The Spectacular Now


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Quick Summary:

I feel like I might be going a little hard on this book however I was expecting something so much more from a writer who can really work with a character’s voice the way the Tim Tharp can. The writing was on point and fantastic. You really felt like you were listening to a teenage party animal/ alcoholic, which made the story more believable. However I found the actual story lacking. I felt like not much happened in the story and that the main character was very stagnant. Stutter didn’t grow at all over the course of the book, even though you can see that if he stays on the path that he is currently on that he will turn out to be just like his deadbeat father. Aimee whom you meet part way through the book and makes a few appearances, does grow a little bit. Rather, she grows a backbone and starts chasing her dreams. This book really just seems to be about a boy that is stuck in the now with no drive to grow and become a better person. So needless to say I am not a fan.


The novel follows Stutter, a teenage party animal and alcoholic, through the last few weeks of high school. You follow him while he breaks up with his girlfriend, meets an unassuming girl whom he feels he should fix, and through some of his family problems.

Through most of the book you have everyone around Stutter moving on with their lives, and growing up. Since everyone is planning on heading to university after graduation, they are basically leaving Stutter behind. He gets into fights with his mother for immature reasons, and he still believes that he can fix people.

I kinda liked the character Aimee, she was always being put down and finally Stutter started talking with her, however then she turned into a party anime temporarily. Also she decided to follow her dreams, that is a good think, but I felt like she relayed on Stutte too much.

Yeah so Sadly I really didn’t like the book. I love the writing style and Thorpe really got into Stutter’s voice but sadly it wasn’t that interesting, gripping or satisfying to read.