Jealousy Incarnate Episode 12 Recap



Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) drags Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) to see Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin). He insists on an answer but since Hwa Shin kicked her bucket of squids she explodes. He asks about it again and she tells Jung Won that it’s not the issue. He tries to tell her that he’ll buy her 100 squids but she tells him that it’s not the issue. She goes on about how that he can’t buy her hard work. She admits she doesn’t want to see either of them right then and has to catch them again. This places both the men under her brother and they grabs her and remove her from the beach.

Once Na Ri calms down she asks what they’re both doing there, and Jung Won mentions that she had suggested it but she couldn’t remember. She suggests them to got clean up but Hwa Shin walks away against her suggestion. Na Ri mentions that he must have come instead of Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) and Jung Won suddenly feels bad.

Na Ri and Jung Won goes to see the shower stall is closed, so Na Ri suggests using the hose. Jung Won grabs it and tells her to put her hands up. He tells her that hands up and do as he days. She tells him that she doesn’t want to and he starts spraying her. They are laughing and have a good time together with Hwa Shin is walking gloomy away.

Hwa Shin is walking away and feels something. He pulls a squid from behind his neck and vents his frustration at it before letting it go.

Jung Won and Na Ri help each other clean up in the cutest way possible. (Seriously can he be her permanent boyfriend *begs*) He offers to let her blow her nose but she doesn’t have to. She tries to him but it doesn’t work. He is surprised and then invites her out for supper. He teases her for using formal speech and gets her to simply say yup instead of yes. (Un instead of de)

Screenshot 2016-10-10 13.30.53.png

Ja Young asks Sung Sook how long they are going ti go around like twins. Sung Sook admits that she wants to make it work with Rak, however, Ja Young believes that he likes her. Sung Sook uses his wink as the proof he prefers her. They decide to see who will make him their man.

Rak asks Red how long she can live with both of them and which one she prefers. Dae Goo prefers Sung Sook, Chi Yeol prefers Ja Young and when Rak is asked he admits that he wishes both of them were his wives. He admits that he started to look at them as the best fit for Red but he’s come to like both of them. He admits he started seeing them like women. He tells her to hurry up and chose and that the other woman can not live with him. They all ask him why and he sends them to study.

Na Ri is returning and she notices Hwa Shin’s clothes. She goes to check on him and he doesn’t answer the door she walks in. She finds him pretending to sleep. She tells him that Jung Won is coming to pick her up for supper and he should join but he doesn’t respond.

She goes and gets dressed but she checks up on Hwa Shin before leaving. She finds him to be running a high fever and his chest is burning. She tries to get him to go to the hospital but he doesn’t want to. She threatens to tell everyone and then finally asks if he’s trying to kill himself. She gets him into the car and leaves just as Jung Won pulls up.

The doctors check Hwa Shin out and ask if he has a breast cancer surgery. Na Ri confirms that he did and they believe it seroma. They don’t want t worry right away and they pull more blood.

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Jung Won calls Na Ri but she doesn’t answer her phone because she left it in the car. He asks the production crew if Na Ri went somewhere and they tell him that she went somewhere with Hwa Shin.

Na Ri takes care of Hwa Shin at the hospital but he doesn’t want her to. She tries to cover him up abut he tells her to go away and kicks off the blankets. She puts the blanket on him and hugs him.  When he asks why she’s so good to him, she admits it’s because she feels bad for him. She explains that since he’s alone she feels bad and wants to be with him. Hwa Shin sends her away to get something leaving him alone at the hospital.

Jung Won calls Hwa Shin and asks where he is. Hwa Shin tells him he’s going back to Seoul. Just then Na Ri pulls up and he yells at her. about being worried. She apologises and tells him that she went to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. When going back to the hospital she finds Hwa Shin not there. When Jung Won leaves her there is some tension between them.

Hwa Shin goes to see his doctor find out that it isn’t seroma but she’s giving him medication. She inquires to Na Ri’s whereabouts and he tells them that she’s not going to be coming with him since he doesn’t need someone around who pities him for his sickness. He tacks on that he’s tired of being pitied before leaving.

Once back in Seoul Hwa Sin ignores all of Na Ri’s attempts to contact him. When he’s at work the director comes and sees him and shows him the schedule for the anchor test. Hwa Shin gets asked if he could sit as 2nd to Sung Sook if it comes down to it. He can’t believe that they are asking him to be her second and he walks out. He goes see Hye Won and agrees to her plan.

Hwa Shin’s mother comes to give him food and chastises him for not cleaning up. When she throws some  things out she pulls out a prescription for anti cancer meds. She doesn’t believe it’s her sons until she flips it over and sees his name. She wonders what he’s taking them for.

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Hye Won wonders if he should proposition her properly first. He wants to talk about the audition and Hye Won wants to talk about a date. They sit at the anchor desk and He sends Na Ri away because she’s finished recording. Hwa Shin and Hye Won start talking about their presentation and Hwa Shin gives her pointers. Na Ri doesn’t leave and takes notes for her own interview. Hwa Shin tells her to leave again and she wants to watch because she feels like she has a lot to learn. Hwa Shin reminds her that her job is only for 1 minute, unlike the anchors who have to do it for 1 hour.

Na Ri leaves feeling dejected.

Dong Gi comes in and tells the director that there were weather girls who applied. Na Joo-Hee comes on the screen putting on her guise as miss Korea. Sung Sook is certain that all of the male judges will vote for her. Dong Gi mentions that there was another applicant and everyone is floored that Na Ri applied.

Na Joo-Hee mentions to Na Ri that she isn’t what is expected and there are rival. Na Ri tells her to try her best and they go separate ways.

Hwa Shin goes to Dong Gi and asks to see the footage of him practising with Hye Won. Dong Gi tells him that Na Ri applied and plays her audition tape. In the tape she explains that her job as a weather girl has been the most interesting and Hwa Shin remembers all of her forecasts.

Hwa Shin walks out and comes face to face with Na Ri in the elevator. She mentions that the weather has the highest number of viewers because everyone is interested in the weather. She tells him that if he gets a position as the 9pm anchor that the ratings will drop. She assures him that even if she’s with Jung Won and he puts him on she’ll change the channel. She calls him a jerk and he tells her that Jung Won’s birthday is the following day and she should do something nice.

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Jung Won is sitting in his office trying to text Hwa Shin to meet up. Secretary Cha comes in with some paperwork and asks him to sign it. Cha inquires as to why he’s not meeting up with Hwa Shin and wonders if it’s because of the girl. Jung Won glares are him and Cha shuts up.

Na Ri waits for Hwa Shin and when he heads to his car she gets in. She asks him if she can get a lift because she wants to talk to him about Jung Won. She wonders what she should get him and Hwa Shin tells her to not use the money to buy him anything but to use her body. She decides to make a meal for him. Hwa Shin starts to answer her questions and ends up giving her a lift. Once they are close to home, she asks him to drop her off so she can do some groceries. She inquires briefly about Hye Won and he tells her that they’re dating. She wishes them the best of luck and heads out.

The war of the women start, Ja Young makes Rak a meal and gives him back the words he gave her. Sung Sook arrives in a black number with some wine. Rak seems to be enjoying the tug of war immensely.

Jung Won’s mother comes to see Jung Won but he’s out. She asks Cha when she started lying to her. She tells her that Na Ri has applied for the announcer position. She tells Cha to tell Na Ri and Jung Won that she’ll be on the panel of judges.

Jung Won waits for Hwa Shin at his apartment. Hwa Shin is about to walk away but Jung Won tells him that he came to see him and invites him out to drink. They go out and drink and Jung Won orders a box of Soju. The owner isn’t happy about it. Jung Won wonders why Hwa Shin never called him and Hwa Shin reminds him that he did the same. Hwa Shin reminds him that the winner is supposed to call the loser. Hwa Shin mentions that the soju tastes sweet and Jung Won tells him it’s because he’s drinking with a friend. He kisses him and Hwa Shin tells him his habit is coming out. Jung Won reminds him he use to do the same. Sung Sook arrives and they call her over she orders them peanuts and when Ja Young arrives they both kiss her on the cheek. Sung Sook leaves and Ja Young makes a bad comment about his friends.


Na Ri is walking home with the groceries.

Jung Won and Hwa Shin sing along to the radio when Na Ri happens upon them. Na Ri is pissed but Hwa Shin tells her that Jung Won drank most of it. Na Ri tells Jung Won that he shouldn’t drink. Hwa Shin tells Jung Won about the dinner and Jung Won insists on him coming to eat with them. He refuses but Jung Won won’t take no for an answer.

They arrive at the building and Na Ri chastises them for being so loud. They direct them to the bathroom. Once alone she notices Baum is in front of Hwa Shin’s door. She goes to get him but he scurries inside. He stops right next to Hwa Shin’s bed and she sees all  the drawing that Hwa Shin got from Baum. Na Ri is suddenly frozen in place.


