Wicked Witches of the Midwest #1-3



As the editor of the local newspaper, Bay has a lot of free time on her hands, as nothing really goes on in the small town of Hemlock’s Cove. However, when a murder rocks the small town, everyone becomes weary of Bay and her family. Though the FBI are certain that to apparently ritualistic killings were brought to town due to its rebranding, Bay things something else is going on. She starts diving into the mystery to keep her family safe.

It was a really solid mystery with an interesting premise. Though using ghosts to help solve crimes isn’t a new premise, seeing the family get together to weave a spell to help was new to me. I enjoyed the use of magic, as well as investigative report, worked so well, though it also helps that Bay has the local police detective under her thumb. Making the mystery about looking for an otherworldly answer was really fun.

Since we kind of step into the town and family, we can feel a little lost, however, she does an excellent job introducing us to the character. I loved the cousins as they are very sarcastic, and I actually read one of them in my friend voice in my head. The 3 cousins are really close and act more like sisters, but the bond seems to mimic their mother’s bond with each other. The family dynamic is interesting and it’s fun to watch the 3 generations interact, especially their great-aunt. Also, I had a guess who Landon was early on in the book but I’m glad that he’s a character that is going to stay in the series.

This was an excellent start to the book series.


The town is getting ready for an all-out bonanza for Halloween, however, the festivities go south quickly when the body of the local drunk is found at the beginning the weekend. No one can figure out why anyone would want to kill him. Landon comes back to check up on things and bites off more than he can chew. Suddenly, Bay’s family is in the cross hairs again, but this time it’s the murder’s.

This mystery gave us very interesting insight into the town’s history. Though it was focused on one person, it expanded past that. Also, the girls check the forests around town which allows us to really see an expanded view of the town. Though the motive is straightforward, the murderer was actually hard to figure out, it took me a while. It was also interesting how Lee incorporated historical events, like stealing gold during the war, into the story and made it work.

They really delve into the victim’s past and it allows the readers to really connect with him which is rare in these kinds of books. Landon was back, and he still a little awkward in this book. We learn more about the Winchester clan.


Everything seems normal around Hemlock’s Cove until a boat is discovered in the harbour. Two Canadian citizens have gone missing and Landon’s back in town. While Bay tries to be cordial with, it gets a little trickier when they both start giving into their feelings. That has to take a backseat however while they try and find out how and why the two older Canadian’s were killed.

It was an interesting sleight of hand with the 2 mystery going on at the same time. Though the girls always wanted to link them together, they were actually separate. It was also interesting how they used the characters to push the story forward, as well as the mystery.  The story involves a lot more information than one would expect however, it made it very interesting.

Brian is still a tool, he was introduced in the last book, and he is not a person I would like to know in person. Landon really grows a lot in this book, as does Bay, which gives me hope they ‘re going to have an interesting romance in the later books. We learn a lot more about the Winchester family, especially the ex-husbands. I somehow never questioned why none of the fathers were present in these books.

The main thing I disliked about this book was that it ended on a cliffhanger and I really hate cliffhangers at the end of a novel.


I’ve Always Liked You



This is a very cute movie for all the shojō lovers in the audience. It circles around the 7 teenagers in the poster, however, the main characters are Enomoto Natsuki and Setoguchi Yū.

Natsuki and Yū have been best friends since they were children. Natsuki tries to confess her love to Yū but chickens out last minute. She lies and tells him that she actually wants to use him as practice so that she can practice her confession on him. He agrees to be her friend but he secretly loves her and doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. Meanwhile, Mochizuki Sōta is in love with Hayasaka Akari and struggles with his feelings to confess. Simultaneously, Serizawa Haruki and Aida Miō are in a weird middle ground between dating and being friends.

This is a shojō at it’s finest. I would have loved this story to be in a full anime form, but I recognise that there isn’t enough story to stretch out in 4 hours. The story really draws you in and you want each of the couples to have a succesful relationship. This is a movie that I really enjoyed and it gave me something that I didn’t have to watch for too long.


Who are You



Not to be mistaken for Who Are You? which is a very different show. This show had a 16 episode run with an hour length each. At the beginning, I found it odd but I really liked it never the end.

We follow Detective Shi On (So Yi Hyun), who obtained the abilities to see ghosts after a nearly fatal accident that left her in a coma for 6 years. When she returns back to work she volunteers to lead the lost and found section. She gets partnered with Detective Gun-Woo (TaecYeon) who doesn’t believe in ghost or the supernatural. They try and figure out what happened 6 years prior and why she was on the ship with the deceased police officer, Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook).

I must admit that I am embarrassed to say that it took me way too long to recognise Kim Jae Wook from Coffee rPince. His short hair threw me, as well as being 6 years older. The entire cast is fantastic and I love the use of ghosts in this show. I will admit that I am a sucker for Ghost dramas. I think that everyone who loves the supernatural should watch this show, and don’t worry the ghosts aren’t scary.

Touching You



Since Let’s Fight Ghost is nearing its midway point. I felt like giving you guys a bit more TaecYeon in a really cute short drama. This is totally a romance, you have been warned.

The series follows Do Jin Woo (TaecYeon) who has the gift of seeing the future when  he’s touching the skin of another person. Through a reading at the shop, he meets Jin Hee Young (Song Ha Yoon), a woman destined to die. He goes out of his way to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Will he fall in love with Hee Young while trying to save her life?

The short answer is yes. This show is so cute and lovely. It’s high up on the recommendation list. There are only 12 episodes with 15 minute run times but it’s worth the time spent watching it. TaecYeon is beautiful in this one and shows that he can rock any look given to him.