Stolen (Otherworld #2)



This is the second book of the Otherworld series, I can say I like this one more that the first. I finished this book with an opinion. We follow Elena who gets dragged into a mess thanks to her reputation as the only female werewolf. A billionaire entrepreneur has a fascination with the supernatural and now all of the supernatural creatures that  Elna didn’t know existed, are at risk. She ends up stepping in but only once she’s captured which forces her pack to attempt a rescue.

The growth of Elena in this book is better than the last but I will admit, Clayton is still not my favourite guy. He admits her strengths and allows her to do things her own way but he’s still overbearing. Overall it’s a god book if you like urban fantasies. I like their portrayal of witches, vampires and 1/2 demons. It expands the supernatural world greatly and makes it more believable than solely having werewolves. It’s still up in the air if I’m going to be reading the next bok in the series.


Bitten (Otherworld #1)

Bitten (Otherworld #1)



I’m going to put it out there, this is an OK book. Is it fantastic? No. Is it horrible? No. It’s simply a solid book. I did like the interaction between Clay and Elena, however, I think that they don’t have the healthiest relationship at the beginning.

We follow Elena, the only living female werewolf, who was turned by her lover years prior. Though Clay still wants her in his life, Elena longs to live in the human world. However, one day the pack alpha, Jeremy, calls her due to an emergency involving the pack. After finally setting up her life in Toronto, Elena gets dragged back into the world of werewolves and helps stop an uprising.

The character development is nice, though something the sex scene can come out of left field but I’m ok with that. The writing style is very simple and flows nicely. It’s a fast read and took me about 4 days to read though I only updated it on GoodReads 2 days later :P. I like this book, and I will probably try the next book in the series as well.