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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 11 Recap



We rewatch the scene on the roof where Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) tells Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye) that he can’t date her. Jung Woon (Ko Gyung Pyo) leaves the roof. Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) calls to Hwa Shin and asks him what he’s doing.

Jung Won is going down the stairs  and partway he debates going back up. He goes a flight up before going back down.

Hwa Shin tells Na Ri that he’s moved there to take care of Red (Myung Ka Young). Hye Won tells Na Ri that she’s not living there. Before leaving Hye Won tells Hwa Shin that she’ll do the favour he asked. Na Ri can’t believe he lives there because it’ll be weird to see each other every day. He agrees that it will be weird.

Jung Won waits for Hye Won and they have a conversation. Hye Won is surprised that he’s not asking Hwa Shin. Jung Won tells her that Hwa Shin won’t lie to him. She tells him that Hwa Shin isn’t capable of being a bastard and if he was he wouldn’t have been chased to Thailand.When Hwa Shin called Jung Won, Hye Won also tells him that Hwa Shin is trying to forget his feelings for Na Ri and he should let it go this once.

Na Ri is at home when Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) comes in. He asks if she’s gotten thinner and she hasn’t noticed. She inquires about the rooftop neighbour and her tells her that the man moved. She wonders if they should move. He tells her that he doesn’t want to and she wonders if being so close with them hearing everything bother his studies. He tells her that he doesn’t want to move and goes back in.

Jung Won meets with Hwa Shin at  an open-air restaurant. Hwa Shin asks about Jung Won’s date and is told that it went well. He tells Jung Won that they should stop being friends and that he likes Na Ri. Jin Won yells at him for wanting to stop be friends over a girl. Hwa Shin asks him what he’s supposed to do now. Jung Won tells him to leave things as is and Hwa Shin admits how frustrated and crazy he feels going that. He’s telling him that the reason he’s telling him is because he’ll never be able to tell Na Ri is feelings. Hwa Shin walks away.

Screenshot 2016-09-29 11.00.23.png

The gang arrives at Rak’s (Lee Sung Jae) restaurant and they tease him about wearing sunglasses. Ja Young (Park Ji Young) tells Rak that Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) agreed to be her son. Rak offers to cook for them and while the decide Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) tells him that he needs to go to school to greet the teachers. Ji Young and Rak decide to go together.

Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) is in the apartment eating ramen when she thinks of her interaction with Rak and finds him cute.

Na Ri is with the little boy from the apartment when Hwa Shin walks passed she tries to give him ice cream but he tells her to go away. Na Ri voices he dissatisfaction abut his new living situation when Hwa Shin tells her to disappear from his sights. He goes off for a bit and she asks if he’s done. He tells her not to talk to him and walks away. Na Ri calls to him and throws the ice cream and suddenly regrets it. She apologises and offers to clean it. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and asks if he’s been going to the hospital and he asks if his chest is her’s. She goes back to focusing on the clean up and she tells him to throw it to her so she can take care of it. He walks away and once she’s out of earshot he wonders how she could be s cute.

He goes to his roof  and looks at the moon and we get a flashback to 3 years prior. Na Ri and Hwa Shin had both gone to quizno’s for lunch. She has to take a seat with him since it’s free. They talk and she offers half of her sandwich because she wants to try his. He tells her to have it and walks away. They then meet up at the drinks bar. Na Ri tries to make small talk but he dismisses her and she watches from the stairwell as he has a blind date. One day in the elevator, Hwa Shin admits that Na Ri’s obsession is causing him issues and Dong Gi suggests going on a few dates with her. He then puts her on the spot in front  of her peers. He regrets that. back in the present, he squats while crying then proceeds to destroy a bucket to vent his anger.

Jung Won arrives at the shop and secretary Cha asks if he’s not going home and that his mother asks for Na Ri’s number. He tells Cha what to tells his mother and suddenly Cha is worried about Jung Won. He doesn’t answer his question but asks him to drive Na Ri to the station the following day.

Screenshot 2016-10-08 22.24.39.png

Na Ri is leaving and Chi Yeol asks her if she’s free the following morning. She tells him she’s not really but asks why. He refuses to tell her even after probing so she lets it lay.

Na Ri wonders why Jung Won didn’t pick her up and then chastises herself for assuming that he’d be there to pick her up. She resolves herself to refusing him because he’s busy because that’s what a good girlfriend would do.

Hwa Shin comes to tells Red he’s driving her to school and she tells him she’s not going. Bother Ja Young and Sung Sook tells him to leave. He gets Red out of her room and they tell her that they have to feed her. They sit down and no one talks at first. Hwa Shin offers her allowance and she tells him she wasn’t 10 million won. He offers to hear her out and give it to her if he thinks she needs it. Hwa Shin’s mother arrives and gets to know all of the new gossip. She doesn’t know who the women can live together. Hwa Shin chimes in that he doesn’t either and that’s when everyone finds out that he moved recently.

Jung Won is still at his desk the next morning when Cha arrives. He changes and goes to the meeting but walks out 1/2 ways. While driving, he thinks of his last fight with Hwa Shin.

Hwa Shin gets given the story about the yellow beach. He inquires to why the director is giving it to him and he’s told he’s the director’s favourite. Sung Sook inquires as to why he’s giving it to Hwa Shin when she has the interview lined up and the director reminds her that she’s an anchor and should be at her desk. She explains what she’ll do and how it’ll only take 1/2 a day. Hwa shin can’t believe that she’s trying to steal his story and Hwa Shin can’t believe it. The director passes it to Sung Sook and walks away.

Hwa Shin walks out and Na Ri meets with him and tries to apologise for the day before. He ignores her attempts and she offers to buy fresh squid and have it with him and Jung Won. She accidently walks into the men’s bathroom and when she comes out she can’t believe how easily Hwa Shin gets mad. Jung Won notices her and goes in search for Hwa Shin in the bathroom.

Screenshot 2016-10-08 22.45.57.png

Jung Won corners Hwa Shin and tears into him. He tells him that he shouldn’t talk with Na Ri or make eye contact. He tells him that he’s disappointed that even though he’s the one who set them up he’s still looking at him. He even calls him a jerk. Jung Won leaves.

Hwa Shin sits next to Hye Won when Jung Won seeks him out again. Jung Won asks why he left Na Ri in a one-sided romance for 3 years and Hwa Shin mentions that they wouldn’t be having this conversation had he made another decision. Jung Won warns Hwa Shin to never let Na Ri find out about his feelings and he doesn’t answer when Hwa Shin asks if he’s not confident. Hye Won warns them that Na Ri is coming. Jung Won warns him and tells him that he trust him to which Hwa Shin warns him not to. Once Jung Won ushers Na Ri out Hwa Shin screams after Jung Won not to trust him so he can do what he wants. Hye Won gets to see Hwa Shin’s meltdown.

Na Ri asks if they got into a fight and he tells her that they don’t fight and have never gotten  into a fight before. She tells him about the trip the next morning and asks if he wants to see the sea and tells him that it would be nice to see it with him. He asks her which of the 2 men she prefers and when she starts to answer he tells her not to bother. She starts giggling ad he asks again before stopping her again.

Secretary cha bring Tae Ra to Rak’s and she asks about Na Ri. He repeats word for word what Jung Won told him to say and uses the meeting and him sending Cha to pick her up as excuses. She tells him she can leave and goes in to see Rak. Cha tells  Jung Won that he’s told her.

Rak tells Tae Ra to do the dishes and she asks if he’s taken the medicine. He sighs and tells him that he does a lot of her and she should do the dishes. She takes the bottle and tells him that it’s the only way to get married.

Na Ri is talking with her colleagues when she gets the phone call from the hospital telling her that Hwa Shin hasn’t been in. She catches Hwa Shin and tells him that they need to go to the hospital. She chastises him and asks why he’s not looking at her and he tells her that he’ll get into trouble because of her. She tries to bribe him with ice cream. (What is he a child) He calls hr out on it and she tells him that he is a child who’s afraid of the hospital. He asks if she changes this much when she has a boyfriend and she admits that she doesn’t know. He cleans up the ice cream on her lip and he tells her to get out, which she does.

Screenshot 2016-10-09 00.17.26.png

Chi Yeol asks Red which of her mother’s is coming. She tells him that she doesn’t have any mother’s and he wonders if they will both show up. Red complains that she’ll die of embarrassment if they do that. She walks away and Dae Goo and Chi Yeol if Na Ri will be there. He can’t believe that Na Ri won’t be and Chi Yeol tells him that he’ll handle it. Chi Yeol tells him that if Na Ri was there she wouldn’t care about money and try and send him to medical school Daw Go reminds him that if Na Ri finds out that he picks his major without him she’ll be mad. He reminds Chi Yeol that everything that Na Ri does is for his studies.

