Wakako zake


source: nyaa

Wakako Zake

This drama is based off of a manga by the same name. Sadly I only was able to watch season 2, these season consists of 12 episodes that all run about 15 mins apiece. You can watch the entire season with in 3 hours. I will warn you this is not a show to watch if you’re hungry.

The entire premise of the show is Wakako (Takeda Rina) goes around eating a different restaurants in Tokyo. What I do love about the show is that they tell you the locations and the hours of the restaurants that they go to in the show. This really isn’t a show to watch for any other reason than to see good food and to learn more about Japanese alcohol. Just think of it as a drama version of a food network show like ‘You got to eat here’.

I like it and it has definitely added some spots that I want to go to when I visit Japan.