loved it, but when the princess was introduced it get really weird. I’m going to sit down and read the manga because I feel like I might have missed something. The art style is interesting as is the story line. I think this anime just might not be for me, even though I really was hoping I would like it. It ends up making sense, in the end, however, I feel like something might be missing in the middle.

B – Project



This is not your standard idol anime as one would believe at the beginning. I’m not an idol anime type of girl, but I really liked this one. It feels more geared to the slice of life style.

We follow the b-project, this is an idol group made up of 3 smaller idol group, and their AR Tsubasa Sumisora. Tsubas must, not only, struggle to figure out what her job actually is, but she must also try and warm the 3 groups up to the idea of being 1 big group. The group must go through their trials and tribulations as the strive to get closer as a group and succeed in the music industry.

You will be having to get use to remembering a tonne of names in this anime just because there are 10 members to b-project and 3 smaller groups. At the beginning, the episodes focused on 1 group at a time before finally focusing on the largest group at the end. The formula for the show is very interesting and the characters, though there are many, are well fleshed out and expanded on. Due to this being the type of show it is, I really can’t discuss the plot points without ruining some of the story. If you want a bit more of a deeper look click the link below. (I know it’s not there yet… come back in a few hours and I’ll have added the link.)

Otaku Talks Anime – B – Project




This anime is based on a short running manga but the same name. The manga series and the anime series is complete so we can’t go hoping for more. This anime does deal with death, suicide and suicidal thoughts, so if these things trigger you I would suggest not watching this anime. This is also a slice-of-life romance comedy and it does it well while incorporating a little time travel.

So in the anime Takamiya Naho, a high school girl who gets a mysterious letter on the first day of school but brushes it off as a joke. When things happening she starts to believe it and starts to work hard on saving Naruse Kakeru’s life. The letter tells Naho that Kakeru died in an accident but they find out later that he had actually committed suicide. Naho makes it her life’s mission to save Kakeru, all the while falling in love with him.

This is a really good manga series. I will warn you if you’ve read the manga this anime is such a recreation that you will experience Déja-vu while watching this. It’s animation is perfect for the anime, even though there isn’t anything fancy about it. I would say it is worth a watch.

Otaku Talks Anime – Orange
Orange – オレンジ- Live Action Movie



This review is going to talk about Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! – Eternal Summer


I don’t see the reason to separate the 2 seasons of Free! like I do with most animes because the story lines directly follow each other. There is no manga series to accompany this anime, but there is a prequel movie that I haven’t watched.

Now I will admit that I am not a sports anime fan, however, this anime is the furthest from a sports anime you can be while still being in the same genre. We follow 4 childhood friends, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin, while they work hard in their respective swim clubs. Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa do end up running into a problem of needing a 4th member to join their club. The manage to recruit Rei, a boy who can only swim the butterfly.


Throughout the anime, they deal with personal issues, tournament and have a tonne of fun. It does also have a nestalgic aspect to me due to my time in a swim club. This anime bridges the gap between sports anime and slice of life nicely with out forcing down the swimming terms down your throat. I really like this anime and it is a definite watch.

Sweetness and Lightning



This is a very cute anime what is based on a manga of the same name. There are only 12 episodes but it makes you wanting more.

We follow Inuzuka Kouhei, a high school math teacher and widower, as he struggles to become a better cook for his daughter Tsumugi. He and one of his students, Iida Kotori, start meeting and Iida’s mother’s restaurant and learn how to cook together. The three of them bond over their love of food.

This anime depicts fatherly love and parental devotion excellently. We see how much Inuzuka cares for Tsumugi and how rough it was for him to step up after his wife passed away. the animation style matches well with the anime, but I will warn you that you will get hungry watching this show so have a snack nearby.

Otaku Talks Anime – Sweetness & Lightning

This Art Club Has a Problem!



This anime is a very funny high school-centric slice-of-life anime that is based on  a manga series by the same name. I fell in love ith the series as the manga.

We follow an art club filled with a bunch of odd-balls. This isn’t a linear anime so you can pick it up anywhere and it makes sense. It’s a fun, light-hearted anime that will make you laugh. Due to the nature of this anime, there really isn’t much to say about it. It’s fine, and it’s a good time. Just don’t expect it to change your life.

Otaku Talks Anime – This Art Club Has A Problem




This anime was an interesting anime that I’m not sure how I feel about it. The main characters that are in a relationship have 5 years apart and normally that doesn’t bother me, however, the boy is in 5th grade and the girl is in 10th grade. I am not ok with the age range with people under the age of 18 really.

We follow Kaho Nikaido, a high school girl who is trying to get use to her life in Tokyo. However, once getting there she is nearly hit by a truck but thankfully, Kanade Takahashi is there to save her. He is very handsome and she fall in love at first sight, however, he has a secret. He’s a 5th grader and he’s certain that she’ll never want to be with him.

This anime has the same trepidation that I had with Super Lovers. The age of the youngest character is too young for me to truly get into the anime. Though it is funny, it left me feeling odd. If you can get over that the you should be fine.