Sung Sook gets a call from Rak and is told about the meeting at school with the teachers. She gets Na Ri out of the car and tells the driver to head to the high school. Na Ri now wonders what to do.

Hwa Shin tries to buy a picture off of the little boy Na Ri plays with.

Both of Red’s mothers show up and Chi Yeol and Dae Goo go to warn her. They show up and flank her. Rak introduces himself and so does Sung Sook. She promises the teacher to do whatever it takes to get Red into college. Ja Young introduces herself as Chi Yeol’s stepmother and the teacher tells her that Chi Yeol is talented but he keeps refusing medical school as to no inconvenience his sister. She’s determined to send him and they start the meeting. Sung Sook apologises to Red as she puts on her shoes.

Screenshot 2016-10-09 00.45.40.png

Na Ri is playing on the beach when Jung Won calls. He remembers what Na Ri told him and he tells Cha to find out where she is.

Hwa Shin gets a call telling him that Sung Sook can’t make it to the story and gets asked what he wants to do.

Na Ri is at the beach aiming for a squid and Jung Won wants to see her. Hwa Shin and the crew are heading in and Hwa Shin mentions that they tide is coming in soon. He tries to calls to her but fails so he goes in. The two men meet up and exchange words like to jealous guys do but that’s not the interesting part. The mud wrestle while Na Ri is oblivious to it. After they vented, they lays next to each other and Hwa Shin admits that he’s jealous of him and finds it funny that he’s nervous about him. Jung Won tells Hwa Shin that Na Ri is his and decides to show him that. He drags him to see Na Ri.

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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 8 Recap



Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) is dumbfounded that Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) just set the pair up to date. Na  Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) doesn’t understand why Hwa Shin would tell her to date his best friend and why Jung Won likes her because she feels as if she is lacking. He mentions that she can’t have soju because of the new program so he takes a shot and suggests listing off their pros and cons and offers to go first. He tells her that he has very little time due to work and can’t wear whatever he wants. He asks if Na Ri doesn’t know him because right now he’s practically begging for affection. She agrees to pay and he smiles fondly at her.

Na Ri smiles while brushing her teeth thinking of Jung Won.

Hwa Shin waits for Jung Won and when he comes in he asks about Na Ri’s response. He admits that she’s playing hard to get and wonders if he’s not charming enough. Hwa Shin inquiries about how long he’s been interested in Na Ri. Jung Won has to think for a beat but admits that it was since the flight to Thailand. The fact that Na Ri and Jung Won were on the same flight surprises Hwa Shin. Jung Won tells him how she was sitting in his seat and it was obvious it was her first time flying. He tells Hwa Shin that on his flight back he kept thinking of Na Ri. Hwa Shin tells him to be good to Na Ri and she’s not good at resisting. He tells Jung Won not to come back to the station the following day because he’ll be moving into Red’s (Mung Ka Young) place since she’ll get in trouble if she continues to live alone. He doesn’t want to replace his brother but give her support.

Rak (Lee Sung Jae) goes to Jong Shin’s (Yun Da Hun) grave and tells him that he’ll be hanging onto the will for a little while and watch over the women to see who would be a better mother.

Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) and Ja Young (Park Ji Young) come to work wearing the same outfit. Ja Young can’t believe they have such similar tastes in everything. The director in the back wants to die and the two women get off of the elevator.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 11.39.45.png

Hwa Shin bumps into Sung Sook on the way to into the new room. He tells her that she should stop competing against him because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Both the women try to come in with Red at the same time and on can only imagine how this  goes. It starts being a race as to who can move into the apartment quicker. Hwa Shin comes and tells them that this is breaking and entering since neither of them had gotten Red’s permission. I would describe this in more detail if it wasn’t such a mess of a scene, but needless to say, Hwa Shin tries to stop the 2 women from moving into Red’s apartment. When Rak arrives he can’t believe what he’s seeing and sends his sister home. During the chaos, Rak’s sister can’t believe that her juniors are acting the way they are.  She warns Rak to not associate with people like that. Hwa Shin blocks Red’s door and tells them they can’t go in. Went JA Young tries to use Kimchi as her way in there is a fight and it falls all over Hwa Shin.

Once back at the station, Hwa Shin asks his realtor to find him a place to live near red and he doesn’t care where.

Jung Won’s mother comes to see Hwa Shin’s mother. She chastises her for not eating and asks if Hwa Shin told her what happened. She informs her that both Ja Young and Sung Sook moved into Red’s apartment. This has Hwa Shin’s mother sat up in bed.

Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) tells Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) that he’s going to make Red his girl. Chi Yeol doesn’t wait any time telling him to do so. Dae Goo can’t believe what he heard and Chi Yeol asks him that he wants him to say. Dae Goo wants him to worry about it after all Red kissed him as well. Chi Yeol tells him to steps aside and heads outside to meet with Red. Dae Goo asks what it’s like living with her two mums and she tells them it’s like kissing 2 boys. Both Chi Yeol and Dae Goo stop and she asks if either of them are jealous. Chi Yeol stalks to her and leans in close. He asks if that’s what she was angling for and she admits that it’s mainly from him she wants it from. Chi Yeol tells Dae Goo that Red doesn’t like either of them because you don’t kiss a boy you don’t like if there is someone you like. Chi Yeol walks away pissed off. (To be fair, it’s a legit reason to be pissed off.)

Screenshot 2016-09-21 12.12.45.png

Jung Won asks to see Na Ri for a bit and gives her a dress code of tight shorts and a belly tee. She arrives and he mentions the lack of a belly shirt. He grabs her hand and pulls her to in front of the mirror. He mentions that they should get it over quickly so they can play. He starts examining her waist and tells her how crucial it is for a one piece. He grabs his tape measure and when she asks what’s going on, reminds her that he’s sponsoring her clothes. He takes all her measurements and even imprints of her feet. Within moments, (as a seamstress I know it would have at least taken him 1 – 2 hours to do what they show in the show) Jung Won puts together a dress for Na Ri that he designed just for her. When she tells him that she likes it, he asks her to raise her arms but she gets stabs with a pin. He tells her not to leave his sight anymore.

Sung Sook and Ja Young can’t believe that Red isn’t home given it’s so late. When they hear her come in they pretend to be sleeping. This hurt Red, who goes to her room and cries to her father after what happened that afternoon.

Na Ri goes to pick up her phone. The store managed to save everything on it, including the videos of Hwa Shin.

Na Ri bumps into Hwa Shin at work and grabs his arm. She tells him that they should go to the hospital. He pulls away and he tells her no. She starts to check his chest and to see if he’s wearing his bra, unknowingly putting on a show for a few anchors. He reminds her of her date with Jung Won and she tells him not to worry. He pulls her aside and tells her to stop worrying and she tells him that she would if he only took care of his chest better. She admits that when she thinks of his chest it reminds her of her mother and asks if she can’t take care of his chest.

Ja Young pulls into the studio lot and asks Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye) if she smells like kimchi. She tells her that once they have the public interview the announcers will be shuffled around. Ja Young encourages Hye Won to try out for the 9 o’clock news. She doesn’t want Sung Sook to ruin the name of all their announcers. They notice Hwa Shin and Na Ri pass behind the car.

Hwa Shin gets her in the car and smiles before going to the driver’s side. The weather girls start wondering if they’re dating but Joo Hee (Kim Ye Woon) tells them that Na Ri is obviously throwing herself at him again.

Hwa Shin tries to get out of going to the hospital but Na Ri pulls a fit. She tells him to pull over the car and tries to get him to agree to go, she goes as far as to threaten to tell his best friend about it. He stops her and tells her that if anyone finds out that he has breast cancer that. She stalks out of the car.

Na Ri gets him to the hospital and Na Ri agrees to be the scapegoat. Hwa Shin doesn’t like it but Na Ri agrees since it’s not uncommon for someone with her background to have stage one cancer. She tells him it’ll be fine since he’s the one who will be going through a hard time, not her. The doctor mentions that it’s sad that Na Ri loves Hwa Shin more because when a couple dates it should be the other way around. Na Ri tries to retorts about them not being together but Hwa Shin stays quiet.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 13.49.39.png

They get called in and when Hwa Shin goes in with her the woman all smiles at how devoted he is. He gets a scan down and the radiation. He must stay away from fatty food, alcohol and cigarettes. He seems to not believe what is happening.

On the way back, Na Ri gets a text from Jung Won asking to eat. When Hwa Shin offers the same thing she tells him she can’t because she has plans. After a moment she invites him along because the plans are with Jung Won.

Hwa Shin arrives back at the station and bumps into Soo Jung (Park Hwan Hee). She apologises for not making his brother’s funeral and offers his condolences. She mentions that she heard that he and Jung Won are good friends and once she’s married to him they’ll be seeing each other often. This shocks Hwa Shin and once he’s in the office he calls Jung Won.

