Choco Bank



Another short drama! This one I heard so buzz around, but mainly because EXO’s very own Kai plays as the main character. I have only seen him act in EXO Next door, so I was willing to see what he could do with an actual leading role. Now this drama is only 6 episodes long with them running between 10 – 15 minutes a piece so it’s really easy to watch in one sitting.

Choco bank follows Kim Eun Haeng (Kai / Kim Jong In) a man who was brought up to be good with money, however he can not get himself a job that his mother wants. One day he bumps into the owner of Choco bank Ha Choco (Park Eun Bin), and due to some circumstances he is forced into working at her shop.

Choco finds out that Eun Haeng is actually really good with money and financial planning that she begs to become her partner. At first Eun Haeng refuses because his mother wouldn’t approve, however he starts to like the idea and agrees.

Kai does a good job with his acting in this drama, and his good looks don’t hurt. You can feel the chemistry between Kai and Park Eun Bin which is nice. Though it is short it’s a fun watch if you like chick flicks.