Bekki the Beautician Mysteries 12 – 14



Bekki and Nick have finally scheduled time off and Bekki plans on lounging around and simply enjoying being with Nick. However, Nick has other plans. He goes behind her back and planned a camping trip. While it’s not Bekki’s favourite activity, she is determined to enjoy it. When Bekki finds a fellow camper murdered in the woods, suddenly they are alone in the woods, with a murderer on the loose.

This was an interesting little book. I enjoyed how the main characters were dropped into an environment completely different from the norm. It’s a thought process I think that a lot of people who have gone camping have thought about, at least I know I have. What would you do if there was a murder in the middle of the woods and you were stuck there? Now mind you, most of us are not cops like Nick and Morris, but it was interesting to see them go through the scenario.

I enjoyed seeing Sammy grow in this book. She is always in the back, however, in this book we get to see her be an integral part of the story. She pushes through her insecurities and works with everyone to find the murderer. Seeing Bekki and Nick work close together is nice, since in most of the book Bekki is trying to hide the fact that she’s investigating from Nick.

It was a nice read and an interesting thought experiment for anyone who camps.


Everything looks like it’s going to be a normal day at the salon for Bekki, however, when one of her clients dies in her chair, the day just went south. Though the death was quickly classified as a heart attack, something just doesn’t feel right for Bekki. So while trying to move on, she also starts looking into Stella’s passing.

There was a little more expansion in the town this book. Mainly, we got to learn a little more about Angela from the bakery. We also get to meet Stella Black in this book. I feel like we might have briefly met her in another book, as she does seem a little familiar. Always love books where we get to learn more about the murder victim as well as the murder. Sadly, we only really find out the interesting things about the murder near the end.

The mystery was relatively straightforward and I had my suspicions early on. However, there was a little twist near the end that was really interesting. I feel like for most people, the book would lead them to draw a certain conclusion, however, I found it quite noticeable.

We also ot to meet Nick’s new partner, however, I don’t find them quite as irritating as Bekki and Sammy did. I found that it was a little over exaggerated their reaction to them.  He makes a silly joke, as suddenly they don’t like him. I did enjoy his character though.

Overall, it’s a really strong book in the series.


While Nick and Bekki are away at a conference in London, something odd happens. At a demonstration for fillers, the volunteer dies. At first, everyone assumes that there was a possibility that there was an allergic reaction, however, looking further into the case there appears to be some foul play. Quickly, Bekki is stuck into another murder investigation.

The mystery itself was very straightforward, and once we get a little information it is very easy to figure out who the killer is. They tried to insert a little plot twist part way through the book, however, it didn’t really work. It was such a different avenue to investigate that it didn’t really work. I did enjoy how Bekki was out of her element and in a different country, it added to the mystery.

I enjoyed how Nick relaxed a little near the beginning and end of the book, we got to see them not in the middle of an investigation which was nice. I still think that Bekki should listen to Nick more when it comes to investigations, as he is the seasoned investigator. We do get to see her spend all her time investigating as she doesn’t have her salon to run, and I enjoyed that she didn’t have to hide the investigation from Nick. It was nice to see that we got some character development with the murderer and the victim. As you all know, I love me some background to understand the motivations.

This was a good book to continue or end the series with. At this time, this is the last book in the series.

Bekki The Beautician Mystery 9 – 11