Jung Won answers his phone and tells  Hwa Shin he’s with Na Ri. Jung Won asks if he trusts him and when he tells him he does, Hwa Shin tells him he doesn’t trust him. He hangs up and Na Ri asks what that’s about. Jung Won tells her and then Na Ri inquires if they’ve ever had a fight. Jung Won admits that they never have a reason to fight.

At lunch, Hye Won watches Hwa Shin’s back and Ja Young’s words played through her mind.

Once the broadcast is done, Hye Won starts complaining about her co anchor’s breath. Hwa Shin walks by and tells her that he was eating pork belly and onions. Hwa Shin walks into Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon). Dong Gi compliments her and then talks behind Hwa Shin’s back openly. Hye Won asks him to forget what he’s heard and invites him out for a drink.

While out drinking, Hye Won suggest that they work together to get the 9 pm slot. She tells him that it would be a win-win for them both. When she offers to date and marry him he asks why. She tells him that most men can’t handle her and she doesn’t see him having that issue. She tells him that she’ll do anything to no sit next to a smelly man again.

That evening, Hwa Shin’s chest starts itching and goes to see Na Ri. He asks for the cream but she doesn’t answer. He sees her doing a mask and tells her to cover up since it’s already autumn and he leaves. Joo Hee takes this as confirmation that Na Ri and Hwa Shin  are dating.

Na Ri comes back and wonders if Hwa Shin is already asleep and wonders if he went out drinking. She haphazardly wonders if he was drinking because he shouldn’t be. Hwa Shin was a little in shock that Na Ri didn’t bit his head off for drinking.

Na Ri shots that morning and while telling everyone to be careful about catching a cold she sneezes twice.

During the day the entire staff is told that they have to go to a dinner because there is an announcement about the 9 pm anchor position and everyone must come. Hwa Shin tries to get him to pick another place with no success.

Na Ri comes to the corner and Hwa Shin picks her up. She is confused when she’s told that he told her last night. When she’s sneezing he chastises her for sleeping undressed and this confuses her more. She asks him what he’s going  to do since he can’t eat pork belly or drink alcohol. Hwa Shin follows and Na Ri orders one serving of lean meat and gives it to Hwa Shin. When they do a cheers, Hwa Shin stops him from drinking it under the pretence of being drunk. Finally, karaoke it catches up with her and she vomits.

Soo Jung calls Jung Won to come pick her up and he sends Secretary Cha to get her. His mother chastises him and he tells her to this is she wishes. He goes to leave and asks her if she wants him to live as she does where his father doesn’t pay her any mind. He tells her that he will give her 99 other things but refuses to marry the way she wants him too. She tells him that he can have 99 other things so long as he marries the way she sees fit.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 15.06.48.png

Hwa Shin carries Na Ri back to the station on his back after he offers to call Jung Won and she refuses. She admits that she doesn’t want him to see him like this because she’s embarrassed.

Once back he gets Na Ri tucked in and she starts worrying about not being able to wake up. He stands there trying to figure out what to do. When she starts feeling cold, Hwa Shin tries to find a blanket but after finding none he sits on the bed and tells her to go to sleep and assures her that he’ll wake her. He covers her up and rubs her shoulders. He ends up falling asleep and doesn’t pick up when Jung Won calls either of their phones.

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 7 Recap
Jealousy Incarnate Episode 9 Recap
Jealousy Incarnate Table Of Contents

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 7 Recap



We rewatch Ja Young (Park Ji Young) slap Rak (Lee Sung Jae) across the face. She digs into him lying to her and Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) about not how to contact Red even though they were desperately looking for her. She mentions that he shouldn’t be playing with women and this is when he takes offence He tells her that he’s not interested in women, let alone women who are older than him. Both the women protest to being called old. Ja Young mentions that Sung Sook is normally more talkative so she’s surprised she’s been so quiet. She accuses him of playing with then and Joong Shin’s (Yun Da Hun) voice floats through his mind. He can’t accept that either of this women to raise Red. (Mun Ka Young)

We rewatch the scene where Hwa Shin’s mother see him (Cho Jung Seok) in the bra and flips out. When he’s outside everyone looks at him and Rak tells Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) that he only works with Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin).

Na Ri is working hard at the wake and when Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) comes to see her. She asks if he wants to see something funny and show him something. Hwa Shin sees her showing Jung Won something and assumes that it’s his video from the hospital.

Na Ri is leaving at 3am and tells Chi Yeol that she’ll sleep at the station;s dorm since she feels bad about waking him up. He sees her off and notices a car sitting in front of the building. Na Ri walks up to the car and notices Jung Won asleep behind the wheel. She remembers they’re split at the hospital and smiles. Chi Yeol calls down to her and asks who the person is. She tells him not to worry and o go back in. She turns back around to see Jung Won hanging out the window and he bids her good morning. He inquires about her washing her face and about how least pretty she was. She asks if he’s going to invite her in and he admits worried she wouldn’t accept his offer.

On the way there he inquires to why she has to go so early if she’s on air at 6am. She tells him everything she needs to get done and then asks how long he was waiting in front of her house because he must be busy. He tells her that he’s going to the airport after dropping her off. He turns the conversation onto Na Ri and inquires how she gets to work so early. She jokes about him giving her a car but tells him so. She also tells him that she likes free things and he should think about that. She asks if  Hwa Shin knows about his desires and he tells her that it hasn’t been that long since the funeral so he’ll call him later. She asks when he’ll say. Without missing a beat, Jung Won tells her that he’ll tell Hwa Shin that he wants to be in a relationship with her. He asks that even if he doesn’t buy her a car or drive her every day if she wants that but she’s so floored that she talks about something else.

Na Ri is on the roof filming when Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) complains about filming so early. They try to keep the dress down but the wind is too strong so Na Ri uses it during her weather report. Dong Gi thinks it’ll be a big hit.

Once inside Na Ri gets a coffee and goes to see Hwa Shin who brushes her off like he doesn’t know her. This irks her a little.

Red is at home when Ja Young comes. She leaves her food and tells her that it’s ok if she doesn’t want to see her. Sung Sook follows after and she’s brought Red clothes and tells her that if she needs money to leave her wallet in the milk bag and she’ll fill it. She leaves money in the milk pouch and takes Ja Young’s meal away. Rak comes and gets the money out of Red’s milk bag and wonders if they are trying to buy her loves and what they want to teach her.

Na Ri is in the studio when they are showing the exclusive footage Hwa Shin filmed earlier that day. He did an interview on a high rise with window cleaners. He discusses the dangers of being a window cleaner and how they need better safety measures. Na Ri goes to talk with him but he ignores her but talks with Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye). This irks Na Ri even more.

The night Hwa Shin gets kicked out of his home by his mother. The next day Sung Sook comes to see Hwa Shin’s mother. She tells Hwa Shin’s mother (I wish they would give her a name) that she will live with Red even if she has to go to court. Mother throw dirt on her and tells her that she had just given birth when she ran away and left her daughter. Sung Sook accuses her of driving the wedge between Red and her.

Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) goes to get Red some food but she refuses to eat. Hwa Shin watches from the window, aching for Red to be alright. When she looks to the hallway he hides from sight, knowing that she wouldn’t want to see him.

Na Ri is brought to Jung Won’s shop and she is in awe by what she sees. He leads her upstairs with a smile and He shows her to the rack of clothes and tells her that she should check what she likes first and he’ll wait. His mother and Hye Won come in and he blocks their way to the dressing room. He tells his mother he didn’t expect her to be there. She tells her that she wanted to pick out some outfits from Hye Won and she’s told she gets dressed from downstairs. When his mother mentions Hye Won being her future daughter-in-law you can almost see Jung Won’s intent to shut his mother up. She goes on about the wedding and how great it will be when Jung Won tells her that they haven’t even dated. Na Ri takes the hint and leaves. Jung Won catches up with her and she goes to how they aren’t together and he asks what type of relationship they have. She tells her that it’s a taste and when he asks what he tastes like she tells him really sweet. He tells her to have a taste of the man she will eventually be in a relationship with.

Na Ri gets checked out by her doctor and is told that she’s doing good and the scar is healing nicely. She tells Na Ri that Hwa Shin hasn’t come to any of his treatments and wonders if something happened.

Na Ri is at the residence when Hwa Shin shows up. she asks if he was kicked out but he walks right by her. She gets frustrated. She goes into the bathroom to continue brushing her teeth and thinks back to what the doctor said. The doctor wants her to convince Hwa Shin to come to the hospital because other than the doctors no one else knows he’s sick. The doctor asked if they were dating and wonders if they should let him die. She tries to text him but he doesn’t reply.

Jung Won comes in and lays on the bed with Hwa Shin. He asks how he knew he’d be there and he tells him that it’s because it was obvious. Jung Won just wants to sleep since he was on the flight and couldn’t Hwa Shin tries to send him home but Jung Won wants to come with him. He tells him to live with him and that he’ll be the wife. He chastises him for not going straight to his house. He turns to his side and spoons He starts to tell him that he can’t replace Joong Shin but he can be good to him. He tells him to stop being abrasive and to be good to his mother and Red. Hwa Shin agrees and Jung Won tells him that they need to sleep.

