Control Tower



Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a Yamazaki Kento Film and so I delved back to 2011 to Control Tower and watched it. The first thing that You notice in his film is how young he looks. Though back then he would have been 16 years old so it’s to be expected.

We follow, Kakeru (Yamazaki Kento), he’s a boy bored with the repetitiveness of life. One day, Mizuho (Hashimoto Ai) transfers into his class and starts talking with him. After quite a bit of pestering, Kakeru starts to open up to her and treats her as a real friend. After finding his father’s old guitar, Mizuko suggests they make a band. Slowly they begin to grow together as people and friends.

This is a very touching movie, it shows how friendship can change a person. Mizuko is definitely a manic pixie dream girl, she changes Kakeru’s life and then disappears. However, I love the use of the character archetypes to further the story. The friendship depicted in this movie is quite sweet and felt real, which was refreshing.Overall, this was good movie and it shows how much Yamazaki-san has grown in his acting abilities.

Heroine Disqualified




This is another manga remake filled with actors and actresses that I love.

We follow Matsuzaki Hatori  (Kiritani Mirei) who is a high school girl who has been in love with her childhood friend, Torasaka Rita (Yamazaki Kento), for the last  10 years. She has planned to have him fall in love with her when another girl, Adachi Miho (Wagatsuma Miwako), confesses her feeling to him and they begin to date. Meanwhile, Hiromitsu Kosuke (Sakaguchi Kentaro), the school’s bad boy, has begun to fall in love with her and tries to win her over.

This is an excellent movie. The series itself is very short so there is not much of a story to go on. It is an excellent movie. The 4 leads are fantastic in this and their chemistry is excellent. This is the first time that I’ve watched Wagatsuma Miwako but she pulls off Adachi Miho perfectly. The other 3 are more seasoned actors than her but she was not overwhelmed. Another excellent movie starring Yamazaki Kento.

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This is the first non-live-action film featuring Yamazaki Kento. From what I can tell there isn’t any source material.

After the loss of her boyfriend, Yoon Ji-Ho (Hyomin) comes to Japan as an exchange student to heal. She meets Yamaguchi Kaede (Shimizu Kurumi) a quiet girl who reminds her a lot of herself. When she finds out that she is in love Nomura Yusuke (Yamazaki Kento), Ji-Ho tries her best to get them together.

I love this movie and the actors. The chemistry between the actors and it was nice seeing Yamazaki in a new type of role. I also love that Hyomin was part of the cast because I love when actors from different countries worked together.

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Yes, this is another live action movie containing Yamazaki Kento. I love him as an actor I’ve been binge watching his movies.

Yamazaki comes back as the main lead Kugayama Shuusei in this live action movie. Shuusei is the school prince who is good at everything. One day, he and Nichimari Aoi (Gouriki Ayame) have an altercation that ends with Shuusei getting hurt. Aoi starts to take care of him and due to an accident he comes to live with her. This is their story of love and falling in love while transcending past wounds.

They did a good job condensing this story. However, there is much more that they could have touched on when it comes to Shuusei’s past but I can’t complain. It was a good rendition and a definite suggestion for people to watch.

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A Girl and Three Sweethearts



Though sold as a reverse harem, there really is only ever 2 love interests at any given time. We have Sakurai Misaki (Kiritani Mirei) as a pastry chef who has been recently let go from her job. She happens to meet up with Shibasaki Chiaki (Miura Shohei) who offers her a job. She quickly accepts and moves in with him and his 2 younger brothers. Though she has her sights on him, romance might blossom with another brother.

Within the first episode, you quickly realise that thought Chiaki is set up as the 1st male lead, that title actually goes to Shibasaki Kanata (Yamazaki Kento) the middle brother. I love the chemistry between Kiritani Mirei and Yamazaki Kento but I may be a bit bias. They try to add in the youngest brother, Shibasaki Toma (Nomura Shuhei) as a 3rd love interest but that is not the case. This is a fun light-hearted drama, where Yamazaki gets to play the asshole like most male leads. Seeing him in a kitchen though might have given me a few fantasies about men though. Pick it up because it’s a good watch.

Orange – オレンジ-



Ok… So I might have taken a look at Yamazaki Kento’s filmology page, but can you blame me. He has the perfect innocent face paired with mean acting skills that can pull off anything.

Orange follows a group of friends who welcome a new transferee, Naruse Kakeru (Yamazaki Kento), into their group. Before the entrance ceremony, Takamiya Naho (Tsuchiya Tao) receives a letter from her future self, telling her about everything that is about to happen. This is so that they can stop Kakeru from getting into an accident that costs his life.

The cinematography is excellent as is the acting. There is so much chemistry between the group of 6 friends as well as between the two leads. Normally this is where I complain that they condensed the story far too much but it couldn’t be helped. However, this time, I can’t complain. The story didn’t feel rushed at all and all the important information was covered. Watch this movie because it’s excellent.

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Death Note (Drama)



Death Note. A story that is so close to my heart, so I might be looking at this drama with rose coloured glasses, however I love it. This drama came out at the end of 2015 and had I had a blog to do recaps I would have done this show. This drama is based off of the manga series that was written in 2004. (I’ll be honest I had to look that up because I thought that it’s been ot for longer that 12 years)

This series blew up and has an anime series, movie series, korean movie and this drama. Later this year there is be a 4th movie coming out in the japanese movie saga. This series is still staying strong even after all these years, and I can say I absolutely love it.

A quick recap of the story is the following. Yagami Light (Kubota Masataka) is the oldest son of the local police chief. He is studying to be a lawyer, because he believes that the world needs to have people to in force justice. However, he refuses to be a police officer because he saw how that profession can tear a family apart. One day be comes into the possession of a Death Note. A death not is a book that allows the owner to kill a person by simply writing their name on one of it’s pages. Overwhelmed with the power, Light initial doesn’t use it but he finally gives in to save his father, which leads to the birth of Kira. Light starts killing criminals that he sees we not punished with the full extent of the law, and this draws the attention of L (Yamazaki Kento).

This drama is a perpetual game of cat and mouse but it’s fantastics. Thought Yamazaki doesn’t play my favourite version of L he really did him justice. Kubota is my favourite version of Light and he nails him. This was my first introduction to Kubota and I have loved all of the other works that I’ve seen him in.

Overall it’s a very good watch and I absolutely love this drama and it’s take on Death Note. If you can read the manga, and watch the anime. If not just take that time to watch this drama because it’s an enjoyable time.