Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen #13)



The charity event is set up and Mayor Bascomb’s wife has the cookie jar in her sight to help her. Lisa and Hannah think fast and agree to sell Apple turnovers with the preface of giving 1/2 of the proceeds to the charity. Meanwhile, Hannah also agreed to be Herbert’s assistant for the talent show. Much to Hannah’s chagrin, Bradford Ramsey is the announcer for said talent show, the same PA that she had relations with in college. When he’s found dead back stage, Hannah decides to find out who did it.

I have this love hate relationship with book. I love Hannah’s relationship with Michelle and it’s in the forefront of this book, but I hate the fact that I knew who was going to die, why and who did it early on in the book. I believe my above issue made it very difficult for me to enjoy. It followed the normal formula that they books tend to takes. Cuddles and Moishe was really do make a cute couple, which makes me want to route for Norman. (Even though I know who she marries.) My friend blames it on my reading far too many mystery books. I’m hoping that I can get into the next book.

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