Screenshot 2016-09-15 12.12.14.png

Red, Dae Goo and Chi Yeol are all at the club when Ja Young’s words play through Red’s mind. She calls Dae Goo over and kisses him. She tells him that he likes her and then goes back to dancing. Dae Goo looks for Chi Yeol to see if he saw the kiss. When Red comes over to Chi Yeol he tells her that they should leave and she asks if he doesn’t like her.

Hwa Shin goes to Na Ri’s room looking for her phone. Jung Won wakes up and finds Hwa Shin not there. He tells her to give it to him. He tells her that he knows that she showed Jung Won the video. She told him that it doesn’t matter if she dies because since he’s not going to radiation he could die as well. She asks why he’s not going and he blames the guilt of his bother’s passing. He tries to find the phone but starts yelling at him. She tells him that her phone is on her person. He reminds her that she sent him a text earlier and asks where her phone is. She suddenly remembers going to the bathroom and runs out of the room with him following her.

Jung Won is walking the halls looking for Hwa Shin when he notices the weather girls dressing room.

Hwa Shin follows her to the bathroom and she grabs her phone. She tries everything to get him to go. There is a struggle and her phone falls in the toilet. He tells her that he’ll buy her a new phone. She tells him to forget about it and goes to her desk

They yell at each other and Jung Won comes in. He asks what going on and Hwa Shin tries to usher him out of the room. Na Ri tells him that Hwa Shin dropped her phone. He tells her he’ll buy a new one but she tells him that there were things that she couldn’t lose stored on the phone. He goes off about the video and Jung Won tells him about having it himself. He goes off about this right to it and Na Ri tries to stop him because it isn’t the video he’s thinking of. He goes off about them being too hard on a sick person and Joon Won asks if he’s sick.He starts but Na Ri stops him and explains that since his brother’s death he’s been complaining about his chest hurting. Jung Won tells him that if he’s not feeling well he should take time off.

Dae Goo and Chi Yeol what to do about Red. She steps on the foot of another woman and she gets all uppity. A fight starts and Dae Goo tells Chi Yeol that he knew red was going to start a fight.

Na Ri is cleaning up her phone and thinks back to being in Thailand and filming Hwa Shin as he practised the dance that he needed to perform. Jung Won shows him the video and tells him that it was a bit much to explode at Na Ri. He doesn’t want to apologise. He gets a phone call from police station.

Red goes give her name but Chi Yeol does. When they get out they tried to track down who called who. Na Ri tears into her for borrowing her clothes to go to a club and asks how she can drag the boys along. Everyone turns on her and blames the boys for taking her. Red mentions taking both of the boys’ first kisses Na Ri is the first to pull Chi Yeol away. Rak than pulls Dae Goo away. Red goes to see Jung Won and walks away with him. Hwa Shin tells Sung Sook and Ja Young that Red will be staying with his mother and walks away.

They all arrive at the apartment and they send the teens up. Dae Goo asks if Red and Chi Yeol kissed and Chi Yeol walks away as does Dae Goo. Rak wants to talk with Ja Young and Sung Sook so he invites them in.

Jung Won and Hwa Shin suggests going to eat since they aren’t going to sleep. Hwa Shin asks where they are going and tells Na Ri to get into his car. She would prefer to get into Jung Won’s. He tells them that he’s just going to the studio and Jung Won reminds him that he needs to take responsibility for her phone. He starts to push back and Na Ri tell him that he’s making her look like a petty woman. She admits that she likes free things but she feels bad about people acting that way. She asks for the bra money back and he promises to settle things.

Ja Young and Sung Sook watch Rak prepare pasta for them. Both of them over sexualizing him.

Screenshot 2016-09-15 13.46.14.png

Chi Yeol asks who Red is going to live with. He also asks why she lied about kissing him, she offers to kiss him now. He tells her that she needs to stop being so confused about everything. She tells him that she’s never been confused. She goes to leave and she tells him that she’s going to go live with the most jealous mother because they are bound to love her more. Dae Goo listens to the conversation and when she leaves, he heads down the stairs.

Hwa Shin asks how much she wants for the phone. She tells him 45,000 won, he hands it to her and then she mentions about the bras and he exchanges and gives her more money. Jung Won wonders about the bro-mon and tells him he’ll buy him plenty. Na Ri thinks it’s a good idea. Jung Won asks if everything is taken care of and they both agree it is.

Rak hands Ja Young and Sung Sook a plate of pasta. (It looks really good.) Rak tell them that he was hurt when they said that he played with them, but he was really hurt when they said he had bad pasta. He made the plate of pasta to let them decide if he has bad pasta and he apologises for not telling them he knew Red well. Ja Young apologises for hitting him. they dig into the meal and the 2 women like the meal. He tells her that Red is like a neice to him and it’s important for him to know what type of person her mother is. They both compliment his pasta. He admits that he wanted to discuss something. He pulls the note from his back pocket.

Hwa Shin starts to chastise Na Ri for eating so much and tells her that stomach will show and Jung Won asks what stomach. Hwa Shin explains it to Jung Won and Na Ri starts digging in that he’s never bought her a meal before. He tells her that she just never gives up.

Sung Sook tells Rak that she just wants Red to call her mother. She gave birth to her but Ja Young raised her. Now with Joon Shin in heaven, they finally have a chance to decide who her real mother is.

At the restaurant Jung Won and Na Ri are acting all cute and Hwa Shin tells them that they should date. Jung Won asks if they can since the have similar taste in woman. He tells Na Ri that since she’s ok with being dumped she should get into a passionate relationship with a good guy. Jung Won seems to be confused if he wants them to date or not. He tells her to not get hurt and that Jung Won is a better man than him. He bumps into someone he knows and bums a cigarette. He looks back to find Na Ri laughing with Jung Won. As he leaves he tells her to receive a lot of love this time.

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 6 Recap
Jealousy Incarnate Episode 8 Recap
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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 6 Recap



We rewatch the conversation that Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) and Na Ri (Kong Kyo Jin) have about Jong Won (Ko Gyung Pyo). The next morning Hwa Shin wakes up to find Na Ri still sleeping. He looks her way and then after a moment gets up. He grabs the drink that she left on the bedside table and drinks it. She starts muttering about the director and he puts down the drink. He covers her up, sits next to her and pats her shoulder.

Cut to a very wet Jung Won. He swims a few laps while people wait for him. When he gets out of the pool some executives ask him to sign off on something for his mother. They tell him that they can’t proceed until he signs it. He tells them that he’ll look it over in his office and heads off to eat. He rants to secretary Cha about them thinking he is solely and figurehead and he starts to disagree but Jung Won knows he’s the one who leaked his location. He tells Cha that he’ll give him another chance if he can find out where Na Ri got her outfit because it suited her well. He wants to get something for her to wear on air and given that she went on after surgery the day before he can hardly expect her to be sitting idle that day. Cha starts to question him about it but Jung Won warns him that if he doesn’t find out then he will be forever seeing his back.

The director tells Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) he has a meeting with the president. While heading there he gets a call from Na Ri saying that she’ll be in and she was sickly the day before. He tells her that she should come in and face her punishment. She is thrilled that he told her to come in.

Ja Young (Park Ji Young) arrives at the studio and notices that she’s missing an earring. She goes to the locker room and finds it on the floor. She notices a key chain hanging on the locker door that is the same as hers. She looks at the name to see Na Ri’s name but when she tries to call her phone is off.

Rak (Lee Sung Jae) arrives at the hospital and sees the nurse because he heard that Joong Shin (Yun Da Hun) has woken up. He goes to see him and tells him that Red (Mun Ka Young) would be there soon. Joong Shin touches a paper under his hand and tells Rak Hwa Shin, but Rak doesn’t know who Hwa Shin is.

Na Ri asks if she can be discharged a day early and the doctor doesn’t want her too. She tells her that she’s fine and isn’t in any pain. The Doctor is firm about her staying and asks where Hwa Shin is. He comes out and starts asking the Doctor questions which she answers to Na Ri. (Oh I admit that Hwa Shin is annoying but that’s a bit much.) He complains about her only caring about Na Ri’s chest and blames it on him being a man. She tells him that she’ll help him too. When Hwa Shin asks about being discharged, she tells him that since he’s a cancer patient there is no way he’ll be released that day but Na Ri might.

Rak is in the hallway thinking while holding the letter that Joong Shin gave him. Red takes care of her father for a bit.

