How to Save an Undead Life (Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy #1)



After being in prison for 5 years, Grier was finally released for a crime she didn’t commit. However, when vampires start coming after her she is really confused as she is a lowly apprentice. When her aunt, the Grande Dame, requests her presence at the inauguration, she goes looking for answers at the source.

This is a fairly new series, this book only came out in August 2017, and I’m so happy that I found it. I enjoyed the new world that we were dropped in. We are introduced to the world of the necromancers and Vampires. Vampires are actually a little different in this book, in comparison to the standard lore around them. The liberties that were taken by Edwards with the lore actually made a lot of sense. It also gave the world a special feel which I liked.

I did not like that Grier’s past, and reason that she went to prison was kept from the reader for so long. I get that the story is being told in a first-person voice, however, I really don’t know what it wasn’t mentioned before the halfway mark in the book. That was really annoying to me.

I am hoping that we get more information about the lore behind the necromancers. I’m certain that we’re going to learn more about Grier and her family in the future books, however, I have a feeling there is something going on between her and the vampires from this book.

I actually really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Senoia Cozy Mystery # 7 – 8



Felicity lands the biggest party to hit town, the party for the actors who play in the locally shoot zombie show. It’s all fun and games until a dead body turns up at the party, all made up in zombie makeup. When the producer finds out the Felicity has worked on cases before he hires her to work this one. Suddenly she is fighting back her memories while trying to move forward.

The story was interesting and not as straightforward as I would have expected. The story kept me guessing until the very end, which is rare for me. I enjoyed how everything fell into place in the end and it all made sense. The ending didn’t feel forced at all and came together very well.  It was also very interesting how they incorporated the local TV show into the mystery. There was a lot more to the store than simply just throwing together a bunch of misunderstood actors.

Sadly Jack wasn’t really in this book, though that might be a good thing, as he always seems to get into trouble when he looks into a case with Felicity. We also get to know more about Felicity’s parents in this book, as she does spend some time with her mother in this book. Her mother is really fun to get to know, and I can not see why Felicity is so skeptical of what people say to her. Jefferson was really supportive and though he could have been written to use the situation to his advantage he never does. It’s really nice to see someone who is romantically interested in someone not take advantage of the situation. Felicity is a little over the place however, it was understandable after what happened to her fiance in the last book.

I really enjoyed this book, I’m going to blame it on Brian not being in this book.


When Monte loses his job right before the wedding, he thought that it couldn’t get any worst. However, when he finds his boss murdered and is blamed them for the murder, things go from bad to worst. Felicity and Jefferson work hand in hand with same Dawn’s and Monte’s wedding. The only problem is to find a person that wanted to kill the victim and why.

I enjoyed seeing them trying to save Monte before the wedding. The group of friends work together to figure out who did it. Thought most of the time Jefferson and Felicity work together, we did get to be reminded how well Jack and Felicity work together. It wasn’t straightforward as I thought it would be at the beginning, however, it was very interesting.

We get two new characters in this book who are very cute. They are a couple, and we find out very quickly why they would have decided to work together at the party planning shop. I think due to the new additions, the book could be much more focused on the investigation rather than the parties. Though they were close before, we do get to see Jefferson and Felicity grow closer in this book which leads to an interesting turn of events at the end, after Dawn’s and Monte’s wedding of course.

I enjoyed this book, and can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.