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We get to watch Soo Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) version of the late night meeting and how he booked an earlier flight so he could get back sooner. When Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) realises what’s going on he thinks he’s sick, but Soo Ho is too excited to return to Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum)

The next morning they’re sleeping in bed, and we have the voice over of Soo Ho asking Bo Nui if there was anything she wanted to do. She told her that her wish for an ordinary life has already been granted. He rolls over and pulls her closer to him in his sleep.

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Bo Nui wakes up early and makes breakfast for them.Soo Ho finally wakes up and smiles when he remembers where he is. Bo Nui comes to get him up for breakfast and he says he’s coming out. Let the awkwardness begin! They initially don’t look straight at each other and neither seems sure how to act. When So Ho asks Bo Nui why she made it, she admits to having wanted to make something for him when he returned from his business trip. The awkwardness is broken when Bo Nui notices that he but his outer shirt on inside out. They finally settle down to eat.

They’re driving to work when Bo Nui remembers that she forgot her salt and red beans. Soo Ho pulls over after her asking to pull around and takes her hand. He tells her that they should just go and nothing bad will happen. She eventually agrees and they continue on.

The arrive before the office building and she gets out. She tells him that she’ll go first and he’ll come 5 minutes later. He agrees and then calls her back to ‘look’ for something. He then kisses her on the cheek and smiles before she heads off.

Bo Nui arrives at the office with Soo Ho close on her tail. They mention to Soo Ho that they thought that he was coming in later. He admits that he came back on an earlier, and they teased him about coming to see someone. He admits that he and Bo Nui are dating, and they thank him for finally saying it. Hyun Bin (Yoon Bong Kil) comes in worrying about an accident that happened at the same time that his original flight was coming in. They suddenly think about Ryang Ha and Soo Ho calls him. There is no response so he leaves.

Down in the lobby, he tells Bo Nui that he will check the names of the injured at the site when Ryang Ha arrives. Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) pushes past them and checks Ryang Ha for any injuries. She tells him that he’s hurt from anything except her punishing him she’d kill him. Bo Nui pulls her from her actions and it just clicks what she was doing. She back away and calls him the normal names before running away in embarrassment. Bo Nui tries to fill in as much as she could. When Soo Ho asks about not picking up his phone he admits that the accident delayed him and his phone died. He still can’t understand what happened with Dal Nim, though.

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Bo Nui meets up with Dal Nim in the bathroom and asks if the person that she’s liked for 2 years was Ryang Ha. She tells her it’s not and starts to make excuses. She asks Bo Nui if she has some lipgloss and they share it before leaving.

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) walks into a restaurant to find Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) sitting there. When she comes over he mentions her style change and she tells him that had he not called she’d have gone back to Canada alone. She asks where he’s been and he simply says travelling. She hands him over the reports about his father and tells him that they’re fake. He  tells her that they should stop because obviously, he doesn’t want to be found. Seol Hee tells him that Zeze asks him to review the game, and he tells her to do it because he’s tired. She asks if it’s because he can’t bring himself to see Bo Nui and he pulls the “I’m Gary Choi I don’t need to do everything.”

Seol Hee goes a does a finally run through with the game and tells him that it came out well. She jokes about having thought that their focus might have wavered since they started dating, but she’s glad it didn’t. She tells them that she and Gary will be leaving the day after the release. When Bo Nui worries about him and offers to see him, Seol Hee tells her to just let him be.

Soo Ho goes to Gary’s house (Yes I know I keep flipping his name around.) and when the door is open he just walks in. Gary asks what he’s going there and Soo Ho tells him that he should grant his wish since he won that day. He asks what he wants, and he tells him that he wants him to not give up on finding his father. He explains that they’re working in a way for players to contact them to give reports about his father, like an extra mission, and they’re setting it up so he can check them in Canada. Gary mentions that the game is slated to launch in a few day and he doesn’t see how it could be added on. Soo Ho reminds him that he’s a genius and can do anything. He leaves, but not before telling him to clean up.

Bo Nui and Soo Ho get together figuring out the basics of the mission add-on before cleaning it up. Bo Nui admits that she wants to brag that her boyfriend is so cool. He reminds her they have to work but tell her to kiss him if he’s cool. She doesn’t but he kisses her cheek instead.

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Dal Nim meets Seol Hee at the cafe. She starts off all formal but soon goes back to normal after they talk about everything. Seol He gives Dal Nim her clothes that she bought because she’s decided to live more comfortably. Ryang Ha comes over to say hello but notices Dal Nim and quickly retreats. Seol Hee invites her out for a blind date, but Ryang Ha doesn’t seem to like the idea. She finally agrees to go.

Bo Nui goes to Gun Wook’s house with supper, and he asks if it will be their last. She starts but he asks to go first. He admits that he was confused and she was right. No matter how he felt he always kept it in, but with her, he could lean on her. That ability made him confused into thinking he liked her more than a sister. He also tells her to call him if Soo Ho treats her badly because no matter where in the world he is, he’ll come back to beat him up.

They leave for the hospital to find his father in the hallway. Bo Nui sees him first and holds onto his arm before Gun Wook comes out. He calls to him and he turns around. He tells him he’s sorry, and Gun Wook hugs him and tells him that he’s there now and that’s all that matters.

They go inside and give his father his first medal he ever received playing an international tournament. His father surprises him a little by telling him about the game a little. He asks his father about his life, and when he replies that it’s not pretty he tells him that he’s old enough to digest it.