The nurse comes in and gives Na Ri and Hwa Shin their medicines. She hands Na Ri her a compression bra to help the healing and Hwa Shin asks for one as well. He’s told that he doesn’t get one because it doesn’t exist for men. (Actually they do! It’s just more of an undershirt.) He complains about it and eyes Na Ri’s post op bra. He complains about there not being one for men and whines to Na Ri. Eventually, she gives in and agrees to go buy him one. They don’t know his size so he tries on Na Ri’s to get a size check. The nurse comes by and from the sounds she thinks they’re going to have sex. Na Ri refuses to look and he tells her that there is no other way. He’s out it on backwards and she helps him fix it. He asks her to hurry up and measure without touching him. So she starts to record on her phone. He gets pissed off and tells her to delete it. She refuses to and tells him that she’s not the same girl she was when she was in love with him. He chases her and tells her he understands and that she needs to delete it. She tells him that it depends on his attitude. He freaks and pins her to the bed and asks if she really wants to cling to him that badly that she has to make up an excuse. He tells her he’ll do what she wants and date her. She tears into him about her feelings and what it felt like to be rejected and reminds him that she’s a woman as well. He lets her go and she rolls away from him. He tells her that if anyone sees that video other than her it’ll be at their funeral. He tells her that she has an awful taste in men and wouldn’t have liked him if she was a better judge.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 11.57.18.png

Secretary Cha tells Jung Won that he can’t find the clothes anywhere and can’t believe he’s forcing him to sit in the back. He tells him that he needs to look at something but he tells him to put it away.

Na Ri goes to get herself discharged and she notices the missed call from Ja Young. She is asked where she got the keychain and she tells her that her brother gave it to her. She asks if she knows Red and she tells her that she lives in the same building. She gives her the address and Ja Young hangs up on her.

When they arrive at the hospital Secretary Cha asks him to look at the tablet. He asks him what he wants to sign and he tells him that he said that he didn’t find the outfit but didn’t come back empty-handed. He shows him Na Ri’s debut episode of when she was a host for the shopping channel. Jung Won finds the video precious. He’s told of Na Ri’s history.

Jung Won is watching the ad in the park when Na Ri stumbles upon him.  She is so embarrassed by him watching it but Jung Won has a huge smile on his face. She stops it and he grabs her wrist. She tells him that he really shouldn’t be watching that. He admits that he does because he wants to see her. He offers to be her sponsor if she lets him watch it. She thinks about it and then offers a live re-enactment instead. She goes through the motions and Jung Won smiles softly. (I died laughing during this scene) She turns away and apologises. She tells him that she’s done it hundreds of times and so it just comes out. He gets up and walks to her. He places a hand on her arm and shoulder. He tells her that she’s worked hard and she admits that she’s embarrassed. She grabs her bag and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 12.17.36.png

Once inside, Na Ri starts to cry. She thinks of her coming back home and her mother waiting for her. Her mother asks if she’s given up being an announcer but she tells her mother she’s already failed twice. He mother tells her that she shouldn’t give up her dream to pay for her hospital bills. She assures her mother that it isn’t the case and ushers her in. She regains her composure when Jung Won comes to see her. He tells her that they should go eat. She mentions that she needs to go to the station and he switches the plan to eating hospital food. He puts his arm around her and heads off.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 12.27.35.png

Hwa Shin is in the hospital cafe when he sees Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye). He tries to ignore her but she notices him. He sits to talk and make up a story of having Dengue Fever but she knows too much about it.

Jung Won asks Na Ri what she wants and she tells him that she wants a coffee. He suggesting buying something to eat first. They go into the cafeteria and she notices Hwa Shin with a woman. She suggests getting something with soup and they walk away. Hwa Shin starts to nit pick Hye Won’s broadcast. He mentions that there is a lot to teach her. He tells her that no one likes to correct her because of who her father is. She thanks him and he asks that she not tell anyone about meeting him there.

The two pairs head to the elevator and the fiancée pair don’t see each other. Hye Won offers to come visit him again if he’s going to be staying long and he tells her that there is no need. He notices Na Ri and they make eye contact. Jung Won asks about the older woman who was staying in her room and she tells him that she’s fine. She mentions that she must like rich women because her face lite up when a rich girl came to visit. Hye Won suggests that they go to visit her father together. She tisks and tells Jung Won that he should leave because the lady she shares a room with doesn’t like when her guardian comes. He promises to call her later.

She arrives and gives Hwa Shin his bra. He tells her to leave it here. He asks if she’s interested in Jung Won and offers to introduce them formally. He tells her that he’s really good to women and Hwa Shin admits that she’s wondered how they’re friends because of that. She tells him that it’s still painful at the end of a love even if it’s a one-sided love. She goes to leave and he tries to get her to turn around. He tells her that she should change before leaving. She stops just short of the door.

Jung Won goes to meet his mother, as well as Hwa Shin’s. He tells him that he didn’t know that they went to Paris together and he tells Hwa Shin’s mother that he’s in town.

Ja Young goes to Red’s apartment.

Jung Won is driving the women when he chats. Jung Won ass about Hwa Shin and she tells him that she’s told him to stay in Thailand and not to come back. Jung Won’s mother asks about the announcer and the other woman tells her that she shouldn’t be setting him up with people at the station because she doesn’t like them.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 13.24.37.png

Sung Sook goes to visit Red’s school.

Hwa Shin is in his hospital room thinking of what Na Ri said when he gets a call from his brother telling him he misses him.

Joong Shin suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Rak runs out of the restaurant and Ja Young sees her. Dae Goo’s (An Woo Yeon) phone goes off and he holds it too Red’s ear. She’s told that her father is in danger and the trio leave class. They run into Sung Sook who’s waiting outside. Red tells her that she has no mother and doesn’t listen to Sung Sook’s explanation. The boys run after her.

The boys and Rak arrive at the hospital ad Hwa Shin starts calling Joong Shin’s phone. He starts to cry and tells the air that he misses him too. Red cries as she looks at her father who the doctors are trying to bring back. They, unfortunately, lose him. Ja Young and Sung Sook are in the room when it happens.

The two mothers are dropped off and Jung Won gets the things. They joke about switching sons. She heads inside to find her phone ringing and answers it. Her face drops. Na Ri is in a meeting when Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) calls her.

Rak is setting up the memorial display with red. Everyone in the apartment complex gets together to make it happen. Ja Young and Sung Sook have a little tift over who should be there but Ja Young breaks down crying. Jung Won bring’s Hwa Shin’s mother to the funeral home. Na Ri is soon to follow and is followed close behind by Hwa Shin. His mother freaks out and tells Ja Young, Sung Sook and Hwa Shin to leave. She is in hysteria but Joong Shin got all of his loved ones together at last. We also get a replay of the weird dance scene but to different music.

Screenshot 2016-09-12 13.49.28.png

Rak is reading a note on how Red should be raised by Ja Young. He’s thinking it over when he notices Ja Young and Sung Sook both heading his way. Ja Young pushes Sung Sook aside and slaps him.

Hwa Shin is changing when his mother comes in and sees his bra. She throws a fit asking what he’s been doing living in Thailand and tells him to take it off. She won’t let him talk and she starts hitting him. He gets outside and everyone is staring at him and his mother.

Na Ri is helping out when Jung Won wonders if she’s not working too hard for someone who just had surgery. She tells him that she’ll work just as hard as Hwa Shin. Jung Won promises to look after him. She asks if he wants to see something fun and shows him something that features Hwa Shin.

He comes out and  sees Jung Won and Na Ri laughing. He complains that God took the wrong brother and suggests taking Na Ri with him. I think he assumes it’s the video of him in a bra but I’m sure it was the commercial.

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 5 Recap
Jealousy Incarnate Episode 7 Recap
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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 3 Recap



We re-watch Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) storm out on Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok). Na Ri heads straight to the elevator and Hwa Shin, though it looks like he’s following, walks to the broadcast room.

The elevator doors open and Na Ri comes face to face with Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo). He greets her with a large smile. The broadcaster who was in the lift calls to him and thanks for dropping off the outfit. His secretary comes around the corner and starts making her feel like Jung Won came for her and that he’s a fan. Na Ri walks away scoffing at the comment. Though Jung Won is trying to get away his secretary is trying to push him together with this woman for some reason. When Na Ri looks in from outside she says to herself out loud that had she worn something similar she wouldn’t have gotten fired.

Hwa Shin goes straight to his desk and print’s something. The director comes to him and asks him if he fired Na Ri and asks why. Hwa Shin asks if he’s changed in the last 3 years because he uses to only care about the ratings. He shows him the real-time ratings and the spike during her segment. Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) tries to claim that she’s not a real reporter and the weather isn’t the news. Hwa Shin tells her that she doesn’t just parrot off what someone else wrote for her, every day she researches the news and gives a report. If she’s not a reporter, he asks then why she’s in the news department.

