High Steaks Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #16)



Sonja and Maddy are enjoying their time together while Maddy is in town. However, when news falls that a rival restaurant is coming with a waffle menu, it has her seeing red. Sonja doesn’t have to worry about it for long, as the owner murdered. Now Sonja is dragged into finding the killer of a man she does not particularly like.

This book is an ok book. It was a quick read and the murder was a little easy to figure out. I did like how Maddy and Sonja used a seance to find out who the murderer was. I don’t know if it was to really figure it out or to confirm. Having Maggy there was fun, as she helped in the same way that Belinda does in previous books.

It was nice to see Sonja talk openly with Frank about her powers. This allowed them to grow as a couple. what was really fun was Frank’s first encounter with the supernatural. Though he could not see the ghost, he definitely felt the after effect. This book also introduced us to a new type of ghost, knew that was spilt in 2. Personally, I have never even heard of a ghost story like this IRL, however, it did add a very nice element to the story.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, it had some interesting elements.


Red Velvet Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #15)



Things have quieted down until Benjamin come to see Sonja about a haunting at the farm. Though Sonja is willing to jump in to help her friend, Frank is adamant that ghosts don’t exist and Benjamin is just seeing things. Tensions run high when Sonja mentions her belief to Frank. However, Sonja refuses to turn her back on a friend and is determined to help him out before things get any worse.

This book is finally taking care of the issues that I have wanted addressing for the last few books. If Frank is going to be part of Sonja’s life, he needs to accept all aspects of her. I also enjoyed how they incorporated Benjamin into the story. I feel like it has been a little while since we’ve seen Ben and it was really nice to see him being used t furthur the story. I feel like thanks to Ben, Frank’s and Sonja’s relationship grew in this book. Frank also expanded a little bit more in this book, which was nice. After them being in a holding pattern for several books, this was a breath of fresh air.

I also really enjoyed the story. Though the mystery was less about murder and more about who woke the ghosts, it was still really fun. We got to see the different ghosts that are part of the history of the farm. I am actually a little sad that we didn’t get to see the old owner’s son as he was also killed on the premises a few books ago. However, this was still really interesting. It also delves into the occult side of Haunted Falls that has been coming to the forefront of the stories in that last few books

I actually really enjoyed this book.

Murderous Mocha Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #14)



The mother’s day fair is a big deal in Haunted Falls. Sonja’s mother is really excited to show off her new hobby of sculpting with a bust of her mother. However, at the festival the janitor accidentally knocks into it, her mother freaks out and leaves the party. It doesn’t look good when the Janitor is found dead with the bust in his closet. Sonja’s mother is some hot water, even though Frank doesn’t believe the working theory.

This novel was closer to a true cozy mystery story than the rest of the books in this series. Though there was a little trinket that was used while trying to figure out what happened to the janitor. I found it was more interesting than the previous books in the series. I enjoyed that this book didn’t have the explanation of ghosts or magic, because that always feels like a cop-out. This story actually did have a lot of investigation and Sonja was really active in this book.

On the character development side of things, this book was fun. They delve into the past of the victim which was nice. We also get to expand the history of the town as well as more information on the characters that we’ve already know. I feel like Sonja and Frank’s relationship is in a holding pattern, which I see staying that way until Sonja finally admits to Frank that she has the power to talk with ghosts. I really can’t wait until the Frank knows about that aspect of Sonja’s life.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

Scary Sausage Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #13)



After a slightly stressful girls vacations, Alison and Sonja are on their way back on to Haunted Falls. However, when a flash storm happened, they get stranded at a rest stop. Everything seems fine until a girl’s dead body just outside the door, this gets dangerous. Between not being able to contact the Sheriff’s office, and the legend of the wolf pack, Sonja is between a rock and a hard place.

I enjoyed this book, it was more of Sonja doing her thing without having to worry about stepping on Frank’s toes.  We also got to learn more about the legends that surround the woods of Haunted Falls. Though this was a one-room mystery, it really did help to build Haunted Fall’s surrounding area. The owners of the pit stop were really interesting acute, they were the standard all American couple. We also got to see how Alison would react to yet another dead body. This book was really good for the character development and expanding the world.

