Last Minute (The Janet Black Mystery Series Book 2)



I don’t usually just into the second book of a series. However, I was given a copy of this book through Hidden Gems, and I just had to read it. I will probably be picking up the first book in this series.

Janet is a bar owner, and she loves her job. However, ever since finding a body in her freezer, life hasn’t been the same. Now no matter how hard she tries to stay away from investigations, she has them drop into her lap. When a regular client’s daughter is found dead in her house, her client is certain that it wasn’t an accident. While Janet is trying to get out of legal issues due to the last investigation, she gets pulled into a new one.

This book is an entertaining read. It takes the trope of a restaurant owner looking into murders and makes it make sense, or at least more sense. She starts getting her PI license to get her out of trouble with the law. Though the plot point is to expand the world and the characters in the book, it is fascinating. They also don’t introduce the idea of being a PI lightly either. She thinks it over and contemplates the positives and negatives before going headlong into the project. With how she treated the little investigating aspects of this book, I think this character is well written to be a PI later in the series. I also enjoyed the character of the PI that has come into the storyline thank to the PI in training aspect.

I feel like certain character’s development was interesting. The relationship between Janet and Jason fell flat. They were always at odds with each other throughout the book, and I know that when you were in a relationship, there will be hard times. However, I felt like this entire book was a hard time. The book was playing up Janet and O’Dell together, but the love triangle felt very one-sided due to the lack of a relationship between Janet and Jason. I wanted to love the characters. However, their relationship was just placed merely in almost just to be there. They are already an established relationship, but that didn’t help the plot at all. The chemistry between Janet and O’Dell was palpable, and even though it’s a forbidden romance, it was still an interesting topic. I don’t typically like there being a guy on the side. However, I related more to O’Dell than Jason throughout this entire book.

Overall, it was a fun book.

I got a free ARC from the Hidden Gem.