Na Ri heads a street vendor for a beer.She sits down to drink. She notices the caller from that morning calling and she tells herself that she doesn’t need a fan now that she’s fired. We see Jung Won off to the side calling her. He hangs up and takes the seat next to her. She starts complaining about how he likes everyone and when he points out he did nothing ill towards her she apologises. she admits she wants to be  sponsored by his clothing company as well, but he tells her that he is a business man and she would need to provide something for him to sponsor him. She jokes about him not needing any more girlfriends or friends. She tells him that she knows he was passing by and tells him that he can leave. He asks if she’ll be ok because he knows that she drank a lot. She tells him she’ll be fine. He walks away and tells her that she did a good job that day. Needless to say, she doesn’t believe him.

Chi Yeol (Jung Sang Hoon) and Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) are following Red (Mun Ka Young) out of the hospital. Dae Goo complains that Red hasn’t eaten anything and is worried that she’ll pass out. Chi Yeol mentions that she hasn’t been sleeping either. He walks over and sits next to her.  Kim Rak (Lee Sung Jae) pulls up and tells the boys to bring her to the car.

Sung Sok is practising for the broadcast when Ja Young (Park Ji Young) asks her if she’s meeting with Red secretly. Sung Sook reminds her of the time she gave Ja Young 10 million won to raise her daughter yet she used it on a purse. She tells her that she used her own money to raise Red. Sung Sook tells her that she;s no waiting and she will find Red and raise her herself. Ja Young tells her that she can’t even cook and would starve the poor highschooler. She leaves after telling Sung Sook that her eyes look tight.

Na Ri is trying to get a taxi with no luck. Hwa Shin happens to stop at the red light right before her. He pulls in front of her and she gets in. She pretends ti not notice that it isn’t a taxi and then lets it sleep moments later.

Na Ri complains about no one willing to drive her home and how women have it rough. She keeps bumping into him. He asks how much further until her house and she tells him that they’re almost there. She admits that she can’t believe that he wants to drive her home. He teases that she must be happy that the taxi driver was walking her home. She asks if he isn’t curious about who she was drinking with and when he says he isn’t, she complains that he was never curious about her. He complains about her wardrobe and hands her his jacket.

Kim Rak is carrying Red and they notice Na Ri. Dae Goo is surprised to see a man next to her. Chi Yeol moves to go talk with his sister, but Dae Goo stops him. He also stop Kim Rak and tells them to just let Na Ri date. He then mentions that she looked sexy doing the weather that day.

Na Ri wonders what she’ll do that next day. Hwa Shin tells her to go on an arranged date and to get married. She looks at him oddly and he asks if he sounded too cold. He tells she’ll meet a man much better than him and get married. She reminds him that she’s unemployed and she wonders if she has any chance at all. They arrive and he tells her to go in. She asks if that’s really the end and agrees it is. He walks away and though she watches from the entrance he doesn’t turn back.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.59.22.png

He walks sadly by the gang and Red hides her face from him. She looks back at him and remembers petitioning for a correct on the story that Hwa Shin did 3 years prior. No matter what anyone told her she didn’t stop. She eventually gets pulled away but Sung Sook while a sad-eyed Hwa Shin looks on.

Na Ri sits on the roof and looks at her work pass. Chi Yeol sits next to her and asks if she has anything to say. She tells him that she quite being a weather announcer. He tells her to no quit because he likes her as the weather girl. She asks if she knows why the lanyard is red. She tells him that since she’s a contract employee she can be fired at any moment. Announcers wear blue because they’re full-time employees and have a safe job. She tells him that she went to school 2 years, failed the exam twice and barely passed the 3rd time to be the weather girl for 4 years. She doesn’t know what she wants anymore but her dream is still to become an announcer.

Rak tells the kitchen staff to close up and tells the boys to watch over Red. Dae Goo tried to get her to eat and Chi Yeol chastises her when she doesn’t Red tells them that they need to help her and only then will she eat.

Hwa Shin gets home and looks into the fridge and suddenly remembers his visit to the doctors. Though a little taken back by the fact that the doctor is a woman, she mentions that the reason he was able to see her so quickly is the fact that he’s a man. She asks if she should get him a male doctor but there would be a 2 month wait time. He says it’s fine. He gets sent out to change in a pink robe. The ultrasound shows a lump so he gets sent to get a mammogram. Needless to say, it’s painful for him.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 14.21.50.png

When he leaves, people are talking about it being their first time seeing a man in the clinic. They assume men can get breast cancer as well. He goes to the stairs and calls Na Ri. He looks into the fridge once more and grabs a beer.

Jung Won also grabs a beer and goes to sit down in his living room. He thinks about his conversation with Na Ri and smiles. He pulls out a phone to make a call and is surprised that Hwa Shin’s phone isn’t international. He asks if he’s in Korea.

They get together and play a VR game together. When Hwa Shin goes to clean up Jung Won tells him about his new toothbrush and what lotion to use. He comes out and brings Jung Won a beer. Jung Won tells him to not leave again because he thought he was going to die f boredom. Hwa Shin asks if he didn’t have any girlfriends. Jung Won doesn’t say anything and then tells him about a mutual ex who is getting married. They start talking and realise that they were both played. They joke about going to her wedding and asking who she likes the most. Hwa Shin goes to leave and Jung Won complains about him not saying over the night. He complains about Hwa Shin not being good at listening. Hwa Shin goes to tell Jung Won about his chest but he can’t bring himself too. He leaves a slightly confuses Jung Won, who watches him go fondly.

The next morning Na Ri gets woken up but Chi Yeol reminding her about her appointment. She tells him that it’s fine. She gets a call from Jung Won. (while not knowing it’s Jung Won.) She has to wake up and tells him a forecast and he asks her out for coffee. She tells him she’s busy and hangs up after he mentions she’s lonely. She calls him a pervert. Rak and Chi Yeol assume it’s the guy she was with the day before and Chi Yeol freaks out.

Jung Won’s assistant comes in with 5 outfits and he tells her ti’s fine since Na Ri is too busy to come.

Hwa Shin is researching breast cancer at home. suddenly he is caught by a phishing call. He leaves and Ja Young gets into his house.

Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) gets everyone ready and the director asks if he wants to g have cold noodles. Hwa Shin comes in and invites them out to eat. He tells them that he wants to audition for the position as the anchor on the 9 o’clock news, putting him up against his sister in law. He tells them that it doesn’t belong to her yet. They tell him about the physical and he asks if he needs to hand in proof.

Na Ri goes to see the doctor and is told that she needs to remove the lump in her chest. She is told that it shouldn’t’ be cancerous but they need to remove it because it becomes a problem. She complains that her already flat chest will become flattered. The doctor reminds her that it’s not cancer so she should be happy.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 15.30.00.png

Na Ri goes to the bank machine and complains that she has no income and will have to keep spending.

Hwa Shin gets given the bad news that he has breast cancer. He freaks out and the doctor explains to him. She snaps and doesn’t have the best manner to deal with him, but this man suddenly has to come to grips with a man have breast cancer. He tells her to only remove his chest partly and asks about a scar. She adv him that there is nothing they can do with that and he tries to find a way around it. The doctor watches Hwa Shin leave sadly. She notices Na Ri coming up the escalator as well. Her nurse hands her the next surgery that she’s performing.

Red puts in her earbuds into her father’s (Yun Da Hun) ears. He starts imagining everyone he knows in the room with him and they push him down a hallway. Then proceeds a disco dance party… even he’s dying or very high. Red takes a picture of her father smiling softly. She leaves and asks the nurse to take care of her father.

Na Ri checks into her room, the day before surgery to find the other person sleeping. Or she assumes they are anyways. She unpacks as quietly as possible. She asks if she can turn on the TV and then asks to tell her if it’s too loud. Her neighbour starts to cough as she changes. She gets mad that they are fine without her. She tries to decide what to watch and Hwa Shin tells her not to change the channel. He opens the curtain and she’s shocked to see him.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 15.58.23

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 2 Recap
Jealousy Incarnate Episode 4 Recap
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Jealousy Incarnate Episode 2 Recap



We rewatch Red’s (Mun Ka Young) scene in the hospital. After her freak out Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) and Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) try to calm her down. Chi Yeol tells her to call her uncle and tell him to come.

Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) tells Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) about her worry about what she felt in his chest. He reminds her that he’s a man. Na Ri tells him that men are still human and have chest too. Hwa Shin walks away not believing he had that conversation.

In the preview room, Sung Sook is already demanding that they re-edit the recruitment ad. Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) tells her that the director already signed it off and the director tells her that the CEO ok-ed it. she tells him that the director wants a fun video and so she stripped down and danced like an idiot but they put Hwa Shin as the picture boy of the company. She tears into the act that she wants Hwa Shin out of the video completely and that she believes that men shouldn’t be on screen because people tune in for the women. She then proceeds to go onto a self-important rant. Ja Young (Park Ji Young) butts in and tells her that the audience fears that she’ll claw out of the screen when she does the 12 am newscast by herself. They get into a fight about the merits of using an experienced freelancer than training someone from scratch. Sung Sook tells Ja Young that she will not be hiring a single announcer and Ja Young tells her that she’ll be certain to hire only ugly women.