Bo Nui and Soo Ho go to see Bo Ra (Kim Hi Min) at the hospital. She tells her about Gun Wook’s father returning and how it’s a miracle. Soo Ho, who’s trying to take a picture, tells her to stop talking because the picture keeps coming out blurry. She tells him to come over, and when he calls him Mr (Ajusshi) he tells her that he should be at least called brother-in-law. He comes over and they take a picture together.

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Everyone is at the office checking out the final project of the game. Bo Nui notices her neckless is missing and puts it on her desk once she finds it. When everyone is done they are all excited for the release. Soo Ho gives a really long explanation to tell his staff that they did a good job. He lets everyone go home early, which they happily do. Soo Ho tells Bo Nui that he has an appointment with Ryang Ha  about something and asks if she could get home alone.

She gets home and reminds herself that even people in relationships have personal lives. She begins to chastise him about not inviting her because she knows Ryang Ha. Soo Ho calls her to check up and remind her to eat. When he hangs up first she wonders if he’s already falling out of love. She rubs her neck to find her neckless missing since she left it on her desk.

The developer from the 1st episode is trying to get into Zeze by buttering Won Dae Tae (Kim Sang Hoon) up with the coffee he brought him. Dae Tae brags about making it and says that he prefers being the security guard because there is no pressure. The guy sees the master key and mentions that he has to check the wiring in the 8th-floor development room. Dae Tae stomach ‘suddenly’ acts up and he leaves him in the office alone.

Bo Nui walks in to find the guy, but he leaves. Dae Tae comes and tells her that he was just checking the electrical. Dae Tae’s stomach starts up again and runs out. Bo Nui is suddenly very worried.

Seol Hee and Dal Nim are on the double date and Seol Hee suggests they split up. Suddenly Ryang Ha is there. He says he’s a person that spent the night with Dal Nim and pulls her away.

Bo Nui is praying for everything to go well for Soo Ho when he texts her to come to the roof. He had set up a bunch of stars and lights around. He tells her to stop believing in the stars and to lean on him because he’ll protect her. He hugs her from behind and she starts to cry due to how happy she is. She tells him that she’s happy she survived and live on.

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The next day everyone waits for noon to download the game and they break records.Right as everyone is leaving Ryang Ha tells Soo Ho to have  a quick interview. Bo Nui comes in and they introduce her.

Suddenly all hell break loose and the guy from the day before added a trojan to lock all the file on the devices. Everyone is rioting and Soo Ho scrambles back to the office to track this down. He starts trying to fix the file. Finally, Soo Ho receives a blackmail message for 5 million$ in the next 2 days. Ryang Ha calls in the police so that they can track down the culprit.

Soo Ho mentions to the police he believes it was a physical attack rather than via the internet and they agree with the CCTV footage they found. It shows Dae Tae bringing in an unknown man.

Bo Nui goes to see Dae Tae to found out he quit. She’s sitting outside, remembering what he shaman told her. Her malicious spirit hasn’t gone anywhere, and she believes that this was entirely her fault. Soo Ho comes back and asks if she’s anxious again. She shakes her head and he holds her. He tells her that it’s not her fault nor will it ever be. He holds her and takes tries to take some strength from her.

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The next day Ryang Ha comes to Soo Ho’s office and asks if he solved it. He admits that he can’t and takes the suit that Ryang Ha brought. He admits that they will need to find another solution. Right before they head into the meeting Ryang Ha tells him that they should give up on IF. they can at least assure the money that way. Soo Ho tells him that he’s not giving up. Seol Hee and Gun Wook show up. When Soo Ho asks what they’re doing there, she tells them that IM is suing Zeze and she can’t stop it no matter how hard they try. Gun Wook offers to go in with them, but Soo Ho tells them that he’s going to be the one to get it under control.

The staff worry about the outcome of the shareholder meeting. They also find out about the lawsuits. Soo Ho gets his ass handed to him at the meeting, and when he comes out Bo Nui is waiting for him.

They set outside for a bt and he pulls her to him. He asks her to trust him no matter what and she agrees.

Soo Ho packs up his things. He tells everyone that they’ve suffered and they tell him that it’s nothing. He tells them to write up a press release telling everyone that he was taking responsibility and resigning. Someone mentions that Zeze without Soo Ho makes no sense. He reminds them that Zeze factory is made by them not him.

Bo Nui meets with Soo Ho’s mother and she asks what’s going on. She had gone to the shaman and he said it was because of the racoon again. She hands Bo Nui a talisman for Soo Ho.

Bo Nui gets home when Dal Nim calls and tells her what Soo Ho did. She promises to call her back before going to see the shaman and he tells her that she should have stopped after one night. She begs him to tell her that it wasn’t her fault. She tells him that Soo Ho promised that everything was going to be alright. The Shaman realises that she gave away her heart.

Bo Nui is walking home, and she receives a call from Soo Ho. He asks her where she is and admits that she’s out and about. He tells her that he’s leaving work and is now unemployed. He tells her that it’s weird because he feels nothing. Bo Nui mentions that Zeze was his everything. He tells her that it was but now as long as she’s at his side he’s ok with anything.

She waits for him and plucks leaves off a branch to figure out if staying with him is ok. However, it has an odd number of leaves so it lands that it’s not ok. She sees him coming and she watches him with tears in her eyes.

The truth and dare is about Soo Ho and Bo Nui having some fun the morning after he returns from the business trip. We also hear the shaman tells her that it’ll be her spirit that will take everything that he has left.

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