The Morose Mononokean



This is very fun bring anime that is well worth the watch. It is also based on a manga series by the same name that I haven’t read.

We follow Ashiya Hanae, a high school boy who gets possessed by a Yokai and has to go to see Abeno Haruitsuki to exorcise it. However, this leaves him in debt to him and must work for him to pay off is debt. After the fuzzy yokai gives him the gift of seeing other yokais he aims to help them in any way he can.

This is a fun anime and it allows you a step away from reality for a while. I particularly like the stark contrast between the yokai work and the mundane world. The underworld is much bright in the animation in comparison to the mundane world. The character design is fantastic and they are nicely fleshed out. I kind of want a second season of this anime to be honest.

Crunchyroll Summer 2016 Anime Lineup Part 1


Wow, we’re already in the Summer Season!


The Morose Mononokean

This slice-of-life, supernatural, the comedy follows an exorcisms pair, Haruitsuki Abeno also known as Mononokean, and Hanae Ashiya, a normal high school boy. Abeno gots his nickname from his ability to work with demons and help them return to the underworld. With only the first episode out I can tell that this is going to be a good anime series. I can’t wait for more.



This is, by far, the anime that I am the most excited about this season. I have read the manga and loved it. This anime follows a group of friends, one of whom receives a letter from her future self in hopes to change the future. I’m not sure how far this series is going to go into the manga series, or if there will be more seasons. I love this manga series so much that I really hope that the stick to the story line.



Welcome, to this season’s reverse harem, idol anime. After Gandala Music hires Tsubaki into the A&R department, she is sent to work with the b-project that is made up of 3 groups. Though she doesn’t have any musical background, she quickly makes herself handy being able to hear when music is out of place. Each of the 10 idols has very distinct personalities, and I can see it getting very messy very quickly. I am looking forward to the progression of this anime.



What happens when you’re a stalker, finally ask your stalker out, and they say yes. This anime! Yuki Kurihara finally asks her crush, Shinya Momotsuki, out. However because she has always been watching him from afar she has difficulty talking with him. This slice-of=life is a tad creepy due to her stalker tendencies, but it’s looking to be very funny and I’m looking forward to future episodes


So far, So good! I’m liking everything. There is one sports anime that I will watch the 1st episode but I don’t see myself wanting to watch it. Until next week!

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