Hwa Shin is walking and he says hello to Dong Gi. Dong Gi tells him to see the director because he’s furious because of him. He tells him he should at least say Hi. Dong Gi tries everything to stop him from going in.

The announcers start asking Ja Young if it’s true that all announcers will be on contracts like the weather girls. They wonder why Sung Sook has it out for them. Ja Young tells her that they just have to show the station that they can’t work without them.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 14.09.32.png

Na Ri notices Hwa Shin go into the bathroom and waits for him to come out. She tells him that she wasn’t finished talking. She told him that it could be nothing but he should have it checked just in case. She tells him that he only has to go to an OBGYN to get referred to a cancer clinic. He pulls her into the entrance and tells her that he doesn’t like women like her. When she asks what a woman like her is, he tells her an easy target. She nods and walks away.

Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) tries on a shirt and tells his assistant that he wants to give the shirt to Hwa Shin. His assistant starts to retaliate saying that Hwa Shin is just greedy. Jung Won tells him that he knows but they are friends so it doesn’t matter. While he’s changing Hwa Shin calls he’s told that Jung Won is back in Italy and he will have him call him back when he’s back. Jung Won tells him that he’s to give the shirt to Hwa Shin.

Na Ri arrives at the hospital just in time for the doctor to come out. The doctor tells them that they stopped the bleeding but they can’t say if Joong Shin (Yun Da Hun) will regain consciousness.

Hwa Shin comes home to find his mother gone. He wonders why she isn’t picking up her phone to find that she’s left it at home. He get’s the 1st aid kit out and complains that there is no one to welcome him home except for Na Ri.

When outside Na Ri bumps into Dong Gi who asks her to pick up 7 coffees. While waiting in line she notices the recruitment add and picks up an application under the pretence it’s for a friend.

The rain starts and Jung Won gets stuck in it. He thinks back to the time when he was with Hwa Shin in Thailand and it started to rain. Na Ri runs over for them to use it. They keep bouncing her and finally she gives up and tells them to just not use it. The 2 men come and cover her with the umbrella and she tells them that the one thing she hates the most was seeing other people get rained on. The 2 men agree to use the umbrella but when the thunder rings out Na Ri jumps and hides her face in Jung Won’s shoulder.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 15.08.12.png

Hwa Shin arrives and Na Ri doesn’t say a thing to her. Sh gets a phone call from someone to complain about the weather. We see that it’s Jung won’s secretary. Hwa Shin takes the phone and eats out the person on the other side and hangs up.

Jung Won tells him there is a rude person at the broadcasting company. He inquires about the name that Jung Won put Na Ri under.

Hwa Shin hands back the phone. She tells him that she’s going to worry because for her someone complaining about her segment means they’re a fan. Everyone only sees her for 60 seconds a day and no one treats the weather like the news. Someone calling to complain is essentially acknowledging her segment. She tells him that she’s gotten over her one-sided feelings for him 3 years prior and not to be mistaken.

Jung Won’s assistant asks why he asked him to do that. Jung Won told him just because and then chastises him for forgetting his phone. Jung Won looks out at the rain and smiles to himself.

Hwa Shin comes to see Sung Sook and asks about his brother and red. Sung Sook reminds him that she hasn’t been married to his brother for 10 years. He tells her never mind and turns to leave. The director asks if he doesn’t see him and tells him he should greet him properly. Hwa Jin advises him that he’s not back to work yet and he will greet him properly when he is. He leaves as Na Ri comes in. He tells her to go away and she steps out of his way after dropping the files.

He goes in search of Ja Young. When he finds her he asks where his niece is. She tells him that he’ll find out when his mother returns. She teases him about being a good uncle, and he tells her that it’s not possible after what she did and walks away. Both of the 2 women get up and go somewhere.

Kim Rak (Lee Sung Jae) is at the restaurant with all the girls fawning over him. He gets a phone call that the 3 kids left. He can’t believe that they didn’t’ listen. He goes to the apartment looking for red, but when he looks int Joong Shin’s room he finds his wedding pictures out. He wonders briefly who her mother is.

Sung Sook tells Hwa Shin to tell her when he finds out where Red is since as her mother she has the right to know. She tells him that she’s only putting up with Red living with Joong Shin until college. Hwa Shin tells her nothing will change when she’s in college. He tells her to not be greedy about Red and to just live her life as she always does/ Sung Sook tells him that Red might hate her, but not as much as she hates him.

Ja Young gets in Hwa Shin’s car and tells him to tell her when he finds Red. He admits that he didn’t know what type of person she was at first. She blames him for screwing up his brother’s life and her marriage ending in divorce.

Rak finds Red at the hospital waiting. He tells her that her father isn’t going to die. He tells her that he’ll talk to the doctor to let her see him during off hours so she should go to school. She tells him that if her father dies she’s going to die too.

Hwa Shin looks at the red light and things about the last story he shot that forced his brother out in the open for his wrong doing. Both of the ex-wives confronts him. You could tell that Hwa Shin was already having issues with the story without them rubbing it in.

One of the weather girls is talking about taking the exam. They tell her that they can’t believe it. They get Na Ri to do the most unconvincing rant to her about the reason why she’s being so nice to the announcing director is because of the exam.

Daw Goo gets food delivered and smuggles it in. Chi Yeol watches from the classroom while also keeping an eye on Red. Daw Goo comes in and tries to get her to eat chicken. She finally sits and asks if either of them have cigarettes. Dae Goo hands her a beer but Chi Yeol pulls it away. He chugs and he wants to get it out of her sights. The teacher comes in and chastises them for cutting class.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 21.12.24.png

Na Ri notices her junior  drinking near work. She asks why she’s drinking alone near work. She tells her that it’s sad. She apologises for earlier and wishes her god luck. She starts on how she’s younger and prettier than her so she’ll have better luck The junior asks her to drink one glass but Na Ri refuses until finally agreeing to 1 glass of Soju.

Hwa Shin goes to get his chest checked by a doctor. She takes an x-ray and tells him nothing is wrong with his ribs. He tells her about the car accident and hitting his chest hard and she wants to check for a rupture. She checks her chest and suggests he sees a specialist about it. He gets all defensive about it and she suggests just getting it checked. She really hopes that it’s nothing.

Hwa Shin stands outside the clinic and doesn’t go in. Na Ri’s words float through his head.

Na Ri is drunk at the restaurant and decided to call the viewer who complained. Meanwhile, at the office, they are looking for her because they’ll be on the air in 5 minutes. Jung Won picks up that phone and she starts to apologise about the previous call and hanging up. He mentions that it sounds like she was drinking and he looks at his watch. She promises to call him every morning for a week to give him a personalised weather forecast. He tells her that  she’ll regret it in the morning. She pesters him until he agrees. She eats and gets her something on her dress and she mentions that she needs to wear it for the forecast. This gives her junior and idea and gives her a wrap to mess her dress up completely the news starts playing and they run back to the station.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 21.39.56.png

Jung Won turns on the news and a secretary comes in with the outfit for Hwa Shin and Jung Won tells her that he’ll bring it to him.

Na Ri sends the junior to get her clothes as she climbs the stairs. She gets a call from Hwa Shin. She asks him why he’s calling and he tells her that it’s just because. She hangs up and he says it was because he thought of her. we pull away to see Hwa Shin in a pink gown.

Na Ri is doing her makeup when a delivery comes for Hwa Shin.Tthe secretary goes looking for the CEO. The Junior comes in and gives her, her clothes because there was nothing else. She arrives and they can’t believe she’s going to do it wearing the clothes she has on. The director tells her that she’s fired because she was drinking. She swears she’s fine and tells them that she can do the segment with her eyes closed. They want to skip the segment but Dong Gi tells them that they’re rolling. They get out of the way and Jung Won watches Na Ri read that weather. She goes through the news without a hitch but she’s still fired. Hwa Shin arrives to work and can’t keep his eyes off Na Ri during the entire weather forecast.

She goes after the director and he can’t believe she came to work drunk and smelling like meat. He tells her that this is the last after of kindness he’ll do for her and tells her to leave. She gets chewed out by both Sung Sook and Ja Young. She apologises.

Jung Won goes outside and his secretary asks where he was. He motions to go into the car but he closes the door and heads back inside.

Na Ri is sitting at her desk holding in the tears when Hwa Shin comes in. He asks what the director said and she stays quiet. He tells her to do better next time. He goes to walk out but then comes back and asks her why she was wearing her clothes and drank before the show. He claims that his chest was tight that entire time she was up there trying to make sure that she didn’t mess up. She turns to look at him with red-rimmed eyes and his words fall short. She tells him that she has no interest in his chest anymore and for him not to worry because that was her last broadcast. She tears up the application and walks out of the room. it takes a few beats for him to follow.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 22.01.09.png

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