I really found that the mystery was a little simple and odd. Though the reasoning behind it made a lot of sense, the story was told a little oddly. I also found that it was a little obvious right off the bat. I wish there had been more nuance to the murder and mystery. I did like how everything in the book was related which is nice. I also enjoyed the way that the wolf pack also ended up being a part of it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

Benedict Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #12)



After failing to have a proper Girls day, Alison and Sonja finally get away to a local haunted hotel. Much to Sonja’s chagrin, she agrees to go along with the slight fear that she might be thrown into an actual ghost hot spot. However, when a murder is committed during the haunted tour, things get even more dangerous. Now, Sonja gets caught up with another murder mystery and this was supposed to be a weekend away to relax.

We got to see Alison in a different light in this book. She isn’t as childish and she actually grows quite a bit on me in this book. She is very understanding about the circumstance and actually starts to understand why Sonja gets caught up in the murder investigations. Mind you both Alison and Frank don’t know about her ability to see ghosts yet, but I believe that if Alison grows a little more in this series than she would be able to understand and believe Sonja in the future. We got to see a little more about what Frank is thinking in this book in comparison to the other books. He does admit even though it’s too himself, that Sonja has helped in many murder investigations. I feel like he really believes in her, however, there are always protocols to follow.

I really enjoyed this mystery. They got to explore the history in a place that isn’t Haunted Falls. The history of the Hotel is very similar to a lot of real-life hotels in the world. It doesn’t seem completely out there that there were ghost stories hovering around the place. You have hotels in the world that have equally as many ghost stories, I can think of a few in this book. I enjoyed seeing Sonja work out the mystery and work more with Frank that opposing him. It was a nice change.

Overall, I actually really liked this book more than the past few books.

Savory Spring Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #11)



Spring is in the air and a garden party is the best start of the season. Sonja and Alison were hired to make some foods. However, when someone is looking for the host, Sonja finds her convulsing on the ground. After calling the ambulance and Frank. Sonja starts to worry that the poisoning wasn’t accidental. While looking for who could have done this, Sonja finds out a lot about Bertha that she didn’t know before her passing.

The character development in this book was interesting. We got to see a little more about Alison’s and Sonja’s relationship. Alison gets a little annoyed that everytime that they are supposed to go out together, something happens. I feel like Alison is a little childish and she’s the one that has been busy the most for the last little while. I really hope that Alison grows up soon in the book series. We did get to find out a lot about Bertha at the beginning of the book, and that was nice and interesting.

I found that this mystery was very easy to figure out, and I found it really odd that no one figure it out sooner. The clues were kinda obvious really early on. I know that this might just come from me reading far too many mystery books, which I admit is true. However, I still thought that their line of investigation was a little lacking.

This was an Ok, book but not my favourite from the series.

Eerie Irish Waffle (The Diner of the Dead #10)



St-Patrick’s Day has come in full force and Sonja has just released her new waffle. However, when she finds the milkman murdered in his truck, things get a little wired. With a little man in town looking for the new milkman, as well as all of the rumours claiming that he was actually running from the law. Along with something off about a decoration that Sonja borrowed, her life is really hectic again.

I did really enjoy meeting new people as well as exploring who else in the town is attached to the occult side of town. We get to meet Panelope and her niece, Panelope played quite a large role in this books, and we really get a feel for the character. We don’t really find out much about the victim until the end of the book. For some reason, this book series just doesn’t give us much information about the victim, however, I find that would give the reader a lot more information to go on when it comes to figuring out who the murderer is.

This mystery was mainly focused on the leprechaun and less on the murder. Though Sonja believes that they are linked in some way, I find it very annoying. I know that this book series is more of an urban fantasy, however, I would love to focus a little more on the mystery. I find it more interesting if there was a mystery with some supernatural element while Sonja investigates.

Overall it was an ok book.